For TheBooyahEffect's Kissing In the Rain Challenge

Always Be There

"Dang! It's raining! I hate rain!"

"You hate everything, Sev."

Except you…

It was two weeks until he was off to Hogwarts for the first time, and Severus Snape had been counting down the days. He couldn't wait to be off, to be free of this place… There was only one thing he would miss about life at home, and he wouldn't actually be missing it, since Lily Evans was coming to Hogwarts as well. He couldn't wait…

"I can't wait either," Lily announced, stirring his thoughts as if she could read them. "It sounds so exciting… magic and all. I just can't wait…"

Her voice dropped again as if she didn't want to be heard. Truthfully, neither did Severus. Lily's older sister, Petunia, had a habit of spying on them, now that they were off to Hogwarts and she wasn't.

"Sev… what if we end up in different houses?" Lily asked fearfully.

"What d'you mean?" Severus frowned. Of course, he knew what she was asking.

"Will… will we still be friends?" she asked.

"Of course!" Severus exclaimed.

"But… you told me Slytherins and Gryffindors don't like each other," Lily murmured.

"We'll still be friends," Severus retorted. "Best friends."

He wanted to reassure her; to remind her that he would always be there. So, he leaned forward. Lily was slightly surpirsed by the gesture, but she caught on quickly, and leaned forward as well. Rain pounded in their hair, but they didn't care. They sat there sharing a kiss in the rain.