Author: Ice Queen

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"Ginger!! Ginger! Where's the green stuff?? You know? The twins did it again, and Errick's stuck on the roof." The tall, lanky blonde walked into the room, a slight scowl on his handsome face. "Why did we have twins again?"

"Now, Draco honey, I already told you they run in my family!" Ginny Weasley-Malfoy replied calmly, spooning some of the baby food to the giggling blonde in front of her.

"Yeah, but you never told me why we KEPT them." As if on cue two identical faces looked around the corner with a familiar scowl.

"We heard that dad! And we don't 'preciate it." The little strawberry blonde girl stated.

"Yeah, you coulda gotten rid of Anton'a but I'm much too important!" Anthony stated, gaining a glare from his twin sister. Ginny glared at her now smirking husband and son.

"He does have a point, you know..." Draco stated, ruffling his daughters hair to say he was teasing.

"And is Erick still on the roof?" Ginny asked. The twins and Draco sported the exact same look of Oh... I thought I had forgotten something...

"But Maa! He deserved it! He wouldn't let Anton'a ride his Nimbus 4000 and he knew dad said she could! It wasn't like we killed him or nothin, just a prac'tical joke!"

"Now I know how my mother felt. Draco the green stuff is in the junk drawer, and make sure that he doesn't ruin another pair of pants. We all know how well that glue potion the twins came up with works."

Summer, the small blonde in the high chair, squealed happily, tossing her baby food at her parents who had forgotten her. Draco couldn't even bring himself to complain of his new robes smelling of liver and onions, not when she turned those big brown eyes up at him and cooed her favorite word. "Qwidditch!"

"Summer! Not until you're older! Like... two." Ginny stated calmly, a slight smile playing over her mouth. Draco thought it best not to mention the miniature broom he had put away the day she was born. He turned back to the twins instead.

"Why do you care whether you can ride his broom? You both have perfectly good Firebolt 400's!" The frowned, as though he knew nothing.

"But his is s'posed to go faster, and it shoots those cool flames from the tail when you go reallllly fast!" Antonia explained, as though it were the only thing that mattered.

"I should have known. Well, come on, we have to go save your older brother again. I'm sure we'll hear of this one for days." The parent figures grinned at each other, neither mentioning that Erick was a duplicate of Draco in his younger days. They would leave that to their children to find out when they reached Hogwarts.

"Oh, Draco? Be sure to clean the boys up, the family is coming for a visit." She grinned at him. "Charlie even said he had those leather pants you were so interested in, and he would trade you for your new broom."

"Well... I'll think about it." Draco replied, flushing slightly at the look on her face.

"Oh, and Draco? I love you!"

I love you... I... Love... you.... love you...

Draco Malfoy, Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team, Prefect, and all around not-nice guy sat straight up in bed, running his hands through his sweat soaked hair. This was the fourth time he'd had that dream in the same number of nights. Needless to say it was really getting hard to deal with. He rolled over, noting the time. Three o'clock in the morning. He turned, plumped his silk covered pillow and went back to sleep again.


"He's staring at her again."

"Ron, I don't know what your problem is, but as long as he doesn't physically or emotionally attack her than you shouldn't care where he looks." Hermione stated, downright irritated with this same conversation every morning for the last week.

"Bet the slimy git has something planned already. Can't trust Malfoy not to be a complete Arse." Ron replied, completely ignoring Hermione's sigh of impatience. Harry said nothing, merely flipping the pages of the Daily Prophet as though he had no idea what they were speaking of. He had taken to doing that often in the morning, kinda like how he ignored Ginny's rapt looks of adoration.

"Maybe Malfoy has developed something that could pretend to be a heart." Hermione offered, knowing that she was reaching.

"What? And he fell in love with a Weasley? I doubt it. Last I heard he and his mirror were going steady." Ron slammed his fork down, moving to get to his feet. Hermione yanked him down again, motioning towards his oblivious little sister.

"Don't you dare miss up this year for Ginny! It's taken her this long to find friends of her own!" Ron hesitated, bloodlust in his eyes warring with love. He scowled, nodding in silent agreement.

"But if he makes one wrong move I swear-"

"Of course Ron, we've heard it before."

Farther down the table Ginny was completely oblivious to all the problems, staring and death threats that surrounded her. She was too busy teasing her best friend Megan about her crush. "I could get him over here, you know. Colin's about as sweet as can be."

"Would you stop talking so loud! Someone might hear you!" Megan hissed, looking around to see where the Gryffindor in question was sitting. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw he was at the other end. "And besides, I don't like Colin, I just think he's... cute!" She stated, blushing wildly.

"I don't see why you don't just go up to him! You two would make the perfect couple!" Ginny stated, trying not to laugh at Megan's horrified look.

"Oh right, I'll do that as soon as you get 'round to proposing to Potter over there." She replied, smirking as the older girl blushed hotly.

"Alright! But what kind of proposal?" Ginny asked wickedly though her blush. Pause for a moment, then both girls burst out laughing, attracting more attention than either of them realized.

"Why Virginia Weasley! That was positively scandalous!" Megan stated though her gasps of laughter. Ginny merely shook her head, burying her face in her arms as her laughter made her eyes water.

Across the room Draco smirked unconsciously at the sight of the redhead laughing. Even dressed in rags she was still the prettiest girl in the room, not that he would ever have admitted it out loud.

"SLAM!!" Rons fork came crashing down to the table as he stood up. He was forcibly tugged down to the bench again.

"He was only smiling for Merlin's sake! It isn't as though he made a lewd proposition." She hissed. Whoops... bad choice of words. She grimaced as Ron's hair took the same shade as his hair.

"He had best not, if he fears for his bloody, slime filled life!" And his morning rant on the evils of Slytherins and Malfoy began again. Hermione merely rolled her eyes and stole Harry's copy of the Daily Prophet from out of his hands.

"Hey! I was reading that!"


Ginny was still smiling slightly as she made her way to first period. It had taken her four years to find friends, after that first year incident. But the wait had been worth it, no one was a better best friend than Megan Broomswick. The little brunette had a wicked sense of humor and always made the people around her smile. She always made Ginny see the obvious, even when it came to the Harry Potter affaire, as they had begun to call it. It really was a pity they didn't have more classes together. Perhaps they could arrange for next year...

Ginny's thoughts were cut off as she got to her class. There were none of her classmates there, which had been expected as she was twenty minutes early, yet someone was sitting in her seat. He stood, his familiar scowl triggering an old memory in her mind.

"Malfoy... Since when have you taken up healing?" She asked, silently yelling at herself for such a bland comment in the face of pure evil.

"I want you to stay away from me, Weasley. I don't have time to become a muggle loving fool." With that extremely strange comment he shoved her out of his way and walked out. Ginny raised one eyebrow slightly completely and utterly confused. She shrugged then forgot about it, she was in her favorite class of the day and psycho blonde prats had no right to take that away from her.


"MEGAN!! GIVE ME IT BACK!!" Ginny shouted as they raced into the dining room for lunch. Megan merely grinned, holding the book out to taunt the redhead. In Ginny's haste to get her journal back she ran into a large, unmoving object.

"I thought I told you to stay away from me, little girl. Don't make me back it up." The voice came from right over her ear, making her pale slightly. For a second she froze like a deer caught in muggle headlights, than she began to get angry.

"Well now, Malfoy... I would really love to do as you so generously command, but there's one slight problem." She pointed down, smirking as he blushed at the sight of his arms wrapped around her waist. "You don't seem to be helping." He jumped back as though hexed.

"I'm going to KILL HIM!!" The well known voice echoed throughout the hall, making both Ginny and Draco look up, startled. There was Ron, dragging Hermione behind him as though she weighed less than his backpack. Hermione seemed to be trying to hold him back, but obviously wasn't having much luck. Ginny glanced from Draco to Ron, rolling her eyes. She stepped between the two males with a groan.

"Stop it Ron, as much as I hate to admit it, it was my fault I ran into the egotistical prat. Frankly the sight of blood doesn't do well for anyone's digestion and I'd appreciate it if you would restrain yourself." With that said she walked away, bright as her fire engine red hair. Ron stood, watching her, his mouth gaping open and closed as though he were a fish.

"You might stop, Weasley, before your face stays that way." Draco stated, smirking. He turned on his heel and sauntered away, as though he hadn't just been involved in the most entertaining spectacle Hogwarts had seen all week. Hermione took that opportunity to drag Ron back to the Gryffindor table.

Ron glared at Harry, as though it were all his fault that Draco was playing games with his little sister. "I didn't see you doing anything." He growled. Harry merely blinked. And Ron launched into yet another anti-Slytherin spiel.

At the teachers table one well-known headmaster had a very knowing twinkle in his eye.


"Why am I here?" Draco demanded arrogantly, glaring at the old headmaster's grin. "I didn't do anything!"

"Now, now, Draco. I merely wanted to talk to you. You seem... troubled as of late." Dumbledore replied, leaning back in his chair slightly. "Perhaps you are having problems sleeping?"

"How'd you-Wait! I don't have to tell you anything, not unless it's to do with school."

"But this does have to do with school. Your grades are slipping, and you've been caught sleeping in class twice. Not that anyone would blame you for sleeping through Divinations, yet it is rather out of character for a prefect such as yourself." Dumbledore sighed at the stubborn silent look that crossed the blondes face. "Perhaps rather than telling me, you would like to speak to Snape... Or even use a little trick I, myself favor." He pointed over to a shining bowl in one of the cabinets. "I can arrange for you to have a pensieve of your own."

"That's where you put thoughts in a bowl, right? There is no way I would keep one of those in Slytherin, so thanks, but no thanks." Dumbledore sighed.

"If I allowed you to keep it here, instead?"

"I... I... maybe. All right, but if this gets out to anyone I'm telling my father." With that threat made he turned, walking out of the room with an arrogant manner fit for a king. He fortunately didn't see Headmaster Dumbledore's moustache tremble slightly.

"Oh, I doubt that shall happen, son."


Snape handed him a small ebony bowl full of silver fluid. The tall potions teacher stepped back, with as close a smile as Draco had ever seen gracing his face. "Perhaps this might help you tolerate the more... ridiculous classes you insist on taking." He stated, making Draco smirk slightly. Snape turned then, leaving Draco alone with his thoughts. The first thought that went into the bowl was an image of Potter grabbing the snitch right as he was about to. The very sight of the scarhead's face in his bowl made the blonde scowl, so he quickly overlapped it with another. His father this time.

"Son, soon your time shall come that you might serve the master as I, and your mother have done so faithfully. I know you shall make us both proud." Lucius stated, walking back and forth in front of his chained son. "I have too long allowed you your own way, you lack the discipline necessary to be one of the Death Eaters, but that shall be rectified." He turned, smiling evilly at his blood soaked son, his hand tightening slightly on his wand.

"Y-yes... fa-father." Draco replied through bruised and battered lips. He had never recieved such a beating in his life. The strong, arrogant look that generally shined in his steel eyes was gone, a mere memory.

"I knew you would do me proud." WHIP!


Draco shuddered, his hand unconsciously touching the small scar on his right cheek. He had had it since that first discussion before first year. He hadn't allowed himself to consciously remember, not until now. He turned again, pulling another thought for the silver fluid, this time a piece of a dream.

"Daddy? Tell us a story?" The small child crawled sleepily into his grasp, her brother curling into his side as though it were his rightful place. "Tell us the one of Mommy and you." She yawned.

"I don't know, I doubt it would be as interesting as what you've gotten into today." Draco replied dryly, a picture of his oldest son's bright red face flashing to mind.

"But without it, me and Ant'ny wouldn't be here!"

"Yes love, I know."

Draco stopped there, shoving the bowl away almost violently. He shuddered for a moment, trying to put things into perspective, or at least the perspective that he approved of. He never even noticed the silent eyes that watched over him from the door.

The boy has the gift. Whether or not he believes in it. Dumbledore stated silently. He shall do great things, as well.

Before leaving Draco placed a black lid over the pensieve, adding a few hexes just in case. Dumbledore was too... Honest (Something that Draco scoffed at, but had no trouble using to his own advantage) to investigate, but many students came into this office. It would be best that no one was tempted to look.

He walked out, his familiar smirk firmly in place and the happy knowledge that he could act like a prick again shouting in his head.

"Albus, I fear you have given the boy the final means of relieving himself of what little conscience he has." McGonagall stated, watching the young Slytherin leave.

"No, Minerva, I have allowed him to recognize that he possesses such a thing. He just hasn't realized it yet."

End Chap 1