Author's Note: This is a direct rebuttal to RaxusLives' A New Crusade Beckons! If you want to get the most out of this, go read it! It's good!

Lolar'Xotil vas Arethas warily mounted the stage. His suit was well-worn, covered in numerous stains and blotches sustained in his duty as foreman of agricultural production aboard the Arethas. He warily looked out at the throng of Quarians before him. Oh Keelah, what have I gotten myself in to? He quickly shook his head. You can do this! Lolar's eyes met his wife's. It looked like their son would be born soon. You have to do this! For them! His grip tightened on the podium as he began.

"Friends, shipmates, lend me you ears! Earlier this week, Mar'Carthas vas Arethes and his Crusaders asked you, asked us all, just how much is enough?

Three centuries ago, our ancestors embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all the galaxy…an exodus for survival. I will not bore you with history that we all know. About the war with our creations, how the Council sat by passively and threw us to the void, the prejudice we chafe under. Much like all of you, my heart aches when I think of the fate of our ancestors. My blood boils when I think of the help our so-called allies in the Citadel gave us. The smears against us so readily tossed about!

But we must not let our emotions override our reason. The Crusade would have you all believe that there is nothing that can be done for our people as long as the Geth exist. That we should throw our fleet straight into the teeth of the machines! It would be more efficient for us to all slit our own throats.

While we have roamed the stars, struggling to keep our ships space worthy, struggling to keep our population from growing too large, struggling to grow enough food to survive, struggling to procure medicines to ward of sickness, what of the Geth? A machine does not need to eat. A machine does not worry about infections. A machine does not have to wait eight to ten months and pray that there are no complications or an infection sets in when it goes to reproduce itself! There are just seventeen million Quarians in the galaxy now. Three hundred years ago, there were millions upon millions of Geth. I doubt that they have sat idly on our worlds all this time!

Mar'Carthas says that we must cross the Veil; return to the Homeworld. With what? The overwhelming majority of our vessels are civilian ships, our warships few and far between. Are we to send the few, aging warships we have after the Geth and leave the rest at the mercy of pirates and slavers? Or would Mar'Carthas and his Crusade prefer to see the Flotilla in its entirety burn in orbit over Rannoch?

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you our home is lost to us. We do not have the numbers, the ships, the materials, the allies or even they physiology to take our home back. The Geth have killed all who have crossed the Veil, leaving their derelict ships as a warning! More and more of our ships are reaching the end of their far-extended lives. We must find another world to call our own. We must start anew. It is the only way…the only way our species can survive to see another three hundred years."