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The Black Dog
"Goodbye Kagome"
Chapter Seven

Rin petted the two headed dragon gently. The beast grumbled in satisfaction. Lord Sesshomaru's sudden disappearance kept her awake throughout the night. It was unlike him to leave without a word. She turned her head and giggled at the sight of Jaken. Obnoxious snores flapped out of his open mouth. He held his staff protectively like a pillow. The youkai always entertained her. Secretly, she thought Sesshomaru-sama did too.

A piercing howl rippled through the night air. Rin whipped her body around in the general direction. Wolves scared her but the sound wasn't ookami. It was hurt. She looked over her shoulder to see Jaken still asleep. With a smile, she tiptoed out of the campsite and made a run for the hurt animal. Lord Sesshomaru would be displeased but she couldn't leave a poor animal out in the forest alone. What if something hurt it? No, she decided. Kagome-sama wouldn't allow any creature to suffer.

The cry continued. Its pitch lowered gradually. Sesshomaru's ward found the animal easily. It was too dark to fully see it though. Rin kept low to the ground. The furry thing twisted its head and whined. The sliver of a moon gave enough light for girl to recognize the dog, the miko Kagome. Rin stumbled into a run and latched her arms around the priestess. "Kagome-sama," she squealed. "Rin's missed you so much!" Her tiny hands scratched the miko's thick fur.

"Why are you sad Kagome-sama? Lord Sesshomaru wouldn't like you being out here alone."

Kagome huffed. Indeed, the demon wouldn't. For the first time that man wasn't in her thoughts. Inuyasha was. She couldn't escape the vision of the irate hanyou. She looked up at the child and sighed. Sesshomaru wouldn't want Rin running around Japan alone either. How did she manage to evade Jaken? Putting aside her grief, she licked the girl's round face. Rin responded with a tighter squeeze.

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Kagome relished in the child's comforting embrace. Rin would always see her in a positive light. She asked for nothing but companionship. The canine priestess wished she'd never grow up. Her innocence was so pure. For the first time, Kagome understood why the tai-youkai cared for this child. Despite her human qualities, she obstructed no evil. Her brilliance warmed even the coldest of broken hearts. The gods blessed this child leaving her in Sesshomaru's care. She would never know fear, anguish, or pain. The inu lord would not allow it.

"You damned brat!"

Both women inclined their heads to see Jaken shuffling through the trees. His toad-like eyes were wide. "Lord Sesshomaru will be furious! Hopefully, he'll get rid of you. The trouble you cause is hardly worth it! Ningen, you wait till he hears about this!"

"Wait till this Sesshomaru hears about what Jaken?"

The toad creature took a harsh knee. "My lord, you've returned," he squawked. "I merely went to relay that this foolish human left the campsite unattended. She disobeyed your lord's direct orders!"

Kagome growled bearing her fangs. Jaken grated her nerves. The brown nosing twit should be beaten with rocks. Rin loosened her grip and pecked the miko softly on the snout. "I'm sorry Lord Sesshomaru. Rin left camp because she heard Kagome-sama cry. Rin didn't want to leave her alone in the scary forest. I thought Sesshomaru-sama would be upset that Kagome-sama was by herself sad."

Sesshomaru's golden eyes looked at each being. His ward was unharmed. Jaken appeared pathetic as usual, and the miko looked disturbed. Her typical cheerful face distorted with depression. The brown orbs he'd come to admire were dull. Kagome was not well. He expected nothing less. The half-breed damned himself to hell after his previous display. First, the hanyou interrupts their coitus. Then he disregards their personal affair and attacked the female. Tsuki was still in the bastard's filthy hands. The western lord refused to chase after the mutt bottomless. It was no matter. His fang shall find its way in the miko's hands tomorrow.

"Rin, never disobey this Sesshomaru." His ward nodded in submission. "And you," he said glaring at Jaken, "will not speak ill towards this Sesshomaru's ward. It is your lack of attention that allowed this occurrence to unfold."

"My lord, forgive your lowly and humble servant! I vow to never lose sight of girl again!"

Satisfied, Sesshomaru began walking to their campsite. "Miko, you will follow." Kagome didn't respond but kept by Rin's side. The small girl hummed happily to herself keeping a hand on the priestess's back. Jaken kept exactly one foot behind the tai-youkai with his head hung.

The dragon greeted the group with sleepy eyes. Its heads looked at its rein tied to the tree. Rin offered an apologetic smile. She skipped to the creature leaving Kagome alone. Sesshomaru commanded Jaken to make another fire. The toad snapped out of his pitiful stupor and rushed into the forest. He returned in less than a minute arms full of dry wood. The youkai tossed the branches into the pit and sparked some flint. Within seconds, a fire blazed. Kagome plopped herself right next to it. The fire's flames tickled her fur. She took a deep breath. Smoke cleared some of her loathing emotions away.

The western lord took a seat across from her. His golden eyes sparkled against light. He stared at the miko intensely. Kagome watched him. There was nothing else she could say to him. She admitted her love knowing Sesshomaru wouldn't reciprocate. The miko knew they would never be together. He felt lust for her but to expect anything was foolish. Instead of answering with an 'I love you too' or 'I could never love you,' he chose to fuck her. His physical desire was killing her. She couldn't say no to him. If she wanted to live her life, Kagome needed to get away. Inuyasha took Tsuki. She could never be human again. The miko knew Sesshomaru would go after him. After all, it was his possession, but Kagome realized she didn't want him too. She had no life here. The love she wanted, the friendships she had, and her humanity were unattainable. Life as a dog in the future sounded more wholesome.

Crackling sparks began to taint the air. Rin rested against the two headed dragon already asleep. Jaken leaned against tree fighting to keep his eyes open. Eventually, his struggle ended. Ugly snores erupted from his throat. Sesshomaru was the last member to finally rest. Kagome closed her eyes acting as if she to found slumber. It was the only way the youkai would relax. The miko waited another hour before she opened one eyelid to see the lord dead asleep.

Kagome rose quietly off the ground and started into the woods. She stopped instantly feeling guilty. Sesshomaru didn't deserve being abandoned without answers. He had no idea where she'd go. To ease his mind, she'd leave him a message. The earth was soft. Her chocolate eyes glided one claw through the soil. A deep indention resided. Thanking kami, the miko chiseled a brief note. She hoped written language was similar in this time. Five hundred years was a dramatic time difference.

Pleased, the miko glanced behind her shoulder once more at Sesshomaru's sleeping face. He looked at peace. His silver hair fell over his shoulders perfectly. His tanned skin glowed from the fire. The inu youkai was beautiful beyond words. Kagome lowered her canine head. She would miss him, more than anything.

She turned back to the black wilderness. It'd take a couple days without rest to reach the Bone Eater's well. Kagome could do it. Inuyasha and the others were far from Edo. Sesshomaru hopefully wouldn't follow her reading the note. All would be well. Naraku was gone, the jewel was complete inside her, and she'd return to her original era like the kamis had planned. There was no other reason to stay. Her long legs took silent stride. The moon guided her journey wonderfully.

Sesshomaru awoke to Rin's tears. The sun barely rose into the horizon. One could still see the moon in the deep blue sky. He looked around to campsite to see Kagome was missing. His ward frantically scouting the grounds returning empty handed. "She's gone," she cried. "Why would Kagome-sama leave?" The lord didn't reply. He inhaled the air and found her scent gone. The miko must have vacated hours ago. Clever, he thought. She pretended to be asleep. The demon lord rose from his position and surveyed the area. Upturned dirt caught his attention. It was a message.

'Sesshomaru, I'm sorry but I must return home. Naraku's dead. The jewel is complete. There is no reason for me to remain here. If you see my friends tell them I returned. Apologize on my behalf. I cannot be what I'm not. Goodbye. Love, Kagome.'

A troublesome emotion twisted in his chest. Returned home? For the first time, Sesshomaru realized he knew not where her home was. She dressed strange, her actions brash, and he now knew her to be educated. The lord knew only a hand full of humans who could read and write. He needed to find his bastard half brother. The whelp would know where the miko resided. He paused. What did he expect to do when he found her? His deal with miko was to give her a fang and send her on her way. Sesshomaru's curious desire for the miko blurred his focus. She knew the truths of their relationship. He could not love her or mate her. The priestess was below his standards, a human. Well, she was half human.

"Sesshomaru-sama, where is she? We have to find her!"

"No, we will not."

Rin's tears poured ever more. She dared not question him. After last night's disobedience, the child knew better. Her small forearm wiped the tears from her cheeks. Jaken finally awoke sputtering about weak ningens. The lord released a low growl.

"Jaken, you will care for Rin while I'm away." The toad nodded. Sesshomaru drew is white-lavender cloud beneath him and soared into the sky. He would not chase after Kagome, but he wanted answers. If the half-breed didn't give them, the other humans would. Their scent was not far from his camp. It took minutes to arrive at their site. Everyone sat awake. Inuyasha's clawed hand drew Tetsaiga.

"What do you want Fucker?"

"My fang and answers," he replied.

"Like hell, that bitch doesn't fucking deserve it. She's a murdering traitor."

"You took Kagome's sword," the demon slayer asked shocked. "You left her out in the woods without a weapon? What the hell is wrong with you? Where is she?"

"She took off after I watched her fuck this asshole."

Sango made fists. A trained arm pulled back and punched Inuyasha in the jaw. The hanyou stumbled backward a couple of feet. He snarled. "Watch it Sango! Kagome got what she deserved. She went behind our backs with the enemy. Hell, she kept her dog secret from us! She isn't the same Kagome any more. You saw the way she attacked me days ago. This bastard has warped her into some kind of backstabbing monster, so yeah I took her sword. The same fucking sword he gave her."

"You had no right! So what if she's found a little bit of happiness with Lord Sesshomaru! Naraku's dead because of her. She sacrificed her life for everyone! Who are you to decide who and what she is? She's given everything to you without a second thought. You've been sleeping with the enemy for years! Now, she has to deal with carrying a sword all her life for a piece of humanity. You're the damn monster! Give the sword to Sesshomaru now so he can return it to Kagome."

Inuyasha's eyes turned to slits. He crossed his arms still grasping to his blade. "This Sesshomaru cannot return it to the miko. She has returned home."

"What," Sango choked. "She went home?"

"The miko left a note on the earth stating she returned and to apologize for her absence."

"No." The ninja crumbled to the ground. Sesshomaru could smell the salty tears before they appeared. The monk took position besides her offering his touch. His violet eyes clearly showed worry.

"Kagome went home? Why," the kitsune shouted. "This is your fault you stupid mutt!" The small demon launched at Inuyasha who sidestepped out of the way. Shippou crashed into a tree.

"She belongs in her time anyway. It was only a matter of time before she left. Do not fucking blame me for her decision!"

"Inuyasha, you must think with a clear mind," stated Miroku. "Whatever anger you feel towards Kagome's coupling with Lord Sesshomaru needs to be put aside. She cannot return to the future as a canine. Kagome will be alone. Dare she confide to her family that she's transformed into a dog? The sword is her only way at a normal life. You must make amends and take Tsuki to her."

Sesshomaru listened to the emotional banter curiously. The miko time traveled. Her obscenities now made some sense. How strange. The human managed more than he considered. It seemed that the half-breed also carried the power of time travel. Kagome wielded unusual powers.

"I'm not going back there. She may have defeated Naraku but she isn't perfect. Kagome helped destroy Kikyo. Now, she'll just have to deal with the life she's been dealt. Fuck her and fuck all of you. If you want to give it to her so bad then you jump into that damn well."

"You truly are a monster," Sango hissed. "I don't how she dealt with you. Kagome would give her life for you and you won't even make a trip to give her Tsuki? Stay away from me Inuyasha. Get out of my sight."

"Fine," the hanyou growled. "Good fucking luck finding Kohaku without my nose."

"Everyone needs to remain calm and collected. Inuyasha, where is the sword? If you will not take it to Kagome then give it to Sesshomaru. It belongs to him regardless. You cannot use a holy artifact. It will kill you."

Inuyasha turned his heel and hopped into a mountainous tree. He returned shortly with Tsuki tucked underneath his arm. "Here," he growled handing it to Sesshomaru. The western lord took it and walked away from the scene. Kagome had a strange effect on beings. He looked down at his fang and sighed. Such a beautiful sword wasted. One day, he would return it to the miko. If she lived in the future, he'd wait. Every day he'd coax his half brother into returning it however. By the state of Kagome, he figured it was many centuries ahead. Sesshomaru was, after all, a patient demon.

Kagome arrived at the Bone Eater's well as quicker than expected. Sesshomaru hadn't followed and her friends weren't within sensing distance. She perched her front legs on the lip staring into the black abyss. Once she returned, there was no coming back. She couldn't. The miko had yet to decide whether to tell her family of this misfortune or not. There was always time to decide. They'd think her special anyway. A large black dog sitting at the bottom of the well was out of the blue. Souta would want to keep her. A grin formed on her muzzle. Seeing her family would help. Their warmth would keep her problems at bay.

Without another thought, the miko leapt into the well and was consumed in a brilliant blue of magical light. Never more would Kagome Higurashi travel through time. Goodbye, feudal Japan.