~Takuma's P.O.V~
(9 years old)

I smiled contently as I gazed out the darkened window of my side of the limo. I took small glanced at Kaname, two of the last Kuran vampires in the world (Yes he knows about Yuki) to see him sulking. It had only been three months since Kaname's parents were murdered and his little sister, who he trusted me enough to let me know about, had everything forgotten.

"Kaname, don't be so sad. You can still visit her and be happy you have some new friends." I tried to get the pureblood boy beside me to cheer up.

"Yeah. Hanabusa Aido and Akatsuki Kain, huh?" Kaname said thoughtfully, placing a hand under his chin to hold up his head. I smiled and nodded.

"Don't forget about Ruka." I reminded me and he responded with a deep sigh, gazing out the window.

"That girl that fell in love with me, hmm?" Kaname asked and I sighed lightly, placing my hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"You can't really blame her; you are a beautiful pureblood after all." I patted his shoulder and my best friend turned his head to look at me.

"Please don't put words like that. It makes me think you are gay." I felt a cold sweat go down my back as I crossed my arms.

"That's mean, Kaname. You knew what I meant and you know I'm not gay." I pouted childishly. Hey, I'm nine years old; I pretty much am still a child.

Without warning the limo came to a sudden and fast stop. Both Kaname and me jerked forwards and hit the wall in front of us. I regretted not putting on a seat belt now but since vampire limo drivers are normally very careful, there was no need to use them. Now both Kaname and I were on the limo floor.

"What happened, why did you stop?" I called out, making my voice loud so the man behind the dark glass that separated us could hear me.

"There is some little girl laying in the middle of the road." The reply came. I quickly looked over to Kaname to see how he'd react.

The pureblood looked confused mixed with worry. He was probably thinking the little girl was Yuki, his little sister. Well, there is only one way to find out. I opened the door I was closest to and stepped outside to have a look for myself.

There, laying not too far from the limo, was a little human girl. She was on her stomach and her face to the side, away from where I could see. There was a small handbag beside the young human which I guessed was hers. I knew she was human because the girl had cuts over her body and the dried blood smelled of human.

"She's human, Kaname." I informed the pureblood in what he'd already know when I noticed that he was now outside with me. Without waiting for a reply, I walked around the girl to get a look at her face.

Her face was small and her lips were slightly parted as she breathed. I had no idea of her eye color but some of her long brown hair covered her face. She seemed to only be two years younger than me.

"She's a really cute human." I smiled brightly and dropped to my knees to hug the girl, not bothered if she suddenly woke up.

~Kaname's P.O.V~
(same age as Takuma)

I sighed as the noble practically attacked the hurt girl with his hug. His friendly hyperness could really be annoying at times yet his friendless could also be the key to the peace my mother... no, Juri wanted between humans and vampires.

"Kaname, what should we do with her?" Ichijo asked in a bubbly voice, bringing me from my thoughts. I looked at the noble to see him smiling as the girl stayed sleeping in his arms.

Truth be told, I didn't much care; I was only glade that it didn't turn out to be Yuki. Yet, I was trying to gain peace, like how my mother had wanted so I couldn't leave a young human out where Level-Es and other vampires can hurt her.

She was already hurt as it was, yet there was no bit marks on her. It looked as if another human had attacked this girl. Maybe she was abused and she had been running away.

"I guess we can take her to Kaien. He's taking care of Yuki so he may take care of her as well, until he finds her true parents, if they are still around that is." I answered and turned around to walk back to the limo.

"Um, Kaname, I can't carry the girl and the bag. Can you please help me?" I heard the boy behind me ask. I sighed unnoticeable and turned back around to reach for the bag.

Right before I could wrap my hand around the bag's handle, a kitten jumped out at me and hissed angrily. The little furry creature stepped onto the bag, sniffing it before turning it's head to look at Ichijo, who was looking at the furry thing like it was the cutest thing alive.

~Takuma's P.O.V~

"Ah, so cute. Is this your master, kitty?" I asked the cute small kitten and lowered my arms to show the girl. The kitten seemed to look into my face before it jumped onto the girl's chest and curled up, purring. "Hmm, I guess so." I smiled happily, how holding two cute things.

"Ichijo, lets go to Kaien's now." Kaname called for me and I pouted at his slight impatience.

"Yes, Kaname, I'm coming." I called, causing the kitten to look up at me. I flashed it a friendly smile while loading myself in the limo, allowing the girl to stay on my lap as she slept.

~? P.O.V~

I hid in the shadows, smiling as I watched my little sister and her cat being loaded into the limo. I knew those boys would take her somewhere safe. Anywhere was safer than back home. It was better off that she forget who she was along with her family.

"Don't worry, little sister, I will come back to you when the time is right." I whispered into the night sky while watching the limo drive away. I sighed silently, pulling up my hood before turning around to walk back home.