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Alice did her best not to make much noise as she walked into her house. It was pointless. She realized everyone would have heard the engine of her car cutting off and the car door slamming. Either way she hated everyone surrounding her the moment she got home from school. She wasn't a little kid.

It was almost dinnertime despite the fact that she had a half-day schedule for her senior year. It was a good move on her part even though it wasn't technically allowed with her still being captain of her soccer team. Nevertheless, with a long talk with her coach, they worked something out. She had to put in a lot of extra practice time but it would be worth it in the long run.

With that said, practice for her ran late despite the breaks in the middle of the day. She crept upstairs quietly, pretending she couldn't hear her mother calling her from down the hall. It was nice to be home after a week in Wonderland but her mother had used up two weeks of talking the night she'd gotten back home. Alice had been all ready to crash since she had to get up the next morning for her first day of school but that didn't concern her mother at the time.

Angela Rhodes was convinced there was something between Alice and Mikey and it took the better part of two hours to get her to understand that they were nothing more then friends. Alice started by telling her mother they weren't far away at all and were visiting friends. It was sorta true.

Just as she thought she was home free her mother spied her tattoo on her breast and that started a whole new conversation she didn't want to get into. Unfortunately, what she wanted hadn't mattered at the moment and her father joined the discussion.

"Nagging still?" Mikey asked, laying back on Alice's bed with her notebook in hand as he continued reading.

She dropped her soccer bag with a frown and her hand went to her hip instantly, giving him an indigent. "Just invited yourself in?"

"You missed me." He grinned, the look reminding her of others she didn't want to see snooping around her room. "Shut the door."

"Climbed the tree?" she asked, shutting the door behind her.

"Damn right." He smiled. "I gotta deal with my mom you think I wanna deal with yours too?"

He'd gotten a rare scolding when he'd gotten home too. Unlike Alice, he had four painfully obvious tattoos to explain and that caused him enough grief though his first week of school. Under his Spade tattoo rested a Heart and under the Club was a Diamond, both in red. Like Keeper, he now wore all four crests.

"So you were bored?" She raised an eye.

He shrugged. "What can I say, your Highness. I'm in the process of reevaluating my little school friends and your still at the top of the list."

"First of all, just say you love me, I know it. Second, don't call me Highness. I get enough of that in Wonderland." Alice sighed, slumping back next to him.

"I'd love to see the look on your mom's face if you told her you were the Queen of Spades." Mikey grinned. "Seriously."

"Yeah, Mikey, that would go over perfectly." Alice rolled her eyes.

"Hey mom, I'm sorta married to this guy and we've been sleeping together. He'll give you pretty grand babies. Yeah, I think the good doctor will put on a happy face." Mikey laughed. Poking fun at her relationship was incredible easy.

"Way to give my dad a heart attack. You saw how he reacted when he thought I was sleeping with you, but someone else? A stranger? Not looking forward to that."

Mikey nodded slowly. "Think of it this way. One more year of high school and then the Wonderland thing will get way easy. No one expecting us home or looking over our shoulders. I'm going back Saturday. Coming?"

"Mhm." She nodded; thinking it was a far cry from last time they were in this position. Last time he'd practically blackmailed her into going to Wonderland and now she wanted to go back tonight if she could find the time.

He smiled faintly, his thoughts obviously wandering. "You know, it's a lot easier to get through classes when you have Wonderland on the brain."

"We only have four classes and only one of them is a serious course. Wonderland is just distracting." Alice sighed, knowing exactly what he was talking about. It was funny to think of Hatter slipping into a classroom with his tea and biscuits while the others roamed the school. It made her smile every time she thought about it but it was one of those thoughts that needed to stay just a thought.

She didn't need them really popping in on her while she was taking an English test. She could try to talk herself out of a lot of things but she didn't think that was one of those things.

"Tina and Autumn still bugging you too?" he asked.

Alice groaned loudly. "I finally broke down and told them I had a boyfriend who I'd meet a long, long time ago but just ran into him again more recently. They'll meet him eventually."

"It's not even really a lie. Good job, I'm impressed." Mikey smiled, closing her notebook and tossing it to the end of the bed. "He agree to that?"

Alice sighed. "I don't know. I'm sure he will. He's busy though, you know. Dealing with the Clubs and Diamonds and he's been talking to little Romy pretty frequently."

"The Kings of Spade's and Heart's being buddy buddy." Mikey nodded.

"I'm not sure it's like that." Alice said. "I think Crimson and the others just kinda ignored him. Spade is that big brother that actually talks to him. I think Romy likes that."

Mikey smiled. "See that, become Queen, get neglected."

"I'm not being neglected." Alice huffed. "I just need to get the boy a cell phone. He'd be able to use the damn thing and it would make things a hell of a lot easier for me."

"You'll be fine." He chuckled, getting up slowly and stretching. "I'll see you for the morning run."

"Climbing down the tree this time?"

"And avoiding the good doctor, yes I am. Don't need to give her any more reasons to think we're sleeping together. Spade can have you, babe." He grinned.

Alice laughed softly. "Get out then."

He waved and slipped out the window with that skill that came with years of practice. She made a mental note to show that particular entrance to Spade.

Getting up she ran into the shower, knowing it would have to be a quick one before Lane started banging on the door to tell her that dinner was ready. She really hated sitting though dinner while still sweaty from practice.

Her parents had been making an effort to be home early every night for family time and she was going to give it another two weeks before they returned to their normal absent routine. Not so deep down, the two of them loved their jobs and loved to do them.

"Alice." Angela said, poking her head inside the room. "Long practice?"

"Long." Alice nodded with a sigh. "Gonna start needing hour long hot baths again for my joints if coach is gonna keep killing me like tonight."

A really long hot bath with honeysuckle soap in a large marble tub that just happened to be a nearly shared bathroom between her and someone else.

Angela chuckled softly. "You love it too much to really complain. I thought maybe you and I could talk a moment."

Alice groaned softly. "Don't you think we're a little talked out? Not really listening to what I've been telling you anyway."

She shook her head. "You know I listen, Alice. I just want to know you're telling me the truth. You were in such a mood for weeks and then you wander off with Mikey and you've been so happy. All smiles. I can hardly credit that to the first week of school or the return of soccer practices."

"Sharp." Alice muttered, shrugging a little. "Maybe so, but it's got nothing to do with Mikey."

"Someone else then?" Angela asked. "Are you seeing someone else?"

Alice only smiled, wider then she had meant to but she couldn't help it. Thinking about Spade made her smile whether she wanted to or not. It was enough to answer her mother's question.

Angela raised an eye and smiled. "Alice?"

"Dinner time, right mom?" Alice said, walking out passed her.

"You think you can walk away from me?" Angela grinned, following her. "Do you know how long I've waited to talk boys with you?"

"Since I was seven?" Alice guessed.

"Close enough." Her mother laughed softly, ignoring the knock at the door as they came down the stairs. "It's exciting for me too, you know? Is he good looking?"

"Mom, jeez." Alice snickered, doing her best not to tell her mother just how perfect he was. "Not when dad's around."

"Mhm." Angela chuckled, watching her husband answer the door and exchange a few words. "Who's at the door, Adam?"

Adam's face turned grave, making the two of them exchange a look before moving towards the door. Adam took a step back reluctantly and opened the door wider.

Alice went red when Spade stepped in, eyes finding his immediately. Bless the boy for using a door!

"Alice?" Adam said, looking at his daughter. He hardly noticed the wide smile on his wife's face.

"You're done?" Alice asked instantly.

Spade smiled. "I'm done."

She was proud of herself for suppressing the urge to squeal like a little girl, but she did race towards him, throwing her arms around his neck. He kissed her lightly, no where near what either one of them wanted but she had to assume he was trying to be respectful for her parent's presence.

"Who is this?" Adam stared, getting elbowed by his wife.

Alice went red and smiled faintly. She hadn't expected him to come so soon and it made her feel better then she could put into words.

"It's good to meet the two of you." Spade said politely. He looked as if he were completely in his element, and Alice wouldn't have even known he was nervous had he not told her so before hand. "I'm Spade, and I'm hopelessly in love with your daughter."

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