"If I said that I had been expecting this from him, I really would be lying, Kumajirou…" Matthew admitted, looking down at the white bear that he held so closely, the shock having not yet settled in. "Russia… Ivan… I-I never thought he'd try to come to Canada… Usually he's too occupied with Lithuania or Poland…" He said, reaching up to straighten his glasses, hands trembling as he pinched at the frame weakly. "He… I don't really like Russia… He's just too… Scary…"

"Who are you…?" Kumajirou asked, little bear head tilting a bit to the side.

"I'm… Canada… Your owner…" Matthew muttered, eyes darkening in depression. Finally, Matthew sighed and let his head hang in defeat. It was like no one recognized him… He was either a ghost or he was confused for America, his eccentric brother. Alfred… That was America's representative's real name.

"Stephen doesn't even know he's coming!" Matthew soon shouted, jumping out of his chair and running to the door. "Wait! The phone…" He said, swallowing to try to get the lump out of his throat. He walked over to the phone and dialed the number for the Prime Minister's personal line. He let it ring a few times before beginning to feel a little despaired.

"What if he doesn't answer…?" Matthew muttered, face clouding with fear. Finally, he picked up, and Matthew began to speak, words flying out of his mouth, clearly showing his panic. "R-Russia! Ivan is- He's coming! He called me thirty minutes ago!" His blue eyes were wide and beginning to tear up.

Matthew listened to his advisor, biting his lip as he was told to give the other good hospitality and to see if he couldn't get a little information out of him about what exactly he wants.

"B-But it's Russia! Can't you send someone over here? I can't be alone with him…!" Matthew insisted, only to hear the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, laugh. "What's so funny?" Matthew gasped out, face turning red with embarrassment.

"What would Russia want with Canada? Hm? Just relax. It's probably only a trade invitation again. Russia and Canada are at peace, don't worry." Stephan said calmly, laughter still in his voice.

Matthew would have responded but he couldn't… Stephen had hung up. A soft beeping soon sounded in Matthew's ear. He dropped the phone onto its hook and looked at a spot on the wall with despair. This wasn't fair… Russia was big and powerful… They were always so competitive and cruel and strange… How could Matthew be expected to calmly handle this?

Then it dawned on him… Maybe Stephen didn't want to send anyone else over because he was afraid that Ivan would do something to them! Better to sacrifice one rather than more… Matthew was a Martyr! How could his Prime Minister do this to him!

Matthew leaned against the wall, face clearly showing his despair. "Why…" He said, holding his head as he slid down the wall to sit down. He felt sick, stomach turning and twisting into knots that hurt. Why did Ivan have to be coming to him NOW? Of all times! Couldn't the Russian at least call in advance and not when he was already on his way?

Matthew sighed, taking his glasses off and pinching his temples. "What am I going to do…"

Kumajirou's head turned to look at the Canadian. "Who…?"

Matthew looked up and frowned. "With Ivan… I-I don't even know what he likes to eat so how am I supposed to have anything made or do anything very hospitable, like Mister Prime Minister wants…?" Matthew stopped for a moment.

Really, what DID he know about Russia? About Ivan in particular? Now that he really sat down and thought about it… He knew hardly anything about Ivan, personally. He knew about trade with Russia, which was thriving, and that Russia and Canada had really had no problems with each other; at least, nothing substantial.

He almost felt bad now for not knowing anything really about Ivan. He almost felt like… He was doing what everyone else always did to him. Forgetting. He hardly even remembered the Russian's last name… Was it Braginski?

Matthew slowly wrapped his arms around himself and sighed. Maybe instead of getting all worked up he should just try to talk to Ivan… Maybe the other had something interesting to say. He would never know if he didn't at least try to listen. Matthew sighed and stood up.

He did know one thing! Ivan was fond of vodka!

'A few drinks over a discussion wouldn't hurt.' Matthew thought, finally bringing himself to smile a little bit. "Kumajirou! I'll be back! I'm going to go pick up something for Russia!" He called, tucking his wallet into his pocket and jogging to get out of the house.

"What?" The bear seemed to mutter, before starring off into space once more.

It was chilly out… Maybe Matthew should have grabbed a light jacket but really, he hadn't thought about it. It was getting to be late fall, the maple leaves beginning to fall and ready for the cold winter. Winter was Matthew's favorite season… It was pretty… But he also liked spring and fall… Well any season really.

Matthew turned on his heel, entering the liquor shop. He snagged a bottle of 'Absolut' vodka and paid for it before hurrying home, smiling to himself. Maybe Ivan could suggest some good Russian dishes for them to try and make!

Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as Matthew had thought after all…!

Matthew smiled, holding the bag against his chest before opening his house door using a hand and his hip. "Kumajirou~! I'm-…" Matthew froze in the doorway. A very tall, overly dressed, silvery haired male stood in his living room, scarf covering his mouth. A long and uncomfortable pause rolled out before Matthew spoke, voice next to inaudible.


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