Evie Grace (Repost)

Carol returns from South Africa.

When I wrote this fic to start (almost a year ago) I was a very new writer. I want to have another crack at this fic, so enjoy. Will probably post some new content as well.

Italics are flashbacks.

Please forgive me for not posting. I have had so much homework for my ALevels. My first exam is in only 3 months! Anyway, I will try to post as often as I can

'Knock knock,' she said, loitering in the doorway.

'You know that phrase is absolutely pointless,' replied Tony from his bed, running his hands along his changed hairline. 'The door was already open.'

'Yeah, I know,' she replied quietly.

'Come in anyway,' he said, sitting up slightly. 'I see you've brought coffee.'

'Don't tell your doctor, he'll string me up,' said Carol with a smile. 'But you're far more cooperative whilst on caffeine.'

'Mmmmm,' said Tony to himself, taking the cup from Carol's hands into his own and inhaling the sweet aroma of coffee. 'Ahh how I've missed you.'

'Savour it,' said Carol. 'That's your lot for today.'

'You must be the cruellest nurse alive,' he retorted, pouting slightly.

'Call me a nurse one more time and I'll cancel your sponge bath,' countered Carol.

'Oh you wouldn't,' he replied.

'Watch me,' she said.

'Tony!' said Carol loudly, snapping him out of his flashback to the past.

'Sorry, I was miles away,' he replied.

'I can tell,' she said with a smile. 'What were you thinking about?'

'Nothing,' he stated, shifting uncomfortably.

'Which means it's something. Go on. Tell me. What were you thinking about or daydreaming about?'

'The night we made Evie,' he said.

'Ahh, that kind of flashback,' replied Carol bashfully, her cheeks slightly tinged with the red of embarrassment.

'No, no, no,' said Tony, realising Carol's interpretation of what he'd been thinking. 'Not that. I was thinking of the talk we had before.'

'The sponge bath one?' asked Carol.

'Yeah,' he replied. 'I'm not too good with flirting, but that seemed to come naturally.'

'Do you remember what happened next?' asked Carol.

'It's getting late,' said Carol, noticing the time. 'I'll make up a bed on the sofa.'

'Okay,' he said, staring in a completely different direction as if detached from the real world and trapped in a world of his own.

'You never wanted to sleep on the sofa, did you?' asked Tony softly.

'No,' replied Carol. 'I never did. You never wanted me to sleep on the sofa either did you?'

'Nope,' admitted Tony. 'I wanted to sleep by your side, amongst other things…'

'Well that explains the events that happened afterwards…' said Carol.

2 hours later, Tony was still awake, his eyes still fixed on that particular spot on the ceiling. He couldn't sleep. Why? He's always been pretty good at falling asleep, even if there was trouble, even in the most dire of situations, his head on a pillow was all that was required for a peaceful night's slumber.

Finally relenting, he got out of bed sluggishly, his hands running through his erratically cut hair and sighing.

He wrapped his dressing gown around himself, and then slowly, step by step, he made his way into the living room, where his eyes, even in the dark, glimpsed Carol's sleeping form.

She stirred slightly at the noise he made, and sat up.

'Can't sleep?' she asked.

'Nope,' said Tony with a yawn. 'I blame the caffeine. Not a good idea before bed, although it's never stopped me before.'

'Want to talk about it?' she asked, moving her legs off the sofa and shifting up so that there was room for Tony to sit down.

He accepted her invitation and sat down beside her, running his hands through his jagged hair once more.

'Stop fiddling with you hair,' scolded Carol. 'People are going to think you're becoming vain.'

'With a hairline like that, I think I am,' he said. 'You would've thought they would've taken a little bit more care with the clippers.'

'I'm sure they would've taken more consideration into your appearance if they hadn't been preoccupied with saving your life,' remarked Carol as Tony huffed.

'What a time in your life to become vain,' said Carol with a smirk.

'Did you actually see my hairline or were you conveniently blind?' asked Tony. 'It was awful, took ages to go back to normal.'

'You should've worn the bad hairline with pride,' said Carol. 'It shows you survived all of that trauma, the surgery, the tumour, the haemorrhage.'

'And came out of it alive and slightly less hairy,' added Tony, making Carol giggle.

'Any particular reason why you can't sleep?'

'I don't think so,' said Tony.

'Could it be the caffeine, like you said?' she asked.

'I said I blamed the caffeine, but I don't think it was the coffee's fault. I used to drink coffee before bed all of the time and sleep fine,' pondered Tony.

'You have had major surgery Tony, it'll take a while to recover, a while for things to go back to normal,' she said. 'The psychological impact of what you went through….'

'My psyche is fine,' argued Tony.

'You're the psychologist,' she said. 'But they do always say that doctors are the worst patients…'

'Touche,' he replied.

'You've slept fine the night's I've been here, what's changed? What's different about tonight?'

'You thought I'd slept fine, but I haven't been,' admitted Tony.

'Why Tony?' asked Carol getting frustrated.

'You weren't beside me,' he blurted out, covering his mouth once he'd said it in regret. Noting Carol's intrigued expression but her mouth remaining still, he continued, 'I was in hospital for a week Carol, and you slept beside me in that chair every single night. You may not have thought that I never noticed, but I did. I knew you held my hand as well, and sometimes you cried. Now I'm alone in a bed again, I can't sleep, not without knowing you're there beside me.'

'What does this mean Tony?' she asked with her lips pursed slightly. 'Does this mean that you have feelings for me?'

'Surely we both knew that already,' he replied. 'It's a shame that it took something like my nearly dying for me to realise it.'

Almost as a reflex action, they were face to face, the space between them decreasing as they spoke.

'I want you Carol,' he admitted breathily, inhaling her scent as if she'd be taken away from him at any moment.

'Then take me,' she replied, kissing him softly.

'I don't want to disappoint you,' he said shyly.

'You could never, ever, do that,' she replied, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom.

'And along came Evie,' said Carol. 'That was a truly spectacular night, and definitely more than a five minute walk, even in the rain.'

'Nee nor,' commented Evie from the backseat, seeing a police car.

'Nee nor indeed Evie,' said Tony. 'This is where Mummy used to work, and where Daddy likes to pretend to work.'

'He's being modest Evie, he actually does work here,' she said. 'We'll have to find a parking space, might take a while. It was bad enough when we had assigned parking.'