Angels and Demons

A typical day-off for Ventus : Part 2

About noon. Somewhere near the park.

The wandering blond teen finally saw someone he knew.

"Yo! Zack!" Ventus greeted his black-haired blue-eyed friend happily.

"Oh, hi, Ven…"
But the usually loud and cheerful blue-eyed teenage seemed to have more interests in a black feather that he was holding in his hand than in his blond friend at the moment, as he only returned a half-hearted greeting to the blond teen. It looked like Zack was doing some serious thinking and he was completely lost in his own world. That's not a Zack you would see everyday. Confused but Ventus still tried his question.

"So Zack, what you doing for the day? I just wonder – "

"Oh right! Hey Ven! Have you ever seen the same kind of black feather as this one? Or have you happened to see a man with long silver hair? "

Huh? Black feather? Long-silver-haired man? What's that all about?

Ventus cocked his head in confusion.

"If you mean black feathers, I did see a few in the park over there and…"
Weren't those just some ordinary feathers shed from some crows or ravens living in that park? When has Zack become a bird-lover?

"Cool! Thanks man! Gotta go. Catch ya later!"

Poor Ventus didn't get to finish his sentence again. The energetic black-haired teen left his clueless friend rushing towards the park like bolts.

Well, there he went. Looked like everyone's quite busy with their own stuff today huh?

In the afternoon. At the park again.

Ventus felt he was just wasting time but he didn't want to go home just yet. So he ended up sitting on a park wooden bench, eating sea-salt ice all by himself. He subconsciously brought an extra one, like he was hoping someone would actually show up and eat the ice together with him. Not likely though.

All of his brothers love sea-salt ice. The blond thought to himself that he should probably get some more before leaving for home, knowing Sora and Roxas would love him for that.

When Ventus just started his first bite on the ice, he saw a teen with flaming red hair running towards his direction in an inhuman speed.

"Yo! Ven!"

"Hi Lea! What's up!"

"Hey man, listen, if anyone ask about me, just say you never see me okay? You didn't see me running this way alright? Got it memorized? Dammit, that Isa is so freaking scary! I don't wanna be caught by him again! Gotta run. Ven, just don't tell him anything okay?"

The redhead teen known as Lea somehow managed to say everything in a blink second and disappeared from the view in the next second.

Wh-why's everyone running today? Was today World Run Day or what? Nup, it's not even November yet.

"Hey isn't that sea-salt ice! Don't think you'd eat two at a time. Why not just give that one to me!"

Before confused Ventus ever realized, Lea ran back to him, grabbed the blue ice treat from his left hand and fled away like wind again. Goddamnit that robber! He didn't even get a chance to protest!

"Hi Ven, have you seen Lea?" A calm voice asked suddenly.

"Yeah, he just…oh! Wait, no I didn't."

"So he was running this way right?"

"Right…oh! Wait, I mean no." God, he just couldn't lie.

Obviously, the blue-haired teen named Isa had already seen through his terrible lies.

"I see. Thank you Ven. Have a good day and see you later." Still in his calm voice, Isa thanked the blond teen politely. But the next moment when he turned his face towards where Lea had just escaped, the blue-haired teen immediately switched into his "Berserk" mode.

"Just wait till I get you Lea! How dare you run away from me after what you did to me last night! You stupid dumbhead pyro bastard!"

Sweat dropping again, Ventus couldn't agree more with Lea now that Isa in berserk mode is the most freaking scary thing in this world…

Sunset time. Still at the park.

Lonely Ventus was still sitting on the park bench, doing nothing but sighing heavily. Everyone was running and playing "tag" with each other today (seriously, how old are they). Only he was alone all the time. He felt soooooooo lonely!

And this loneliness almost drove him crazy. Yeah, Ventus questioned his sanity when he saw Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus holding each other's hands when passing by in front of him! That must have been his hallucination! How was that ever possibly possible that those two Masters were…together? No, it couldn't be real. It was just his hallucination…or was it?

Oh well, better go home now before he really went insane. Ventus stood up, dusted off his pants and threw the last wooden stick into the litter bin three meters away.

All of sudden, Ventus felt a pair of strong arms embraced his body from back.

"Do you miss me, Ventus?"

If this familiar dark voice didn't make itself heard on time, Ventus would probably have given a deadly suplex to the guy who dared to harass him like this. Good thing he didn't. Everyone he knew would call him by his nickname "Ven", expect only one person. That person never called him Ven but always always called him by his full name despite the fact they are the closest to each other in this world.


His body was turned around to face the other. His sapphiric eyes were now looking into a pair of piercing golden eyes. He pouted, refusing to answer the other's question.

"You don't seem to be happy to see me again, do you?"

The other raven-haired teen lifted Ventus's chin up with his long fingers and pecked a butterfly kiss onto those salty and sweet pouting lips. Ventus immediately threw his arms around his black-haired twin's neck, nuzzling his face into the crook of his twin brother's neck.

"Vani, wherever you go next time, I'm going with you!" Ventus murmured as Vanitas's arms holding him even tighter.

"I feel so lonely without you. I feel incomplete. Don't you leave me alone again! Never ever!"

Vanitas grinned slyly to the words. He lifted up the blond's face again, locking his lips with the elder twin's lips.

"Then fuse with me, my dearly beloved Ventus." The golden-eyed teen muttered into the kiss seductively. He started licking and nipping his other's bottom lip, asking for entrance.

"I'd love to." The entrance was granted without a hesitation.

Well, at least Ventus wouldn't have to be alone by himself for the night.

- End -

A/N: Like I said this's completely nonsense. Thanks for reading my silly story. ^^b

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