The sun rose over the horizon softly, establishing a scene in reverse of a sunset. Not too soon, the pups heard a high pitch whistle which snapped them awake immediately.

"Get your lazy butts up, everyone! Come on!" The Chief yelled over a loud speaker. "Owwie, my sensitive ears." Youlie said. "Oh god... The punishment."

"Oh god is right. I don't wanna be eaten by gators!" Wuko said. "I hadn't had my breakfast!"

"All you think of is food! Plus you weren't the one punished," snapped Zilee.

"Hey! You two have to go to the elder, remember? Or do I have to remind you two?" Monrow said to Youlie and Juju.

"Oh shut the hell up! We know! You don't have to be our freaking tail!" Youlie said. "We'll meet you guys in here! We'll be right back!" Youlie said as she gestured Juju to come along. He nodded and they both ran outside of their room and outside the tent shaped cone. They looked everywhere, and they saw the village elder sitting by a fire with her eyes closed. "You two have come. I predicted you would. What is the matter children? Is the Chief being mean to you two? He said that you both were yelling. What happened?" She asked in her kind and young voice.

"Monrow was getting on my nerves, so I yelled at him." Youlie said honestly. "What about you?" the elder asked looking into Juju's eyes.

"I tried to calm her down but I told her to try harder on yelling." He said honestly as well. "Well, I thank you two for being honest. But please don't yell, there are other civilians that are trying to get some well deserved shut eye after a long day of work. Alright?" She said smiling.

"Wow, you're so better than the chief! He's so mean! Compared to you, you're as nice as a ladybug!" Juju said. She laughed. "Dear children, may the spirits be with all of you pups.. Oh.. one more thing. Do not worry about the Alligators, I'm sure they won't be much gruesome." She said.

"How did you know?" Youlie muttered.

"Child, I am the elder, I can predict the future, and see with my eyes what will happen by just thinking about you and your future. Now, run along children." She said as she closed her eyes and smiled.
"OK! See you later," Youlie said, running back to the tent where the rest of the pups were. They were already outside waiting for them.

"How'd it go?" Shussie asked. "Did she yell at you?" Denzo asked.

"I hope she punished you two." Monrow said laughing.

"No, as a matter of fact. She didn't." Juju said smiling in profoundness.

"Hmph, you guys are still punished though." He said. "Or are you forgetting about that punishment with the Alligators?"

Moonza growled. "We did not forget! Now stop being such a dirty fox who thinks we need an agenda! The Chief hasn't even-"

"Those of you who are punished, walk forth in front of me." The Chief said as he walked over to the pups appearing out of nowhere. Shussie, Moonza, Youlie, Juju and Juha all walked in front of him.

"You pups walk in front of me while I lead you, the rest will come as well. You will all watch," The Chief said. "SHINRU! GET OVER HERE!"

"Yes... Chief...?" Shinru said as she came running towards the chief. She knew what was to come..

"No big deal, all you have to do is watch how their punishment goes, the elder will be coming shortly after us." He said as he was walking foward. He pushed Youlie foward making her whimper. "Come on! Move it!"

She frowned and started to move with the others. Shinru followed, she had to listen to the chief or then she would be kicked out as a fugitive. Them, after walking, they were at a cliff, there was a green fog. Juha looked down, there was a green pond, she saw no Alligators. "I... don't see them.." Juha asked the chief.

"Oh, they only come out at meal time. Perhaps," the Chief said as he grabbed Juha by her fur. "You shall be the first for disrespecting me."

"No! Let her go! It's not her fault! She wasn't the one who started this whole mess!" Juju said quickly.

"Who started it? Let me ask... mutt." the Chief said looking over to him. Juha shook her head quickly, she already knew who she was going to blame. Juju looked at her sadly. "...n" "What was that? I couldn't hear you." He said. "...ine" "Could you say it a little louder?" by this time the Elder had arrived to the scene.

"IT'S MY FAULT!" He yelled.

"Really? What reason? If you can back up your statement, maybe I'll let her go." He said.

"Juju, don't." Juha whispered. Juju thought quickly, he had to think of something to back him up, but what? He was so nervous he couldn't respond. His mind was racing to think of something to help Juha. But nothing had appeared on his mind. It was all blank. The chief was about to say something when- "I'm the one who thought of going out! She disagreed to going and I persuaded her to come with us! We just wanted to have some fun..." He blurted.

"Juju, you're not going to blame this all on you are ya?" Youlie asked. "I did some work too! I was the one who invited more wolves to the scheme!"

"But it's not your fault she did what she did. She talked back to me, as a young pup, talking back to grown ups is disrespectful, especially to a Chief to the tribe." The Chief said as he threw her down.

"JUHA!" Juju and Youlie yelled and ran to the edge and watched her fall from the great height. Juju looked back at the Chief and growled in anger at him. "How can you do this! Why would you do this to us! I don't know how in the world you became a Chief, but boy, do I feel sorry for the pack mates who have to deal with you every single day! You should have never become a Chief. Only imbeciles like you do! What kind of punishment is this!" Juju yelled.

"Yeah! You must be a demon to do that! Doing this to a pup is cruelty! Like Juju said, I don't know how you became a Chief of this village, but your role will go in the trash one day! And I wonder, who the hell, would think of such a cruelty, we could die! If we didn't have these powers we would be dead already, killed by that damn Cougars paws!" Youlie turned around and yelled. Juju and Youlie then jumped in at the same time. Juha had splashed into the water, she emerged from the water and looked around. Where were the Alligators, "He said there were Alligators. Where are they?" She asked herself.

Then she heard a low growl behind her. She turned around swiftly and saw nothing. She panted nervously and swam near a rock and jumped on it. It felt very rough for some reason. Then she heard two splashes. Alert, she looked around again, and saw nothing. She was starting to get freaked out now. "Juha! Juha!", That voice!

"Youlie?" Juha said trying to find her friend in the green and dense fog.

"We're right here," Juju said after he emerged from the water in front of her.

"Juju!" Juha said happily. Youlie swam over to where Juju and Juha were and she grinned happily. "I'm so glad to see you guys! He threw you guys down too-" Two more splashes, more? "More? Oh yeah, Shussie and Moonza." Youlie said.

"Hi guyz!" Moonza said. "Where are the gators?" "Whoa, I forgot all about them!" Juju said.

Back up at the cliff... "Choji. You cannot underestimate these puppies. They defeated something that needs a group of wolves to do, a cougar," the Elder said.

"What?" The Chief said. "So they were telling the truth..." Shinru said.

"You will understand... Just watch." the Elder said as the fog subsided and they were able to see more clearly.

Back down below... "Knock, knock!" Juju asked.

"Who's there?" Youlie said.

"Anita!" Juju said. "Who the hell is Anita?" Moonza said.

"Anita tissue- Achoo!" Juju sneezed that was part of the joke, he actually sneezed from the cold at that moment.

"Ahahahahahaha!" Youlie laughed at him and she slipped into the water making a splash. She emerged again and grab onto the rock nearby. The rest just started to laugh, it echoed in the deep pit. Suddenly they heard a huge splash.

"Oh, maybe he threw more pups? That's just mean!" Youlie said. "Youlie... that wasn't a pup just now..." Juha said.

"Then what- Oh crap." Youlie said, a giant Alligator was now swimming their way mouth wide open. "Move it!"

Everybody jumped away, and where they stood the Alligator had snapped his jaws trying to catch them.

"Guys! Look! It's meal time!" It said. Male. Apparently, and it was getting hungry and desperate for food. Three more Alligators appeared.

"Oi! Oh mah gawd!" Moonza yelled. She jumped out of the way of the Gator before it crunched it's teeth on her. Juha jumped on a rock, but apparently it was another Gator and she fell into the water slipping. That same Gator had moved in with it's jaws open. Juha quickly dived down and appeared on another spot to the Gators right. He had dived down as well. Now it was unpredictable where he would come out now. Juha's instinct told her it would be from underneath. The Gator with an open mouth jumped out of the water, Juha trying heavily to not get eaten was now standing on the end of his jaws, her legs keeping his mouth from closing. She jumped up and all that force from the gator made it thump loudly. She landed on his mouth and jumped on a rock. "Damn these gators!" Moonza muttered dodging a claw swipe.

"Why can't we use our powers!" Shussie said avoiding a tail slam.

"We just can't! It's not working!" Juju said not paying attention to the gator that was moving in from behind him.

"Juju! Look out!" Moonza said. Juju turned around and was wide eyed. The gator opened it's mouth and with full force closed his mouth when he was near enough. Juju was under his teeth.

"Juju!" They yelled in unison. The Alligator looked satisfied and smiled. For some reason, his mouth from the inside glowed blue. His eyes popped open as he looked down at his jaws. Suddenly it started to freeze up, when he tried to open it, there was a high pitched sound that sounded like a glass breaking. Soon Juju was on his hind legs, his front paws holding up his upper jaw preventing him from closing his mouth.

Juju jumped out quickly and landed on the water. He was walking on water! The spot where he landed on his paws froze from the cold.

"Your powers are working! Why not ours? No fair." Youlie said.

"Wait! Remember back when I used my powers, when I used them, then you guys started to as well. What if when one of us pups uses our powers than it enables the rest to use them! Quick! We need lightning! Youlie! Hurry up!" Juha explained.

"Lightning? That's my power? Awesome!" Youlie said.

"Wait! Hold up! If we use electricity then the water will conduct it and electrify US." Juju said.

"Trust me! Just do it!" Juha said. 'I hope this works' Juha thought.

"I don't know.. um... Lightning strike!" Youlie said. "Vine protection!" Juha said quickly, then vine's started to appeard out of nowhere and surround all the pups in a crystal capsule. Youlie's thunderbolts flashed quickly onto the water and electrified the Alligators. They all yelled in pain.

"Wait! WAIT! please! I beg you!" One gator said making Youlie's crashing lightning stop. Then suddenly the vine protection had disappeared. "Please! Don't hurt us!"

"Why shouldn't we! You guys were trying to eat us." Youlie yelled.

"Yes but please understand that we are hungry, we've been here for a month and nobody has thrown in some food for us. They've only given us dryed up bones." Another said.

"That chief seriously wants us to die!" Moonza yelled.

"We eat things like fish, birds, turtles, snakes, mammals, and amphibians! I think that would actually be a decent meal. You... kids are all fuzzy." He said.

"It's our punishment. And we have to be fuzzy to protect from winters and such." Juju said.

"Wait how did you Alligators get down here?" Juha asked.

"When we were little gators, our parents threw us in here. And we've been in this dump ever since!" He said. "Hey let's make a deal! Why not help us get out of here and we'll help you in the future or something?"

"Hey, not a bad idea." Shussie said, "Let's all be friends!" The pups and the gators gathered and shook hands with each other. They all smiled and cheered in happiness.

"Hey Juju? Why not spout us up? For old sakes? I wanna get outta here. I'll help!" Youlie said. Juju nodded, his paws turned blue and he was able to control the water. Where the pups are standing the ice froze under them. Youlie's tail started to spin and wind started to lift the pups up. Juha's eyes glowed green and suddenly green vines rapped around themselves around the Alligators and lifted them up. Soon they were at the cliff and they jumped on solid ground. The Vines set all the Alligators down by the cliff.

The Chief's eyebrows raised and his jaw was wide open. "What..! Just happened!" He yelled.

"Hey! We finished our punishment which turned out to be a generous offer to help! You satisfied... Monrow?" Juju said making him growl.

Youlie walks over to Monrow and with her tail she slaps him. Monrow with an angered face bit her tail. Youlie tried biting him back. But instead of that happening. Their noses touched. Youlie blushed, and pulled away from him. Monrow gives her a funny look. "Oh stop that!" Youlie said.

Moonza howled and suddenly for no reason at all, the Sun went down quickly and the Moon appeared in the sky. "Why...did you do that?" Shussie asked.

"I like the moon! Plus I don't wanna stay up, I'm tired!" Moonza said cheerfully.

"Alligators you're free our friends!" Juju said. They all nodded their heads.

"Thank you so much! We don't know how to thank you guys!" They said.

"Oh! No need! You'll think of something sooner or later." Shussie said. They thanked them for the last time and then they departed waving good bye with their powerful tails.

"You made friends with the Alligators?" Shinru said. The pups nodded and grinned.

"How is that possible!" The Chief yelled.

"Yeah!" Zilee said. "It's still awesome!" Wuko said. "Count my vote on that." Denzo said.

"Yeah! Told you we had powers!" Youlie said proudly.

"How can you pups have powers... unless... All of you must be the Descendants of the Indian Wolf tribe long ago..." The Chief muttered. "What was that Chief?" The elder commented. "Nothing," He said.

"Can we just go back, I'm heavily tired..." Juha said droopily.

"Yes, let's go back. I'm getting very confused of this nonsense!" The Chief said. All the puppies yawned. They followed the Chief back home to their tent.

"Well, it's time to hit the bed." Shinru said to the pups. They all nodded, they went inside their room, and slumped onto the big cushion. Juha's eyes wondered to a window that was next to them, "Since when was there a window there?" Juha muttered. "I don't know, goodnight." Youlie said. Juha looked around, all the rest were fast asleep. For some reason Juha lost her sleep, she didn't have the feel to. Juha looked around. She got up carefully not to wake up the others. Juha looked around the corner, the Chief was talking to the elder, but where was Shinru? Juha walked slowly to them. The Elder saw her and turned her head. "Juha? What is the matter?" She said.

"Where is Shinru?" Juha asked.

"Outside young one. Be careful though," The Chief said winking at her. Juha grinned and ran outside.

The Elder raised her eyebrow. "What?" the Chief said. "Are you actually being nice?" She asked.

"Um, yes?" He answered. "Weird, have the little younglings Juju and Youlie's words gone to your head? She is still being nice to you after all you did." She said smiling.

"Yes, it's.. kind of weird. Every wolf pup I punished always hated me. Hmmm... She is different from the rest." He muttered.

"You think they are the descendants? Don't you?" She asked knowing his answer. "Yes..."

Juha was outside, it was really windy. Juha looked around, she was looking for Shinru. She saw her by a cliff, alone in the night; Watching the stars. She walked towards her and sat down next to her. "Hi Shinru." Juha said startling Shinru making her jerk her head towards the source.

"Juha? What are you still doing up? I thought you said you were sleepy." Shinru said. "I lost my sleep." She muttered.

"Well, Juha, let me tell you something while you're actually here." Shinru began.
"Yes, go on." Juha said.
"Ahem. OK, seven years ago there was a wolf named Tomahawk... she was a very confident and kind leader, she always led the team in the right path. When there was an injured wolf, she made the whole team stay back and help. She always looked forward. Caring for others was always her good point. She didn't have any bad points really, except that she gets annoyed when evil goes underway. She had a best partner, Luinotush was her name. She was very stubborn, but she was much like Tomahawk really. Though she had a lot of bad points, fear. Fear of losing a loved one. And then there was Tuishune, he was a joker. He was serious when he had to be serious when it was something important. But he mostly joked about everything." Shinru said.

"Sounds a little like us." Juha said.

"That is exactly my point. You pups are connected to all this somehow. You remind me greatly of our leader Tomahawk." Shinru said.

"Wow..." Juha said.

"As I was saying, We had a story we tell children so they can remember, that when they grow up to be the most loyal and loving mate to their love. And be unselfish and express yourself through words... I remember... Tuishune... Ohhh... He loved Tomahawk very much... He would die to protect her. He almost went through a serious death, if it weren't for Tomohauk and her powers, he wouldn't be of any help to her in the war they were having. But..." Shinru said smiling. Juha looked excited, she loves romance. It's touching to the heart.

"One day...He confessed." Shinru said getting a gasp and eyes full of sparkle from the little one. "And, told her how much he loved her. That he would die to protect her and that she was his sweet angelic heart. That he would treasure her for life..."

The image started to play in Juha and Shinru's minds, as if they were actually there. "I... will be there for you; always... You make me feel at the top of the world.. You fill my world with hope and love... make me feel.. like a.. special person... and lucky.. to be alive... for once I feel this.. I.. have never felt this. For anyone before. But... You... changed my life forever.. Now I ask you... I think you don't feel the same way but... Tomohauk of Canniend... will you.. be... my mate?", he whispered, with a profound aura to him as his eyes shone with golden glamour, and his suave, dark fur blowing in favor of the northern winds. Across from his view is Tomohauk, her chieftain feathered hat and sparkly blue eyes wide in shock. She had been asked this many times before and rejected kindly. But never from her teammate. "Tuishune.. I.. I..." She stuttered, she didn't know what to say. She couldn't say anything right now, she wanted to say yes so badly, but her heart got stuck in her throat. "I... y-y-y" She just couldn't say it, she was super nervous right now, and plus the hesitation, she was getting more nervous. "Uh...yes." Tomohauk said finally.

"And that is how it went. Lovely story isn't it? Alright go to sleep now. Oh, and tomorrow we will be doing a lot, so be prepared." Shinru said to her in a nervous like tone. "Oh! And picture day is tomorrow!" "Huh? Picture day?" Juha asked.

"Don't worry! That's fun!" Shinru commented happily. After they talked Juha went to bed and tomorrow was another day...