A/N: Forze de male is a depressing story even for me. So I decided to translate some stupid but happier short story from my Chinese KH fanfics just to change the mood for a while before I go back to work on that story.

This one contains a few pairings from BbS that I like a lot, both hetero and yaoi. They are Terra/Aqua, Zack/Sephiroth, Lia/Isa, and of course my fav Vani/Ven. It's AU-ish. So no major BbS spoilers expect Vanitas's appearance. And also, there is twincest. (No, not Sora and Roxas, they are too young for that yet in this story xD)

In my original Chinese fanfic, Angels and Demons are series of stories about Sora, Roxas, Ventus and Vanitas together as brothers. But I'm not sure if I'm capable to translate the whole series into English. Oh well…xD

Part 2 will be coming soon but now I have a doctor appointment to go to. Reviews will be appreciated! =D

Angels and Demons

A typical day-off for Ventus : Part 1

First in the morning. At home.


Holding each other's hands, the five-year-old twins rejected Ventus's suggestion of playing with them in unison.

"Why not?"

Hurting in his voice, Ventus asked his little brothers in confusion. Not sure if that was just him or was it real, Ventus got a feeling that his two younger brothers no longer wanted him to play with them anymore.

"Because Venny you are –" (Sora)
"Too dumb - " (Roxas)
"We always catch you –" (Sora)
"So easily – " (Roxas)
"It's not fun at all – " (Sora)
"To play with you –" (Roxas)

Ventus could feel a large sweatdrop dropping from his head. Not only his little brothers love to speak in unison, they also like saying stuffs in a way by completing each other's sentences, like they are actually Siamese twins or something.

Sora and Roxas, no matter where, no matter when, are always together, staying by each other's side all the time. They are literally inseparable. You almost could never take the two youngsters apart over two meters for more than two minutes. If you ever try to do that, they'd start screaming, crying and doing all kinds of things that would make you feel so guilty that you'd feel you're the worst cruellest person in this world.

Ever since Aqua told him there was something known as Conjoined Twins in the world, Ventus always doubted whether his little brothers were actually one of those conjoined twins – well, their hearts are conjoined so I guess that does make them conjoined twins right?

"If Venny you are bored –" (Roxas)
"You can go outside –" (Sora)
"Find Aqua-neechan –" (Roxas)
"And Uncle Terra –" (Sora)
"They sure gonna play with you –" (Roxas)
"'Coz they are as dumb as you!" (Sora)

Another sweatdrop dropping. Oh these two little devils…

And wait, how come Terra is "Uncle" now?

It doesn't matter that Ventus are ten years older than the younger twins. Ventus just felt he never has the dignity as an elder brother in front of these two mischievous little demons. These two cute little boys are like angels to many (because they don't know them personally), but Ventus knows the best.

Letting out a small sigh, Ventus watched his two hand-holding brothers rushing out of the house and running happily in the yards under the cloudless blue sky.

It was a gorgeous day. So maybe Sora and Roxas were right. He should go outside find Terra and Aqua. It was not a bad idea after all.

Still in the morning. At the park near Terra's home.

Ventus was aimlessly wandering in the park, alone and depressed. Terra was not at home. Nor was Aqua. Where could those two be then?

The cherry blossom was tremendously gorgeous in this park. Sakura petals were flying everywhere making the place oh-so romantic and dreamy. But Ventus could care less about that. His little brothers didn't want his accompany and his two best friends were no where to find. Lucky day wasn't it?

No, actually he was lucky. Soon he spotted two familiar figures leaning against each other under a huge cherry tree which immediately made him smile.

Hey it was them! So they were in the park!

"Aqua! Terra!"

The two figures immediately snapped apart from each other upon hearing the young blond's calling, like they got burnt or something.

"Yo! Aqua, Terra, I've been looking for you two forever! How are you doing? Wait, why you two look so red? Got a fever or something? You feeling okay?"

"No, no, yes…I mean – No, it's not fever. And yes I'm fine."

The always-looking-serious blue-haired female now was blushing madly like a cooked lobster. She was so nervously playing with her own fingers, shy like a little girl unlike her normal self, not daring to look at the other two males.


On the other hand, the well-built tall brunet man let out couple embarrassed dry laughter. Himself had this suspicious shy red shade on his cheeks, which was quite unmatched to his usual toughness you normally saw.

Why were they acting so weird? Oh young Ventus was always clueless wasn't him?

"So, Ven, you are looking for us huh?"

Terra managed to make a weird smile, trying to break the embarrassing silence among the three.

"Yeah. Just wonder what are you two gonna do for the day."

"Well, Aqua and I are about going to a movie soon."

"Movie! That's great! Which movie you going to watch? Can I come with you guys?"

"Wh-what? Wait…co-come with us? I mean…hey Ven…look –" The corner of the brunet man's mouth started twitching. His fake smile suddenly turned into what looked like he's gonna cry or something. And Ventus started to think Terra was actually a stutter.

"Sorry! I just remembered Master Eraqus have asked me to do some errands for him. I'm not going. Terra you can go with Ven."

Before Terra had a chance to finish what he's trying to say, Aqua suddenly interrupted. And right after finishing her words, she immediately ran away while holding her burning face in her hands, not letting the other two males have a chance to stop her sudden action.

"Ah! Wait Aqua!"

Terra called out but Aqua didn't stop. Terra turned himself to Ventus and angrily ruffled the younger's blond hair into a mess with his large hand. "Listen kid, you know how long it took me to finally get her agree to go out with me? And I almost got to kiss her just now! Why you had to show up now? Why Ven? T^T"

It did look like the taller brunet man soon would burst into tears, which made Ventus have his mouth opening in an "O" shape, large enough that you probably could stuff an egg into.

"I gotta get her back! Ven, find someone else to hang out with okay?"

Not giving Ventus a chance to say sorry, the brunet man ran after the blue-hair girl and soon disappeared from the blond teen's sight.

Trying to fix his hair back to its normal spiky-ness, Ventus felt puzzled. When did those two start seeing each other? Why didn't they tell me they are dating? He wondered, completely not realizing the fact that he was the oblivious one who never noticed the obvious nor was able to catch a drift.

Sighing again, so those two are busy with each other right now, then who else he could go to hang out with for the day? Ventus thought to himself.