"…Arthur… What is that?" Alfred asked as soon as he walked into the room. Arthur looked up, turning his head and smiling.

"This?" he asked, holding it up. "It's a cat."

"Yes. I get that," Alfred replied, furrowing his brows. "Why is there a cat in the house?"

"He was outside in the rain shivering. I couldn't not take him home. Right, Kiku?" Kiku giggled, batting his tail, and nuzzled Arthur's face. Arthur's melted face further disturbed Alfred.

"Arthur, I thought you didn't even like cats…" he grumbled as he dropped his backpack on the couch and walked over, peering over Arthur's shoulder to take a better look at the small creature.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Arthur replied, his face in a foolish grin. "He's the most adorable thing in the world. Aren't you, Kiku?" Kiku giggled again, and looked up into Alfred's face. He was being held under his arms by Arthur, dangling from his hands, swiping his tail around.

"Nice to meet you, Alfred san," he smiled. "My name is Kiku." He giggled.

Whatever snide comment he wanted to make about how Arthur said the same thing to him years ago dried in his mouth. Alfred's heart melted.

"Hey, Kiku!" Alfred called as he walked into the living room. Kiku turned around from staring blankly at the TV, perched on the couch.

"Yes?" he replied, tail curled neatly around him.

"I BROUGHT YOU SOME HAMBURGERS. LET'S EAT!" Alfred beamed as he dumped a bag full of McDonalds on the kitchen table next to the open living room. The strange aroma of fried foods mixed with milk shake permeated the room to Kiku's sensitive nose. He jumped down onto the floor and carefully inched his way to the table and jumped on, smelling the food. He wrinkled his nose at the grease practically dripping off the fries.

"W-what is this?" he asked, poking one of the hot fries with his small finger.

"Iss drshous frissssssss," Alfred replied amidst a huge bite of a hamburger. After swallowing the bite, he added, "You should try some! And have a hamburger!" He tossed Kiku a burger which he failed to realize was almost half Kiku's size. It fell on top of him, knocking him clean off his feet before he could react.

After a groan, Kiku attempted to pull himself out from under the hot bun, flailing a little. He was suddenly lifted out of the mess, dangling a few inches above the table.

Arthur set him down gently, pushing the hamburger away from him.

"Alfred, these things are disgusting… Don't feed cats fast food!" he frowned, helping Kiku straighten out his oversized clothing he made for him with Alfred's old T-shirt while his own was in the wash.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Alfred beamed, taking another large bite. "Ish derrshouss!" He swallowed. "It's healthy for your body! It makes you happy!"

"Kiku, don't listen to him," Arthur warned sternly at the cat who was smoothing out his tail. "Here, I'll make you dinner. Don't touch that… crap."

"………… Arthur. You can't be serious. You are NOT going to feed Kiku your… I don't even know what to call it… toxic waste…" Alfred stared, half eaten hamburger frozen in his hand.

"W-w-what do you mean, toxic waste?" Arthur spluttered, face flushed. "My cooking is perfectly presentable!"

"You really think that, Arthur? Really? REALLY?"

"Y-yes…?" Arthur replied, eyebrows furrowed. "W-why are you looking at me like that…? K-kiku… not you, too… You haven't even tried my cooking yet!"

"M…mmhm…" Kiku looked away with a darkened smile. "Um… Yes… No… I have not…"

"Y-y-you will try out my cooking, right?" Arthur asked, desperately, crouching down on the floor to make his face level with the cat's on the table. "Prove Alfred wrong for me?"

"…………………………………." Kiku smiled. "Zensho shimasu…."