Title: Destiny's Promise

Author: Ticklesivory

Rating: M

Pairings: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala

Genre: AU, romantic drama, post ROTS

Warnings: Explicit adult and sexual situations

Acknowledgments: Goes to George Lucas for without his genius, we wouldn't have Obi-Wan to play with. Also goes to Pronker for her patience and understanding, inspirational words, and comedic pick-me-ups. Thanks, my friend.

Summary: Obidala. The Great Jedi Purge has erased all hope from the Galaxy. Darkness and Vader prevail. But without the Jedi, who will protect the innocent? Yoda believes he may have the answer.

Story cover link available at my Profile. I wouldn't mind at all if someone wanted to create a vid for this. My PC can't seem to handle the process any more.

Chapter One

Space is cold. So much more now that Darkness has consumed the Galaxy. Now that Vader is in control.

Vader. The name is foreign, a splinter inside Obi-Wan Kenobi's mind, but the idea of an apprentice turning to the Dark Side is not. Did not his own Master suffer the same consequences of indulging his first Padawan? And had not Obi-Wan, as a youth, try to convince his Master there was nothing he could've done to change things? Qui-Gon Jinn had trained his student as best he could. Obi-Wan had done the same. Now, it was time to move forward. Into a future he was uncertain of. The Force was muddied, its currents shadowed. It told him nothing. Only an occasional glimmer of Light pierced through a suffocating veil of darkness, but it was enough. It would have to be.

At least Master Yoda had survived. The venerable Jedi had somehow escaped the clutches of the Supreme Chancellor, now known as Darth Sidious. At least they were together, he and the esteemed Master, hiding out on this private vessel bound for...nowhere in particular. They had no place to go, no direction, no goal. Their only plan was to just survive.

Perhaps the owner of the vessel, Senator Organa from Alderaan would have some good news, although his expression did not reveal that to be true.

"I'm afraid the reports are confirmed Master Yoda," Bail Organa informs the two Jedi seated around the shining, silver conference table. "The clones have tracked down Mundi and Koon."

"Felt them pass into the Force, I did," Yoda replies, his voice cracking, his large ears drooping.

So that was it. It was just the two of them left now. It was difficult to maintain a positive outlook in light of everything, but Obi-Wan had tried. There didn't seem to be any point now. He allows his own eyes to drop, the defeat of good, the grief of all he had known weighing heavily upon him. There's still one question which needs to be answered, however, and one that everyone has so far been avoiding. He no longer can.

"What about Padme?"

"Remain with us, she shall."

"She won't agree to that," Obi-Wan defends the senator from Naboo. He has known Padme Amidala most of his adult life. He is certain she will never agree to running and hiding out the rest of her natural life.

"It's too dangerous to have her come with us," Bail argues, obviously speaking of he and his wife and their home on Alderaan. "Anakin will still be looking for her."

"But he thinks she's dead," Obi-Wan points out. "Doesn't he?" Doesn't everyone? They had gone to great lengths to protect Padme from Anakin, even faking her death and placing one of her recently murdered handmaidens in a coffin. The Naboo funeral proceedings had been broadcast all over the Holonet. As far as the Galaxy was concerned, Padme Amidala was dead.

"A chance we cannot take," Yoda adominishes the younger Jedi. "Too much at stake, there is."

What was Yoda talking about? "What's at stake?" Obi-Wan blurts out. "The Temple is in ruins, all of the other Jedi are dead. Anakin...Darth Vader and his Master are now in control of the Senate and the Core. I honestly don't see what else can be lost."

If it were possible, Yoda's large green eyes bear more sadness than they had before, but it isn't due to despair. Obi-Wan recognizes the look. It is disappointment.

He's a grown man. When will he ever learn to shut up and listen?

Following a deep breath, Obi-Wan centers himself, releasing his anxieties into the frail remnants of the Force.

"Better, that is," Yoda compliments his efforts before leaning forward in his chair, his three-fingered claws gripping his gimmerstick tightly. "A vision I have had. Of the future, it is."

A million questions form in Obi-Wan's mind, but he isn't a Jedi Master for naught. He remains still and waits on the aged Jedi to continue.

"Vader's demise, come through offspring, it will."

"Offspring?" Obi-Wan can no longer hold his tongue. "But I thought..." the ghastly sight of his Padawan burning upon the volcanic ridge of Mustafar momentarily clouds Obi-Wan's mind. "I thought the operations...I thought Anakin would not be able to...have a family."

A small grin turns up Yoda's mouth and immediately puts Obi-Wan on his guard. He recognizes that look as well.

"The offspring of Anakin is not of which I speak."