Try as she might, Natsumi couldn't get him out of her mind. Of course there were men in her life but they seemed so inexperienced. She really wanted to have a man in her life who had some miles on his clock. She looked around the office of the Traffic department. It was after leaving time. Miyuki had already gone home. in fact it was just Natsumi and...him.

She flushed and felt a tingle run through her body. He was looking at the monthly traffis report intently. So dedicated. Natsumi pushed her chair back and then was caught in two minds. Make the most of the moment with all the risks involved or go home to NHK and a cold one. She made up her mind and without thinking unbuttoned the top button of her uniform shirt. He was ensconsed in the report and only looked up when she was standing in front of his desk. He looked up with surprise.

"Tsujimoto!" he said, slightly hoarsely " Are you staying the night? It's after Leaving time isn't it?"

Natsumi moved slowly around the left side of his desk, keeping eye contact with him. He started to feel his heart beat a little faster. Long suppressed thoughts bubbled to the surface. Honour and duty fought with a man's needs. What was happening and should he stop it.

Natsumi was quiet and moved behind him. He felt her hands on his shoulders and the surprisingly gentle movements as she massaged his tired muscles.

"Kachou is very tense it seems. It sees that a long day at his desk has made Kachou very,very stiff"

Kachou swallowed. She was absolutely right.