Healing Moments

Created by Lori


Disclaimer: As with 'Sexual Healing', All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me, Lori 94. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. This is not to be taken as an accurate portrayal of BDSM life. I am not involved in this lifestyle and my writing is just for fun. This story is a work of fiction. I hope all of you understand this and enjoy it in the purpose for which it was written.

Chapter 1

I'm 19 and I'm a submissive. My name is Edward Cullen and I grew up living a very normal life… whatever that means. My mom and dad have lived in the small town of Forks for their entire lives and when I was born, they chose to raise their family here too. When I was little I had a really pretty babysitter. She moved away just after my sixth birthday but I never forgot her. I had a kind of tortured existence during school… I had a few girlfriends in high school, but by the time I was 18, nobody really paid any attention to me. I'd known for a while that I was bisexual. I even had feelings for my best friend Jasper Whitlock. Before I left for my first term at Dartmouth, I came out to my parents and my brother. They were ok with everything.

A few months into my term, I had a girl ask me out. She was nice and suggested a club nearby. There I met a man. He was very sweet and attractive. He showed me all the pleasures of a gay relationship. He then twisted that relationship into a mockery of BDSM…essentially abusing me. Around two weeks ago, my Master had a session with me. A beautiful woman with chocolate eyes interrupted us and he postponed our session. He was extra rough on me during our last session and I ran away from him less than a week ago.

My parents are so normal…They are sweet people who shouldn't know about my lifestyle, though I never hid it from them. My father answered the door when I got here and insisted on seeing my upper body when he saw my condition. He was upset that I didn't leave James a long time ago, when he'd told me to. I've just gotten back to Forks and I have isolated myself from the world in my old bedroom. 90% of the time I'm silent; 9% of it I'm crying; and the other 1% I just go catatonic. I hate him now but I loved him once…why did he do this to us?

I now lay in bed curled up on my side in the fetal position. I hear my father say something about Emmett having friends over in a few hours and trying to find someone who can help me. But all I can think about is the woman with the chocolate eyes…I wish she were here…I wish she could help me somehow… the door closes and I know I'm alone for now.

I don't know how long I was blissfully unaware, but suddenly I hear the roar of an engine. I hear voices next and then footsteps approaching my doorway.

"Edward…honey, a local Domme is here to speak with you…you're expected in the living-room in 5 minutes or less. Please don't keep her waiting." Mom says softly.

I swallow and look at my He-man alarm clock. *A Domme…here…what should I expect? What can I do? Can I avoid this? Should I avoid it? * The seconds tick away, so I work up the nerve to go out there.

Four minutes and 38 seconds later…I peek into the living-room. She's gorgeous…and she looks familiar, but I shake off that thought.

She's sitting on the couch looking at her watch. She sees me and waits to see what I will do.

I remember my training…as an unattached sub I should approach her with my eyes directed to the floor and stand to her right with my hands clasped behind my lower back. I feel the strain of the last few weeks…months…year. My downcast eyes are brimming with tears but I won't let them fall. I can't let her see this weakness. My shirt is unbuttoned and hanging loose. I see her eyes caress my abs. I allow my training to kick in standing on her right with hands clasped. I make sure I'm close to her but not close enough for her to touch me without some kind of warning.

She moves to stand in front of me. "It's nice to see you again, Edward …Do you remember me? I used to be your babysitter…"

*Is that really Bells Swan…the 15 year old girl that used to play He-man and GI Joe with me? * I look up at her face and then back at the floor. "Yes, ma'am … you do look familiar."

She frowns. "I'm here to assess the damage that was done to you. Please, don't be afraid. I just want to help… Since I'm here not as a Dom, but as a concerned member of the 'special community' that we both belong to, you may look at me and answer questions freely. Do you understand?"

I nod. "Yes, Miss…Isabe-."

"Miss Bella." She says. "Are you ok, Edward?"

I nod timidly.

"Tell me if I go too far. You know the red-yellow-green safe-word system?" She seems to be waiting for an acknowledgement.

I nod.

She continues, "That will work for this as well. Please remove your shirt. I need to see what was done to you. Are you ok with that, Edward?"

I nod and whisper, "Yes…G-green…" I sit straddling my mom's high back chair and allow my shirt to drop to the floor. I know the angry red marks and other scars criss-crossing my back will be seen and my arms and shoulders will also look disturbing to this beautiful, strong woman.

She brushes some of the wounds with her fingertips. "I'd like you to lower your jeans, now. Are you ok with that?"

"Green…" I say as I bow my head and stand, unbuttoning my jeans and slowly lowering them to my ankles.

She touches one particularly severe scar. "This is from the metal tipped whip?"

I don't even have to look. I nod.

The deep long cut across my hip draws her attention next. "This is from a strap?"

Again, I nod. "A harness strap… He just went too tight that's all…" I say, my voice is a little muffled.

"…And this one?" She asks.

I sense the tension in the room. "A long braided bull whip…" I say in a trembling whisper.

"Pull up your pants but don't fasten them yet. I need to see your chest now." She says sounding angrier with each passing moment.

I do as directed, knowing she'll see the gash above one nipple.

She looks at my face and lightly presses on it.

I can't help but flinch and try to suppress a whimper.

Leaning in close to my ear Bella whispers to me. "He cut you… didn't he?"

*She guessed. * My lip trembles and tears roll down my cheeks as I nod.

I sense a shift in the woman standing with me. James had 2 modes as well; Dom mode and 'gentle lover' mode.

The visible shift in Bella doesn't scare me for some reason. "Alright, cover up, Edward. I'm sure you don't want to show your parents this side of our lifestyle…You may stay in the chair or sit next to me, Edward." She waits for me to be fully dressed before calling for my parents to join us. "Mr. and Mrs. Cullen …Would you please join us?"

"Have you decided, Miss Bella?" Father asks as they walk in.

I cower next to Bella. I feel an instant bond with her…

She nods curtly and places her hand on my thigh. "He has definitely been abused. I'll do what I can to see his former master ostracized by the community for this. We'll also see to it that new subs in his area are warned about his ways. Now, he seems comfortable with me, so I'll personally oversee his healing. He seems to be afraid of something here. Do you have any idea what that could be?"

Mom speaks up. "Our other son Emmett has a few friends that tease and bully him even though they are younger… They're supposed to be coming over… My husband told him that earlier. He might be…"

I feel her gaze focus on my face as mother is talking. My eyes are wide and I begin to shake again.

Bella looks sharply up at my parents. "I think it would be best to get him out of here…for the time being. He'll stay at my home. I have no subs at present." She sighs. "I will make five promises to this family. First, I will heal Edward's body. Second, I will try to heal the invisible wounds as well. Third, if he wants to go back to being a sub, it will be with me or the next gentlest master or mistress… probably one that I have trained… but he will have his choice. Fourth, you will be able to see each other whenever he chooses. I'll drive him anywhere to meet with you, at any time, until he is healed, at which time he will choose. Sub or free. Fifth, I'll not push one way or the other and, once his decision is made known, I will not attempt to persuade him otherwise. I ask that you make that fifth promise to him as well. Agreed?"

His parents nod. "Yes, Miss Bella."

She looks at me.

We hear a car pull up the drive. I squeeze my eyes shut.

She snaps her fingers next to my ear to get my attention. "Do they know that you're submissive?"

I nod frantically and look around. "Mmmmhmmm…"

She frowns and in her 'Domme' voice says, "Then as far as they know you are my sub. Do you understand? You belong to me, and I will protect you."

I quickly accept her protection, "O-okay."

"Then act the part." She orders.

Instantly, I kneel at her right knee.

We wait.

"Hey, Mom and Dad…Who's Ferrari is that out-?" Emmett stops short as he sees her. His eyes widen. "Well, hello, hotness, who are you?" I stiffen as his words. His friends' mouths are hanging open, including Jacob's. I notice that his eyes find me and take note of my position.

Bella grins and runs her fingers through my hair. She sounds amused. "Hello, Emmett. I'm the owner of that Ferrari you and your friends have been admiring. I am Miss Bella. Don't you remember me, Emmy? I used to be your babysitter… Now, I'm your brother's new mistress. He belongs to me." She turns to their parents. "Remember what I said. Call him once in a while and I'll allow him to call you as well. We should be going. Edward, follow." She stands and walks past Emmett and his friends.

As I reach the hallway, I notice that Em and most of his friends are out of sight…but not Jacob…He's waiting for me…He takes my wrists and pushes me up to the wall. He then fondles my ass and if I weren't wearing pants, he would've been raping me right there in my own home.

Suddenly, he's ripped away from me. I look over and I see that Bella has Jacob's wrist and is twisting his arm so he's helpless. "Edward, you are not at fault for your delay at the door. You'll not be punished. Go to the door now. I'll deal with the sexual deviant."

I nod quickly and obey. I kneel to the right when facing the door.

Moments later, as she walks toward me, I hear her say, "Good boy, Edward. Stand. This is the key to the Ferrari. You can drive."

Seeing her Ferrari, I look up, feeling like its Christmas morning. "Really?"

She nods and strokes my face. I open the door for her and then walk quickly around to the driver's side. As I start the car, she begins to talk to me. She seems to know that it sooths me. "Edward, you handled that wonderfully. I'm very proud of you. I'll have your mom bring you a change of clothes tomorrow, but tonight we start the healing. Turn left at the next block. I have a medical setup in my basement that I use for my subs. That's where I'll take you first. Just so you know, I'm not just a Dom. It's the last house on the right. I was a nurse for a while. So I know how to make stitches and take care of wounds… About four years ago I received an inheritance and was able to stop working and just enjoy my sex life. If I'm going to heal you, I need you to try to trust me, Edward…Can you do that, Sweets? Look at me and answer truthfully."

I pull into the driveway and take a deep breath. I force my eyes to meet hers as I say clearly, "Yes, Miss Bella…I'll try to trust you." I hand her the keys.

Miss Bella takes my hand in hers and leads me into the house. She shows me the door that leads down to the basement. "You look nervous, honey… Don't be. First thing is first. Edward, I promise you, we will not be sexual until you choose. Now, I had a decorator in to fix the basement up recently. Half of it is storage and the other half is a medical station and sort of a hang out for me and any friends who visit. The medical section is sterile, so you'll stay there for the first 24 hours. After that, I'll put you in a bedroom on the first floor. Ok?"

I fix my gaze on the floor and say, "Yes, Miss Bella."

She points to the small hospital bed. "I'll need to see all of the wounds now, Edward. So, remove your clothing and lay there on your stomach."

Not that I don't trust her but I know that the kernel of trust I have must grow. So I keep my eyes on my new Mistress as my shirt comes off.

She stands facing me… watching me slide my jeans off.

I fold my clothing and place it neatly on the desk beside me before lying down on my stomach as instructed. I can almost feel her eyes rake my body as she looks my back, ass and thighs over thoroughly.

"It's too late for these cuts to be stitched. They have already begun to heal. I'll put some pain relieving antibiotic ointment on them with a loose bandage… but first… I'm going to take pictures of you. We need proof that you were abused." She takes out a camera and snaps a photo of my whole body from the back and a few individual shots of the worst wounds. I hear her grab some items from a drawer and feel her gentle touch as she begins to apply them. "Turn over, Edward… I need to see the front." She takes a picture of my whole front and an individual shot of the one above my nipple. "Edward, why didn't you report this? Why were these wounds not taken care of?"

I take a breath. "I used my safe-word when he cut me and once I was free from the bindings, I grabbed my things and ran from his house. I had my own place. So, I have a friend packing my stuff and shipping it to me. I came straight from Master James' to the front door of my parents' home and didn't want to stop anywhere on the way."

"Are there any wounds I haven't seen yet?" She asks. I hope she's as gentle with me later when we really get into things.

I blush. "James liked to shave my balls and bush area…"

She moves my manhood slightly to one side and sees the other cut.

I try to focus on my breathing because I feel the arousal as her fingers lightly touch my soft cock. I know that this is the wrong time for feelings like this, so I must calm myself.

This wound isn't as bad as the others, but she takes the picture anyway and then begins to dress the wounds.

3 weeks later…The cut on my chest took the longest to mend. Once the wounds on my back healed, she began to give me massages and some light exercises to help me keep my muscle tone and energy going strong. I was also responsible for chores around her home. I spoke to my parents regularly and even had lunch with them a few times. I went to one of Emmett's football games but left before his friends…the kids who bully me…could see that I was there. I didn't want Bella to have to defend me again…as much as I'd loved hearing her say I was hers. I have only been with her for 3 weeks but I like her a lot and feel a bond forming with this lovely nurse. She's begun to call me her angel…I like to hear her say that. I still haven't spoken about James…just vaguely referencing things we did when I still thought he loved me. I can tell she's a bit frustrated that I won't talk more in depth and give her a statement to work with but she hasn't asked me outright to tell my story. I know that if she does, it'll be emotional hell.

It has now been a week since the day Bella proclaimed my wounds fully healed and told me I had a week to decide if I still wanted to be a sub. I can't wait to tell her my decision. She told me that we would be having dinner with my family. I hope they will accept my decision… When my parents and Em get here, she'll come get me and I have four clear signals. If my answer is to go 'vanilla', I need to be fully clothed. If the answer is that I want to sub, I will be wearing only the new shorts she gave me this morning. If I kneel at her feet, I want to be hers. If I sit in the chair next to her, she'll have to set me up with someone else.

James Mac Damon may have tricked me into this life, but now I crave it…I want to feel her touch and her whip…or paddle or anything else she may pick up. I was shown her playroom the other day and given the supplies to cleanse everything. She left me alone in the room…probably so I wouldn't get scared and bolt on her… but this allowed me to see the items that she'll use on me if I say yes…I'm SO saying yes…

I have decided over the last few weeks that I want to be hers…I need to be hers. I'll be her sub but I want more than that…I can't say positively just yet, but I think I'm falling for her. I'm in the shorts, which are of a nice quality and come down to my knees, but I also have a shirt on.

I hear the knock at the door. I'm so nervous…I'll have to walk out in front of my parents wearing only these shorts…I don't usually even walk around my parents house like this. I almost always have a shirt on when I'm around people other than my lover.

She had told me one reason she wanted me dressed like this though and I guess it makes sense. She wants my father to see that my wounds have all healed. Every last wound is properly knit and they barely show as more then a line.

I hear her footsteps approach my door. She knocks and tells me that my family is here.

I take a few more minutes to ready myself and open the door. I step back and remove the shirt before stepping into everyone's view, only covered by the shorts.

I see Bella's lips curve into a smirk.

It's now time for me to kneel at her feet, and I feel pride well up inside my chest. I walk over to my parents and kiss each one on the cheek then look my little brother in the eye, shaking his hand. I see myself in the mirror behind her as I turn to face Miss Bella and sink to my knees.

She grins and I feel the intensity of her gaze as she wills me to remember my protocol.

I look her in the eye and say, "Miss Bella, I choose to be your sub… If you'll have me…?" Then I look down at the floor and wait for her to accept me formally.

I hear her take a deep breath. I feel her fingers comb through my hair and as she makes a light fist, I feel like I belong to her. She tugs my hair to pull my head up to her face and covers my mouth with hers. It's a light kiss… this is the ritual for beginning a D/s relationship and is rarely witnessed by outsiders because they might not react well. I vaguely feel my family's reaction, but I can practically read their minds.

My mother and father are slightly fascinated… my brother is probably becoming uncomfortable. I however, feel like I'm flying without an airplane.

"Good job on the protocol, Edward. As you know, being my sub, when I have get togethers like this, you will serve. Let's show them to the dining-room, shall we?"

"Yes, Mistress… This way." I say as I see her smile proudly.

She looks at my parents. "The only evidence of his being submissive that anyone will ever witness is the 'Mistress' thing. You see…it pleases me that people who hear him say it know he is mine…" She goes on but I am out of earshot for the moment.

As I enter the dining-room slightly ahead of them, I notice that the table is set and I lay out the first course for all of us. "Mistress, why are there two extra settings?" I ask.

"I forgot to tell you, I invited two of my friends for dessert. One is a Dom and the other is her sub. You may remember him. He was only a year older than you and she went to school with me. Jasper… and Alice?" I smile.

I gasp, allowing my surprise to show. "My childhood best friend…Jasper?"

She grins. "Yes, Edward, does that surprise you?"

"Yes, Mistress, he always spoke and acted like he'd be the one in charge of any relationship he got into. He never followed any rules and always flouted authority." I say, shocked.

"I happen to know the story behind them, if you ask nicely later I'm sure Alice would allow him to tell you." She says before turning to our guests. "The Whitlocks don't publicize their lifestyle choice. They know you all and they know that you will be here but please keep this in the strictest of confidence. Emmett, you especially… Do you understand?"

My parents nod solemnly as Emmett says, "Yes, Miss Bella."