The ruins tower above me.

Stone stacked upon stone,

Bleached, or so it seems,

By the sun.

My feet

Sink into the sand

Beneath my flip-flops.

The dark entrance

Yawns ahead.

Do I dare disturb

A stone ruins

Left alone

For countless ages?

I do.

My steps echo behind me

In the dark, dusty passage.

An eerie feeling

Creeps over me.

Not a single person,

Not a single pokemon,


My breathing fills the air

Icy fingers run

Up and down my neck.

Ahead, a stone puzzle -
Or so it seems -

Lies in rest.

I can't help the feeling of awe,

The feeling of masked secrets,

Lurking unseen and unknown,


I know the figures

On the puzzle pieces -


Mystical and mysterious.

Wind stirs my hair.


There is no wind

Deep in these stone recesses.

My mouth is dry.

The breath catches in my throat.

Turn back.

A rasping whisper,

Echoing down the halls.

Turn back.

More voices join,

Reverberating within me.

Turn back.

My heart pounds.

My hands shake.

Turn back.

I turn.

I run.

And I don't look back.

O Ruins...

May your secrets never be found.

A/N: Even in the games, the music and graphics manage to convey this sense of eerie awe as you reach the chamber that holds the Unown puzzle. That's where I got the idea for this. Oh, and I FINALLY got my first Pokemon fanfic up, so please review!