"Knock, knock." The girl spoke the words even as she completed the action. "Are you Reed?" The girl bit her lip while awaiting the answer.

Reed set down the audio equipment he had been cleaning and wiped his hands on his pants as he stood up. "Yeah, I'm Reed. How'ld you find me?"

The girl smiled. "I asked around. My sister asked me to find you."

Reed finally looked up from his equipment. "Kaia?" he gasped in disbelief.

"No," the girl shook her head, "I'm not Kaia. I'm her sister Mia."

Reed shook his head, as if to shake out the memory of Kaia. "What do you want?" he asked, his voice rough with grief.

Mia smiled softly. "Kaia called me two days before she died."

Mia pulled out her phone and played the message.

Kaia's sultry voice floated around the room and embraced Reed. "Hey Mia, this town is so boring! But I have found someone here to entertain myself with."

Here Kaia laughed and shudders ran through Reed's body. "His name is Reed and he's so sweet, so much different than the usual type of boys that I waste my time with. I think I could love him."

Kaia sighs here and Reed staggers over to his bed and sits down heavily.

Kaia's voice becomes serious. "I want you to find Reed should anything ever happen to me. I have a feeling I've started something that is going to spiral out of control. I love you little sister. Bye."

Mia clicked her phone shut and picked her way among the music and sat down next to Reed. "She cared for you," Mia began, "She had never been in love before, so she didn't know how to express it, but I have never in my entire life heard her that happy."

Reed sighed. "I could have loved her, had she lived."