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Note: Part of this story (Bold sections) is in 2nd person, a rarely used writing perspective. I've prepared a handy guide just in case. (I'm not trying to offend those who know what writing perspectives are!)

1st person: I am,

2nd person: You are,

3rd person: He/She is.

Beyond the 4th Wall, a Teen Titans fanfic featuring You.

Chapter 1: Superfan.

You throw the blankets off of the bed. Your Mother has been calling you for quite some time, despite the fact that Summer Vacation has just started. You've passed all your exams with flying colors, and are prepared for your junior year of High School in three months. All of your senses cry for you to stay in bed, but you can't shake the feeling that...fate is calling you upstairs. With total confusion, you dress-and-shower yourself. The very instant you walk up to the dinner table, a very familiar image on the newspaper catches your eye very quickly:

"ROBIN?" you exclaim, "What's he doing on the front page? And look! There's Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven too!"

"Thought you might be interested." says your Mom. "You should read the article."

You do, and what it says nearly makes you faint with joy: TEEN TITANS TV SHOW RETURNING TO CARTOON NETWORK! Just under it, you make out: After a 4-year hiatus, new episodes will start airing at 7:30 pm tonight.

You frantically pull out your cell phone, call all of your friends, and tell them the news:

"Dudes! TT is back on the air!"

"Yeah, man! Our pleas have been answered!"

"Robin and Starfire FOREVER!"

"Beast Boy and Raven is the Ultimate Pair!"

"I'm a fan of Crack Pairings myself, like Robin/Terra, but oh well."


In celebration, you cruise the neighborhood, and basically go out and party (No alchohol, though)! Along the way to your favorite mall, you find a small gathering of rabid fans chanting "ROBIN AND STARFIRE! ROBIN AND STARFIRE!" (Needless to say, when someone voiced his support for Robin/Raven pairings, things got ugly.)

After a long night, you find yourself desperately trying to get home at 7:18, worried that you'll miss the new episode. Luckily, one of your friends lives right across the street from the mall, and his parents bought an HDTV lately. Relieved, you join the large group huddled around his couch, and after suffering through the last five minutes of some weird 'new' cartoon, the show begins...

The people of Jump city fled for their lives as Baron Ryang, the main antagonist of the Clash of the Planets TV series, tore up anything nearby with his plasma-scimitar. The purple-and-red blades sliced through cars and streets as if they were never there. Three police cars pulled up right behind him, and attempted to launch tear-gas grenades at him...but before the irritant could clog up the space-criminal's breathing tubes, the plasma-scimitar emitted a massive aura of energy, burning the tear-gas right up! And before police could try anything else, the Baron extended his hand, and every single law-enforcement officer was sent flying!


All of a sudden, a nasally voice cut him off: "SHHH! Keep it down, you idiot! We don't want to make too much of a scene here!"

You and your friends can't help but laugh.

"YOU DARE CALL ME AN IDIOT?" And with that, Baron Ryang pointed his plasma-scimitar at the voice's source: a pudgy red-headed couch-potato in a trenchcoat, with an odd-looking device protruding from his pocket.

"Control Freak? What the Hell? I was expecting...Slade, Trigon, ANYONE but this guy for the Titans' big return!" you exclaim.

He was carrying a lot of high-tech gear in a bag slung over his shoulder, which he recently pilfered from a nearby tech center. He leapt back slightly to avoid being sliced by the TV villain, and said: "I'm serious! It's too early in my plan for the Titans to get involved!"

Suddenly, the two's attention is diverted away from their argument by a very familiar voice: "Might as well clear your calendar, Control Freak, because you're plan is never going to succeed!" they heard Robin proclaim.

The two arguing supervillains suddenly turned around to find their familiar foes standing over the ruins of a car Baron Ryang destroyed. Everyone except Beast Boy, who was using his elephant-form to put out a nearby fire.

"WOOHOO! Teen Titans GO!" the entire crowd shouts.

"See what I mean? We can't afford to be overdramatic here. Now, DESTROY THEM!" Control Freak shouted.

Upon that command, Baron Ryang rushed towards them, plasma-scimitar cutting bright glowing arcs around him. He leaped high into the air, brought his weapon down on the super-powered teens-and sliced right through thin air as the Titans seemingly disappeared!

"What is this?" he asked angrily, and no sooner than he did, Cyborg's voice came up: "I thought you're space-samurai senses could see thru holograms, Baron Ryang." quickly turning around, Ryang saw Cyborg standing off to one side, turning off the hologram-projector on his arm.

This angered the armored menace greatly. He charged Cyborg-only to be hit in the stomach with one of Cyborg's fists. As Ryang was catapulted backwards, the metal hero shouted "You should've seen that one coming a mile away!"

"He's right," Control Freak cut in, setting his bag down in his nearby getaway car (shaped like one of his signature remotes). "Now prove to him that you're the real Baron Ryang!" (a lot of spittle-droplets spewed from Control Freak's mouth accidentally, as he accented the 'P') (At which point you laugh again)

"Gladly." snarled Ryang, who then raised his hand, and commanded the rubble around Cyborg to...become magnetically attracted to him! The rocks crushed the metal armor around his leg, causing him intense pain! After he collapsed onto the ground, the evil space baron raised the sword above his head...and suddenly turned around, batting away an incoming starbolt with his blade! Starfire grunted in frustration, and threw even more at him, with the same result.

"My turn," said Baron Ryang, who suddenly leaped up towards the Tamaranian princess! Luckily, just before he could slice her in half, she surrounded her hands in starbolt-energy and caught the incoming plasma-scimitar! To the baron's surprise, her hands were just like his sword hitting another like it; it felt like striking a stone wall with bare hands! Using her energy-rich grip, she pulled the sword over her head, and threw Baron Ryang right behind her! He landed on a damaged car with a loud Thud.

"Oooh, now THAT'S gonna leave a mark!"

As he was getting up, Cyborg (who had pounded out the dents in his armor already) knocked Ryang ten feet away with a single uppercut! Before the space dictator could recover from that, Beast Boy knocked him for a loop as a rhinoceros! "How is this possible?" he groaned as he tried to recover from that hit; "I cannot sense their moves! What is happening?"

Unknown to him, the fourth member of the team, Raven, was on a nearby roof. Her hand was pointed at Baron Ryang, black energy surrounding it. She allowed her concentration to waver for a second as she whispered into her communicator: "Guys, his mind is really powerful. I don't know how long I can keep blocking his space-samurai senses."

"Another minute should be enough." Beast Boy whispered back.

Control Freak hopped into his remote-control shaped car, revved up the engines, and was about to leave Baron Ryang with the Titans-but all of a sudden his path was blocked by Robin's R-Cycle!

"Yay, Robin! Go get him, so we can get on to the main plot!"

Initial shock gave way to an evil grin, as the fanboy-turned-villain stated "Better get ready to put on a good show, Boy Wonder. Everyone's watching!" he exclaimed, as he plugged his primary remote into his remote-mobile.

All of a sudden, the car seemed to…stand up! It grew legs, arms, and a whole bunch of other things! Before Robin really knew what was going on, he was looking at a massive robotic battle-suit, with wheels for hands, and Control Freak in the chenst-mounted cockpit! "Battle-mode engaged!" shouted the fat felon. "Now we fight!"

Robin promptly launched himself off his bike, bo-staff in hand, and struck the…Remote-mecha…on one of it's leg-joints, hoping to damage it's balance. Unfortunately, he has no effect, and even breaks his staff! He landed behind the mecha, looked at the sheer ineffectiveness of his attack, and got hit by Control Freak's backwards kick!

"Holy-that's cheating!" you hear your friend exclaim.

He quickly gathers himself, and tries to grapple on top of the mecha so he can take out it's driver…but Control Freak turns the Remote-mecha around just as he did, and aimed an arm at him. The wheel-hand, as Robin appeared in front of it, suddenly spun so fast it created a whirlwind! The mini-cyclone smashed Robin against the wall of a nearby building, knocking him senseless as he fell onto a coincidentally-placed tree.

"BWAHAHAHA! Do you see what I see? Everyone calls me the lamest villain of all time, and here I am, kicking your butt! Either you're losing your touch after such a long career, or i am three dozen times as cool as you think I am!"

Robin managed to recover enough of his equilibrium to say "You're not cool. You're a criminal. And you will be stopped!"

"Yeah! You tell him, Robin!"

"Oh, Really? Well it's appearant that you can't! And that means a lot, because, I know your reputation. And very soon, I will know…Everything! HAHAHAHA!"

Before Robin could recover enough to try for another move, Control Freak blasted him with another cyclone, knocking him to the ground. Laughing maniacally again, he folded his car-mecha back into a car, and recalled Baron Ryang back into the TV dimension from whence he came.

Before the villain could drive off, he paused to shout: "So long, Titans! No matter what you try, you will never stop me…from BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!"

"…say WHAT?" your friend asks.

Without pausing to consider the meaning of those words, Robin threw an active tracking/listening device from his belt onto the remote-mobile, under Control Freak's notice. With a crazed laugh, the villain drove off…

…and along the way, he turned in some random direction (it looks like he's looking at you!) and said: "Oh, and Those who are Watching, there's a reason I was chosen to be the villain for the Titans' big return-special. Wanna find out? Stay tuned! WAH-HAHAHA!"

He disappeared into the recesses of the concrete jungle known as Jump City, leaving the Titans to assess what the heck just happened.

"What does he mean by 'Breaking the fourth wall?'"

Robin, who was listening to his listening device, asked a question as well: "Who are 'Those who are Watching?'"

The events of that fight leave you and your buddies confused as well! Before you can ask yourself those questions, though, the introductory title starts, and you just have to sing along with the theme song:

When there's trouble you know who to call…


From their tower they can see it all…


When there's evil on the attack,

You can rest knowing they got your back,

Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol…



With their superpowers they unite…


Never met a villain that they liked…


They've got the bad guys on the run,

They never stop till the job gets done,

Cause when the world is losing all control…



1, 2, 3, 4, GO!


Are you excited for another adventure story?

Btw, for those not familiar with the term (no offense to those who are), Breaking the Fourth Wall means Characters in a work of fiction acknowledging the existence of the audience, often for comedic effect in a parody.

However, this is not a parody! Stay posted to figure out what I mean!

Also, just in case, I'm not a crack-pairing or Rob/Rae person like the ones I depicted in this story. those of you who are of those types of TT fans, please don't flame!