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Gustave's POV

It was scary being all alone in those woods without the freaks… My father coughed all through the night, and into the early morning… I wasn't too fond of the Persian man… He seemed very strange, but he had saved my father's life, and for that, I was very grateful. Over the next few days, my father had recovered drastically…. But we had bigger problems on our hands, we had Raoul still out looking for us… Nadir had suggested that we move forward in finding the freaks, and took over directing the caravan as my father rested… My mother stuck close by my father, and hardly left his side…. But tonight worse things were to come…..

That night, we found a secluded spot in the woods to hide ourselves from danger…When we stopped, my mother cooked us dinner, while I stuck by my father's side, talking to him about what had happened over the past few days. He told me that once he was stronger, we were going to find a nice place to live where he and my mother could be married….. Nadir had gone outside to collect some firewood, but came rushing back inside screaming that Raoul was approaching quickly…. My mother stopped what she was doing to cover my father in his cloak….we knew we were going to have to make a run for it…. I grabbed Reneasia by the hand, and pulled her outside and into the safety of the wooded brush… But Raoul had already gotten sight of us….. I turned around, and watched as he set fire to our caravan before laughing loudly… So loud that it echoed off the trees in the dark of night…. Soon, we were split up… We hadn't meant to come to that, but we had… It was now just Reneasia and I holding hands within the dark, and searching for my parents. I would have yelled out for them, but I knew I couldn't, not while things were like this and with Raoul looking for us with his men…

"Gustave, I'm scared…." I heard Reneasia moan…

But I silenced her, and pulled her along…. We came to a rushing creek, and ran along its path, trying to get back to my mother and father…. But suddenly, Reneasia was grabbed right out of my arms, only to look up and see Philippe on his horse, looking down at me with Reneasia in his arms.

"Well, Well…. Look what I found…"

"put me down!" the girl screamed, wiggling in his grasp.

"You're my prisoner now…."

I picked up a spare tree branch that was laying aside, and held it firmly in my grasp as Philippe laughed…

"What on earth are you going to do with that? Hit me with it?"

I gave him an evil glare, before shaking my head, and swinging it in front of his horse, causing it to become ever so frightened and stumble backwards….

Philippe struggled to keep his horse inline, but soon slid off and hit the ground…

"You're going to pay for that!" he growled, gathering to his feet, and pulling Reneasia closer to him.

"You're nothing but a half-breed! Part human, part monster! And now you will never know what true love is…."

Philippe drug Reneasia over to the rushing creek, and held her over the water…

"Bye bye, gypsy…."

I begged him not to, but Philippe dropped her into the water, and I watched her slip away from me…. I was angry…. So angry! I took deep breaths, and clenched my fists, but I was my father's son….and when my father was mad, he was furious…. All the anger building up within me hit a spark, and I flung myself into Philippe's laughing self…. I toppled him to the ground, and we began rolling around, fists flying, my hands making contact with Philippe's face…..

"Get off me half-breed!"

I hated that name! I was so angry, that I could no longer take it! I picked up the nearest heavy rock, and held it high within the air…

"I am not a half-breed!"

And with that, I brought the rock down onto his head, causing it to split open and for Philippe to pass out….. My anger was still there…. Killing Philippe was not enough to fulfill my lust for blood! Raoul was next! But first, I heard a scream, and realized that it was coming from Reneasia….. I ran towards the creek, and saw her clinging onto a rock right out in the middle of the rushing water…. I didn't know how to swim, but I couldn't let her drown… Without thinking of my own safety, I dove into the water fully clothed, and pounded against the water to swim…. God! How does someone swim! I struggled to stay above water level, kicking my legs, and waving my arms….. Soon, everything slowed down, and the water and I became one… I was swimming! I kicked my legs, and waved my arms in the direction I wanted to go in, and just like that, it worked…. Over and over again I did this until I reached Reneasia….. I grabbed her by the arm, and struggled to get us to safety… By the time we reached shore, I was exhausted and both of us were gasping for air….

"You saved me…."

I spit up some water, and smiled.

"I had to…. I couldn't have let you drown…"

And then she clung to me…. She wrapped her soaked arms around me, and embraced me tightly…

"I love you Gustave…."

Our tender moment was cut off, but a blood curdling scream…. It was my mother! I hid Reneasia in the brush, and told her to stay while I ran to where the scream had come from… When I made it, I noticed Raoul and my father dueling in a sword fight…and it already looked as if Raoul had gotten slashed in the arm due to the blood that was seeping out of his shirt….

"Come on, Monster.." he irked. "Just like last time…. Only when you lose that sword, I won't stop mine from running you straight through…."

"Why can't you just leave us alone!" my father screamed, meeting his sword with Raoul's.

"No! all those years of wanting! All those years of my wife calling out your name in bed! You deserve to die!"

I watched, thinking about what there was to do… What could I do? And then, my father tripped, and Raoul kicked his sword aside, and I watched as it came sliding towards me…. I grabbed it without a second thought, and came running right towards Raoul as he was about to run my father through with the blade….

"Stay away from my father!" I screamed this at the top of my lungs, and ran right in front of my father's body to protect him….Only when I did, I ran my father's sword straight into Raoul….but not before his blade did the same to me….. We both staggered backwards, and looked at each other…. I could hear my mother's screams as I felt something running out of me, only to look down at my stomach and see gushing blood seeping from the wound Raoul had caused with his blade…. My blade however ran Raoul right through the chest… and he gave me one last look before plopping over on his back and dying…

My father scooped me up into his arms, and looked down at me as if he were looking down at a dying animal…..

"Gustave, my son….. Oh, my son…."

Everything was getting dark, and I was finding it hard to breath….

"I… I love you, papa…."

Tears escaped my father's eyes as he held me close to him…. Soon my mother joined him, and I blacked out…..

When I awoke, I was surrounded by blankets, and laying in a bed that wasn't familiar to me…. And Reneasia was sitting beside my bed, grasping onto my hand…

"Oh, Gustave!"

She smiled and cried at the same time, trying to wrap her arms around my bare chest that was bandaged all over….

"Reneasia! Let go…" I ached.

"Sorry…. I thought you were dead…"

"I'm alive…. Where are we?"

Before Reneasia could answer, Dr. Gangle appeared at her side carrying a glass of water in his hands.

"There you are, my boy…. It's nice to see you awake… When your parents brought you here, we thought for sure that you had died…."

I took the glass of water out of his hands, and drank it down as if wandering the desert for years without one…

"So we're with the freak show?" I asked.

"Yes…. Lucky we were only a mile away from where you were stabbed…."

The door of the caravan then opened, and both my mother and father walked in….

"Could we have a moment alone?" my father asked…

Dr. Gangle pulled Reneasia away from me, and both my parents had a seat at the end of my bed…. My mother kissed me on the fore head, and my father grasped his large hand with mine….

"You were a brave boy, Gustave…" my mother replied.

"Very brave…" added my father. "But now we're safe, and sound…."

"Where will we go now?" I asked.

Both my parents looked at one another, and then back at me….

"Gustave, your father and I….. we're going to get married… We want to be one big happy family…"

"And where will we go?" I asked.

My father smiled at me, and squeezed my tiny hand.

"I talked it over with Squelch and the other freaks…. What I did in Coney Island… I mean setting it on fire.. It was wrong… I acted rationally… We're going back. You, me, your mother and the freaks… I'm going to rebuild and run my amusement park again…. I'll be able to spend more time with you and your mother….."

This was great….but what about Reneasia?

"What about Reneasia? couldn't she come too?"

"We will have to ask her mother…" my father replied. "She's probably worried sick…"

"For now, just rest…"

My mother kissed me on the forehead one final time, before my father did the same…. It was strange feeling his malformed lips kissing me, but it felt so right…. I did as I was told to do, and rested over the next several days as we traveled back to Paris…. My father explained to Reneasia's mother about what had happened, and even though she hated both my father and I….her mother knew that because I had saved her, she was in my debt… She asked Reneasia if going to America with me was what she truly wanted, and in deed it was… My father even found it within his heart to forgive Meg, and thanked her for all that she had done for Christine…. And believe it or not, both Meg and Madame Giry decided to tag along to Coney Island…

During the long ship ride to New York, I had to stay in bed so my stitches could heal…. There wasn't much to do, except watch my father perform magic tricks for Reneasia and I, or play cards with Nadir…. My mother would also entertain us with stories…. And at night, I would lay there with Reneasia, and look at both my parents laying in bed with one another, teasing each other with small kisses….. It was obvious that they were truly in love….

When we arrived back in New York, my father wasted no time in rebuilding… He and the freaks helped him each and every day, with me standing close by…. I learned from my father… he taught me about architecture, and how each and every detail counted…. He taught me things I had never known how to do before… He would show me magic tricks he had learned long ago…tricks that he had taught no one else…. But what I loved most of all, was that I was able to play music again…. He bought a flat, which had a grand piano sitting in the foyer…. Each day I would sit there and play for both my mother and Reneasia at times when I couldn't be with my father as he built…. At night my father would come home, and we would take turns playing while my mother sang along to our music….

Life was perfect…..

Six months after coming back to Coney Island, Phantasma was up and running again… And on opening night, my mother and father joined hands at the front gates, and were married with the Coney Island crowd watching…. With the great lights of the Ferris wheel to light the ceremony, and the carnival music providing sound, both my mother and father kissed for the first time as husband and wife…..and Reneasia kissed me…

Having her beside me was like a dream come true…. We grew up together in Coney Island, going on adventures each day, not wanting to come inside when we heard my father calling for us…. We rode rides and hung with the freaks….. And I even spent a lot of time with my father… We were inseparable… And as the years flew by, I came to look more like him every day…. By the time I had reached my twentieth year, my musical ability had become so great, that my father hired me as his own personal composer. I would write music for his theater, and he would pay me for it…..I had everything. Money, a job I loved, my parents, but one thing was missing….. A wife. I loved Reneasia with all my heart… this love had grown over the years….. And I knew it was about time I made the move to marry her…..

My father had been sick, and I had been the one taking over for him with things when he couldn't…. When I told him I was going to ask Reneasia to marry me, his eyes lit up with excitement, and his illness seemed tamed at least for the moment… So that night, I took Reneasia down to our favorite spot on the beach, and turned to her….


She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, her silky black hair glowing in the moonlight.

"Yes, Gustave?"

"You know I love you with all my heart….. I never regret being with you for one single moment…. I have everything now. A job, a family that loves me… but one things missing… and that would be you… Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Her eyes lit up, and she began to cry as she jumped into my arms and saying yes over and over again…..

We were married in the fall that year… It was a lovely wedding held in the opera house on Coney Island… our love for music was so strong that we wouldn't have had it any other way…. And as promised long ago, I took some time off and took Reneasia where ever she wanted in the united states…. We traveled by train, spending numerous days sight seeing, and endless nights curled up naked within one another's embrace… Years ago I had no idea how making love was even done… and we both would have found it funny at ten years old…. But on our wedding night, all those childish feeling slipped away, leaving nothing but total bliss and something lovers urged for…

By the time we returned back to Coney Island, Reneasia was already heavy with our first child…. And that following month, he was born… A son. I had a son! A son named Eugene Alexander Mulheim… And even when my father passed away from his illness, I carried on in his place… teaching my children magic tricks and everything my father once taught me….. My life was now complete….And I finally found what I had been looking for….. Or was it my father? Perhaps in the end we both found what we had been looking for all along….. That thing being acceptance and pure love from a family...A love from both father and son...

The End

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