Santana Lopez has never been slushied. Never. And she never will if she has any say in it. It's common knowledge in the popular crowd that there were two cardinal rules to keep from being slushied. 1) Stay in the cool crowd. 2) If you slushy others you won't be slushied.

So before school she stopped by the convenient store to get two on her way to school. Brittany met her in the parking lot like she usually did after walking to school. Santana put her car in park and emerged from her car with the slushies in her hand. A group of geeks saw this and scattered to tell their friends and hide.

Brittany grinned when she saw the slushies. Santana handed her one with a straw already in it. Brittany took a long drink of it while Santana didn't touch hers. They linked pinkies and walked into the school.

Nerds, geeks and gleeks alike cringed as they walked through the hallway, Cheerio skirts swaying behind them. Brittany sipped her slushy while Santana looked for a good target.

As they walked she glanced at Brittany who had never slushied anyone, on purpose anyway. She always finished her slushy before she thought about throwing it at someone and even if she did think about it beforehand, Santana was sure she'd never actually do it. But Brittany liked slushies and that's why Santana always bought two.

Santana surveyed the crowd in the hallway. She saw a group of glee kids, some AV kids, some jocks and Quinn Fabray who was rooting around in her locker for something. Then Rachel Berry appeared in the middle of the hallway like a giant shining bull's eye. Normally, Santana would have gone for it right then, but since joining glee, she begrudgingly developed a soft spot for the glee kids. She could have kicked herself for not being able to go for it right away.

Finally, Santana decided to hit as many AV kids as possible with one slushy. She disengaged from Brittany and left her with a small smirk. The blonde returned it with a straw stuck in the side of her mouth, still sucking down the cold treat.

Rachel looked like she was about to talk to Santana, but the slushy in her hand chased the diva to the other side of the hallway. Santana tossed the slushy at the bushy haired AV kid and managed to get some residual splash on the two nerds standing next to him.

On her way back to Brittany, she dropped the empty cup in the trash and frowned when she saw Rachel talking to Brittany. The blonde looked receptive to what Rachel was saying, albeit tentatively with her slushy in one hand and a lavender envelope in the other. Santana slid next to Brittany, looking at Rachel, trying to catch the last of her sentence.

"Oh Santana," Rachel smiled, handing an envelope to Santana "I hope you can come too. I think we really need some female cohesiveness if we're going to win regionals. Well, see you guys at practice." Rachel smiled broadly and walked off.

Brittany looked at the envelope as if trying to figure out how to open it without putting her slushy down. Santana saw this and automatically took the slushy from the blonde, taking a few sips while Brittany opened the envelope. Inside was an invitation. Brittany grinned an ear splitting grin as soon as she read the word 'Sleepover'.

Santana anticipated the puppy dog eyes Brittany was going to give her, but she didn't look away fast enough. She was caught in the blue-eyed gaze that was pleading to go to Brittany's favorite after school activity.

"Social suicide," Santana stated, managing to pull out of Brittany's gaze. The lingering effects of the puppy dog eyes were coursing through her and she knew she already started to talk herself into it.

"Please?" Brittany asked, simply.

That was all it took, Santana leaned close to Brittany and whispered, "Fine, but do not tell anyone. At all."

Brittany nodded in compliance.

Santana took another sip of the slushy before handing it back to Brittany.

Quinn walked up waving the same lavender envelope, "Are you going?"

Santana glanced at Brittany who she knew wanted to tell Quinn, but wouldn't without instruction from Santana. However the look of excitement on Brittany's face was giving her away.

"Maybe," Santana shrugged, like they hadn't decided yet.

"Are you?" Brittany asked, finishing off the slushy and tossing it into the trashcan.

Quinn nodded, "Yeah. I think I need a night away from Puck. And maybe this way I can get some bacon or a cheeseburger without Puck's mom glaring at me. Plus, Rachel has a hot tub. Anyway, I'll see you two at practice."

After glee practice, Brittany went with Santana to get her stuff for the sleepover.

Santana mumbled something about not being able to believe that Brittany could pout for a few seconds and she would completely cave while she was tossing some extra clothes into her Cheerios bag next to the clothes Brittany had already put in there.

Brittany was sprawled out on the bed reading a magazine that was laying on the nightstand in Santana's room, oblivious to Santana's mumblings.

"Last chance to back out," Santana told the blonde.

Brittany closed the magazine and dropped it on the bed next to her. She thought for a moment and scrunched up her nose, "You don't want to go do you?"

Santana didn't answer, she knew Brittany wanted to go and that was all that mattered. She slung the bag over her shoulder and grabbed her pillow, "Let's go Britt." She patted the exposed thigh of the Cheerio on her bed. "We're gonna be late."

Brittany smiled and hopped off of the bed. Santana was caught off guard by Brittany kissing her full on the lips, but eased into it. When the blonde pulled away Santana smiled and linked pinkies with Brittany. "What was that for?"

"Because we can't do it at the sleepover," Brittany answered, "You said we couldn't kiss in front of other people."

Santana nodded, remembering that conversation. "Right." She kissed Brittany one last time for the road before leading her out to her car.

They pulled up to Rachel's house ten minutes after the invitation said to show up. Santana said they were fashionably late. Brittany wasn't happy though. She liked to be on time, especially to sleepovers.

Pinkie in pinkie they walked up the long path to the substantial house. Santana was still having second thoughts, but Brittany practically skipped to the front door and rang the doorbell.

The tall wooden door creaked open and Rachel appeared on the other side. At the sight of the Cheerios, a shocked look washed over the songstress.

"You came," Rachel rid herself of the shocked look and replaced it with a smile.

Santana opened her mouth to quip back, but Brittany answered with a much more pleasant answer, "I love sleepovers."

"Uh, Quinn's already in my room so…" Rachel opened the door wider so they would come in, "I guess we can get started."

Santana dropped their bag by the door of Rachel's room and went to sit with Quinn on the bed. Brittany disengaged their hands and started wondering around the room, looking at the pictures and posters on the wall.

"I've never really had a sleepover where anyone really…showed up," Rachel added nervously. She wanted to add, 'Especially the three most popular girls in school', but that would seem like she was intimidated on her home turf. Although she was. When there was no singing involved, Rachel couldn't hold a candle to the other three, even when Quinn was pregnant.

Santana rolled her eyes, not surprised. If Rachel was this annoying her whole life, when she was smaller and her voice had a higher pitch, Santana bet she was ten times as annoying.

"Where are Mercedes and Tina?" Quinn asked carefully.

"They had prior engagements," Rachel nodded as if reassuring Quinn. After a small pause, she asked, "So what do you guys do at your sleepovers?"

Santana saw Brittany turn around and start to open her mouth. She knew what was going to come out. Brittany was about to share the activities of their private sleepovers. That was definitely not something she wanted to do with Rachel or Quinn, pregnant or not.

So she interrupted the blonde Cheerio and said, "Movies."

"Unless you like musicals from the 1940s I think we'd have to go rent some," Rachel shrugged.

"Great," Quinn stood up, "Let's go. On the way, we can stop and get some food."

"Definitely," Rachel replied, grabbing her car keys before following the past and present Cheerios out the door.

It didn't take long until they were all in a small diner booth. Brittany and Santana sat on one side and Rachel and Quinn on the other.

"I wanted to thank you guys again for coming," Rachel smiled, shyly, "It really means a lot."

Santana was about to tell her not to read into it too much when Quinn added, "It's no problem."

The Latina cheerleader was about to bang her head on something hard when the movie was finally over. Romance movies were definitely not her thing, although she did grin like a fool when Brittany cried during the sad part.

"So?" Rachel asked as they all lounged around in the living room, "What now?"

"If you have any beer we could play never have I ever," Quinn offered, "Well, not me obviously, but you know what I mean."

Rachel nodded and went into the kitchen, returning with three wine coolers and a glass of orange juice. "My dads don't drink beer. Who wants to start?"

"Never have I ever," Quinn looked at the two Cheerios with a studious glance. "Kissed a girl…in the past six months."

Santana rolled her eyes and took a long drink of hers because this lametastic slumber party was boring the hell out of her. She saw Brittany take a sip out of the corner of her eye.

"Never have I ever not been a Cheerio right now," Santana offered. Rachel and Quinn drank, although the worst Quinn's drink could do to her was make her need to pee.

"Never have I ever kissed Puck," Brittany watched the three girls around her drink.

Rachel thought she'd use this opportunity to test out a theory she had. First she had to start with establishing some foundations for her theory first. "Never have I ever had sex with my best friend."

Santana rolled her eyes yet again and drank. It was a well-known fact that she and Brittany had in fact slept together. However, it was a closely guarded secret that they were more than best friends. She watched Brittany drink a little bit more.

"Never have I ever," Quinn paused, "kept a secret from my best friend." That question was directed at the Cheerios.

Santana eyed Brittany who was again taking a drink from her bottle. "What secret?"

Brittany looked at her wide eyed, "What?"

"What secret have you been keeping from me?"

"Oh," Brittany grinned, "I didn't hear the question. This just tastes good."

"Never have I ever been pregnant," Santana quipped and looked at Quinn who glared at her and took a drink of her orange juice.

Brittany furrowed her eyebrows, "Never have I ever…kissed Finn."

The three around her took a drink, Santana's being the shortest because she wasn't proud of that fact that she had in fact kissed, plus some, with Finn. She looked at Brittany who covered up the hurt in her eyes with her signature smile and glance out the window.

Santana ducked her head and swallowed hard. She had hurt Brittany by sleeping with Finn and she knew it. She felt like shit whenever it was brought up so she glared at everyone that did until they stopped talking about it.

"Never have I ever…been popular," Rachel quietly added.

The three around her took a drink.

"Never have I ever been in love my best friend," Quinn looked at the Cheerios.

Brittany looked to Santana for direction, but Santana was playing with her skirt. She knew if she looked at Brittany she would see the sadness that she wasn't drinking. Brittany retaliated by chugging the rest of her drink and getting up, mumbling, "I have to go to the bathroom."

"I'll show you where it is," Rachel followed Brittany upstairs and into her bedroom, where Brittany forgot she said she was going to the bathroom and plopped down on the bed.

"Way to go," Quinn droned and drank some more of her orange juice.

Santana's infamous temper flared, "You're the one that started this. You know what's going on"

"I just figured since it was just us you'd have the guts to admit it," Quinn offered with a dismissive shrug.

"Yeah, in front of big mouth?" Santana asked, "Not happening."

Quinn grinned, "So you are in love with her?"

Brittany wiped the tears in her eyes away with the back of her hand. "Well…yeah."

"Have you told her?" Rachel asked, carefully sitting next to Brittany on her bed.

"No," the blonde shook her head, "She doesn't want me to."

"How do you know?" Rachel let out a reassuring smile.

Brittany was quiet and looked at her hands, "I dunno. She just…." Brittany looked away as more tears filled her eyes.

Rachel put her arms around Brittany trying to comfort the Cheerio in any way possible. Brittany tried to choke back the tears. Santana told her to never let them see her cry. She wasn't exactly sure who 'them' was, but when it came down to it, it was usually her and Santana against everyone else- against the world.

Brittany sat up and wiped her eyes, "I'm okay." She kept repeating to herself Never let them see you cry, never let them see you cry, never let them see you cry.

Rachel sighed, trying to figure out why Brittany was hiding it, "Well, do you want to go get into the hot tub?"

The blonde forced a smile and nodded.