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On other terms, this all developed in my head after a little game we were playing in school with gel bracelets. You know, they come in different colors and stretch a bit, but break easily when pulled on hard enough. Anyway, you break certain colors, and the person's bracelet that got broken must do whatever that color stood for. You'll find out a little bit more about this whole game as this story goes along.

Also, this is told in Dib's Point Of View, okay? No confusions?

So, without further distractions, may I proudly present:

The Bracelet

Good god… this all started with a stupid game. A childish, perverted game. Of course, I did happen to play this game. Looking back, really I have no clue why. Perhaps it was because everyone else did it, and it was just kind of funny to watch the results. A girl would snap another girl's purple bracelet, and they'd be on the ground, making out. All of it is truly disgusting, but at the same time amusing. Maybe it's something we really shouldn't find enjoyment out of, but hell, who's to judge? Now, I wouldn't really be able to say when I got into this game, but I knew how. Gaz. My demonic little sister who could send into a horrible nightmarish world in which there was no return, forced me into this ridiculous activity. Surprising enough, she plays the game too, and fairly well I'm afraid to say. Now, as for me, I don't break the bracelets. Hell no, I'm not participating in any of those demented sexual activity. I may be sixteen and in Hi-Skool now, but I'm definitely not like those other teenagers, sex crazed and complete morons. I've grown to a height of six foot tall, which I'm glad to say makes me a decent amount taller than a certain green Irken.

Zim. That little green alien that was my rival for countless years. After our rivalry seemed to hit a peek a couple years back, the flames of hatred and constant fighting have died down to a slight glowing ember. Of course, the glow is just as capable of flaring up as a small spark is induced. Other than that, not much else has changed, except his height, a little. I think Irkens are supposed to be shorter though, an acceptation being their leaders, the Tallest. Zim is only five foot six though, which isn't too great of a height. But, anyway, that doesn't really have much to do with what I'm explaining about the game, does it? Well, I assume the only way for you to understand, is if you experienced it like I did…

It was early in the Skool day, I suppose. Everyone was racing to get to their next period, a few kids dodging clasping hands, reaching for their rubbery bracelets. I never really had to worry about anyone trying to break mine; who the hell would? "Hey." I turned, hearing Gaz's bored greeting. "Shouldn't you be off making out with someone?" I questioned, gesturing to her bracelets. "Tech, no. No one has broken my any of mine today, lucky me." Gaz smirked a bit, walking without that friggen Game slave of hers. Gaz has grown a lot since elementary days too, though her attitude hasn't been tamed at all. Her hair reaches just below her shoulders now, and she still wears the same skull necklace. She has the tendency to still wear black dresses, bet she does wear a black shirt and mini skirt from time to time. "What about you? Still haven't broken anyone's?" Gaz sighed, already knowing that answer. "Of course not!" I stated with some annoyance. She rolled her eyes, shoving me a bit. Since elementary Skool, Gaz has gained a slightly closer bond with me. She doesn't beat me up all the time anymore, but she does still go into a psychotic rage if I drink her last soda or if her batteries die. I think they should make a special brand of batteries just for Gaz. "Hey, I think the alien is staring you down." Gaz gestured behind us, and I spun around. Sure enough, there stood Zim with a mischievous glint in his eye, making me a bit suspicious. I got the sudden urge to run away, but I'd never give him that satisfaction. "Dib-human!" He snarled, narrowing his eyes. "Hey, I think you should run." Gaz commented, making me look at her strangely. "He's standing right behind you…" She sighed bored, turning and walking off. Another bad thing about the Irken, he's fast. His agility stuns me. I turned around quickly, seeing a smug smirk spread across his face. I leaped back, turning and fleeing as quickly as I could. Of course, I was sure he was right behind me, but that's not something I needed to worry about. There was no possible way he could keep up with me. No way could he- SNAAP.

The moment I heard that noise, I felt dread pile up inside of me. I turned with some reluctance, seeing the Irken now simply standing, twirling something between his fingers. I looked at the material. A pink bracelet. I quickly pulled up the sleeve of my coat. Sure enough, my pink bracelet was missing. I looked up in horror, a silent agreement had been made. I had to do it. "Why pink?" Was all I managed to groan, hearing others around me gasping and chattering excitedly. "Dib got his pink bracelet broke!" "Yeah, by Zim!" There was a short laughter. "Dib has to give him a hickey now! This is too good…" I turned and fled the scene, hearing mocking laughter behind me.

I sat in class the rest of the day, completely hating my life. Zim always had to make things more difficult than they needed to be. I glanced over to his desk a couple times during class, and each time, he was still griping onto that stupid pink band like it was his life. I got several smirks and people around me giggled and whispered to their friends. Most were suspicious that I would break the rules and simply not do what the bracelet color states I must. Every time I think of it, shivers run through me. Does Zim even realize what he's done?

"I heard you still haven't given Zim a-" "Please Gaz, don't remind me." I groaned as Gaz approached me. I trudged silently with her to lunch. "You can't avoid it forever, you have to do it sometime. It's better to just get it over with." Gaz pointed to the boy's bathroom as she said that. I gave it a confused look; nobody EVER uses that bathroom. Especially after that freshmen died in there… poor kid. She gave me an evil look, and I didn't exactly feel like getting the shit beat out of me at the moment. I walked up to the bathroom door, pushing it open and walking inside. Standing there, leaning against the wall bored-like, was a certain green Irken without a disguise on.

"Zim!" I blurted, eyes widening. He jumped, looking at me with wide, crimson eyes before relaxing again. "Oh, it's just Dib. No one ever comes into this disgusting room." Zim seemed to assure himself, leaning against the wall once more. I stared at him with wide eyes still, seeing the pink band in his hand. 'It's better to just get it over with.' Gaz's words echoed in my mind, and I sighed inwardly, taking a few steps toward the alien. He opened his eyes, narrowing them in a hostile manner as I stopped in front of him. "What do you want D- Dib?" His tone of voice quickly changed as I pushed him further against the wall, trailing kisses down his neck. "D-Dib? Wh-what are-" He broke off his sentence with a moan as I sucked on a tender spot on his neck. I bit down slightly on it, making sure a mark would be left. Surprisingly, when I pulled away, he tilted his head back, baring more of his neck. I smirked slightly to myself, grabbing his wrists and pushing them against the wall. I attacked his neck again, biting down and leaving marks over various spots. I felt Zim subconsciously arch his back, whimpering a bit in pleasure. I smirked a bit against his skin, pinning his wrists back further. SNAAAP.

We both returned from our trances, completely confused with what had just happened between us. I leaped back, ready to flee, until someone grabbed my wrist. "Wait.." I looked back at Zim, confused. He looked to my opposite wrist, and I looked down at it. Draped over the top of my hand, was a purple string-looking material. Rubbery. A bracelet. I looked back up in shock; Zim played this game too? As if to answer my silent question, he showed off his wrist, a few bands covering it. I guess even Irkens can enjoy something so perverted. I looked back up at him, and he smirked again. "Looks like I won't be so submissive this time." He stated smugly, making me narrow my eyes suspiciously. "What are you-?" I barely had time to react before I was shoved against the wall as I had done to Zim. Ah yes, purple bracelet… kiss the same gender. He leaned down, inches from my face. "You're okay with this, yes?" He whispered, making me close my eyes from the closeness. I felt soft lips against my own, and I immediately reacted. I nipped the bottom of his lip, making him gasp slightly. I took the opportunity to slip my tongue into his mouth. I heard him hiss a bit and quickly wrestle against my tongue with his own. Being the rivals we were, of course, the kiss became overly intimate and we pulled away, mouths slightly bloody. We both panted, me lying my head against the cool wall, a great relief to my overly-hot face. "So," Zim panted, smirking slightly as he gripped my bracelet wrist. For a moment, I almost forgot he was the shorter one. "You enjoy this game as much as I do?" I looked at him, using my other hand to stroke over his exposed antennae. "Definitely."

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