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New Jersey – Stella Jones

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All of the passersby stopped to look at the huge screens in the large bustling city. The newscaster's voice shook as he read the teleprompter.

"This just in… The United States of America has officially declared war on the Russian Federation. Details of this decision are horrendous. We have received confirmation that the Russian Federation had invaded the Canadian border, hostilely abusing citizens who were incarcerated and under their care. American soldiers have warded the Russian army away from their stronghold in Canada, but the brutalization of the sister country to the U.S. will not be tolerated. Declaration of war from other countries are pending currently, but it seems that both England and France has taken a negative stance towards the Russian Federation. We are going to have a live press conference at the White House tonight at five o' clock, where the President and even Mister America himself will explain some much needed answers."

Matthew sat, knees curled close to his chest as he watched the report. The fireplace set off the only other light in the room, the flickering orange hue making Matthew look even more ghostly than usual. What a load of shit. Russia hadn't done any invading, politically speaking. But personally… Matthew just couldn't tell his brother that he couldn't do this. He kind of… Wanted Ivan to suffer…

"Don't worry, Martha, I'll protect you from that beast! The hero would never let you suffer!" Alfred beamed at Matthew.

Matthew sighed. He'd temporarily given up correcting Alfred about his name, only because after five minutes Alfred would forget again. "Alfred… You don't need to do all this…" He said, referring to the guards standing on either side of Matthew. "Russia won't bother coming directly to me to attack…"

"Mark…" Alfred's features softened as he leaned down to touch his brother's cheek. "Mark, he touched you… If he hurt you like that once, he'll do it again. I know Russia. He's a sadistic communist rapist pig… And I'm sorry you got caught up in his business… He should have never brought you into this." He paused, smiling a little. "But your big bro will protect you, okay? No matter what, I'll protect you."

Matthew looked away, feeling tears beginning to well up again. "A-Al… Don't go all sentimental on me right now… Please…" He sniffled and reached out to grab Kumajirou, pulling the bear into a close hug.

Alfred sighed and stood tall, turning abruptly. "I'm sorry, Mattie. I didn't mean to upset you. It just pisses me off… What he did…" He strode towards the door. "You just stay here, I have to go rally my troops. We're shipping out tonight. Don't worry, Mattie, I'll get him for you."

And with that, the American left the darkened room.

Matthew blinked in surprise. Had Alfred just used his real name…? A nickname, but regardless… Twice in a row Alfred had called him by his name. Maybe it was just a lucky coincidence… But it made Matthew just a little happier.

He sat up, looking at the two guards by him. One was a girl, one was a boy, but they looked very similar, as if they could be twins. Matthew stood up slowly, holding Kumajirou to his chest. "Are you two siblings…?" He asked, trying to ease the uncomfortable silence. It just made him feel worse to be in silence.

The girl spoke. "Yes. Twins, actually, Mister Canada." She smiled a little. "My name Virginia, and my brother is West Virginia. You can call him West though, he's used to it."

Matthew smiled a little. "I didn't know he had the States protecting me. What are your human names, if I may ask?"

This time the brother spoke. "My human name is Victor Jones, and her's is Victoria Jones." He held his hard expression. "Your human name is Matthew Williams, correct?"

Matthew nodded a little. "It is, but Alfred never remembers…"

West Virginia blinked. "But Mister America is always talking about you. His younger brother Matthew. If I didn't know better I'd say he was-"

Virginia smacked a hand over her brother's face, halting his speech. "He blabbers, I apologize. He's younger than I am and he's kind of naïve. He was just going to say that he thinks Alfred calls you the wrong name all the time just to get your goat."

Matthew frowned. "Get my what?"

"To annoy you, I mean." Virginia laughed. "Because around us he always says the right name."

Matthew sat Kumajirou down, frowning. "…That jerk." Matthew finally muttered. "He was teasing me all this time…" Matthew sat on his knees by the fireplace. "Making fun of me because no one remembers me…" He sniffled, taking a fire poker and turning some of the logs.

Virginia blinked. "No! It's really not like that… He's your brother, you know how brothers are. They want to annoy you and get under your skin." She knelt beside him and patted his back. "Mister America loves you, really… Trust me, okay? The States are a part of him, you know that, so we know certain things about Mister America…"

Matthew smiled a little at her, wiping his wet eyes. "Thank you, Victoria…"

Virginia and West Virginia felt their hearts race at the sight. Virginia smiled warmly. 'I see why Mister America loves him so much…' She thought, leaning close to hug the Nation, soothing him.

'He is truly beautiful…' West Virginia thought, lips twitching into a small smile.

"Hey you guys!" A loud voice said from the door. The Virginian twins cringed while Matthew jumped in surprise. "Mister DC said you could switch for me and Jersey!" A young-looking brunette stepped into the room, clad in black and blue plaid. He had piercings on his ears and lower lip, and eyeliner under his eyes. His hair was in a wild, teased style with a few bright blue strips mixed in.

"Ah… Mister New York…" West Virginia said quietly.

"Oh please! Call me Mark, Vic! We're all States here! We're all equal!" New York beamed, stomping in obnoxiously in his platformed tuk brand creeper shoes. "All the same, right Vicky?"

Virginia's eye twitched. "It's Victoria… Not Vicky… And why aren't you wearing your uniform?"

New York laughed loud. "That thing? Nawh! It looks too go-with-the-flow! I like standing out."

Virginia pinched her temples. "Well that is very evident… But… It's mandatory…" Finally she heaved a sigh. "Sorry Mister Canada, we've been relieved. I hope to serve you again." She said with a small salute before turning and walking out. West Virginia saluted like his sister and walked out calmly.

A young girl stepped in, blonde hair in a high ponytail. "Hey there Mister Canada, I'm New Jersey." She said, Jersey accent thick. "But you can call me Stella." New Jersey smiled, sitting on the couch. Hey bronzed skin made a sharp contrast to her blue eyes, Matthew noticed.

"And I'm Markus, also known as the BIG APPLE, the state of the 'city that never sleeps'! Call me Mark, kay, Mattie-Boy?" New York beamed.

Matthew sighed. He could see where Alfred got most of his energy. New York was… Something else. He lay by the fire and closed his eyes, willing himself to fall asleep. Markus was almost more exhausting that Alfred. Almost.

Ivan glared hard at the rifle in his hands, a terrifying black aura rolling off of his body He felt naked without his scarf and his chest was aching terribly. He hadn't slept for the past week, the dark rings under his eyes making him look all the more threatening. Already, he'd sent four soldiers into the intensive care unit for just looking annoying. He was in such a foul mood that not even Belarus seemed to make an appearance.

"M-Mister R-R-Russia…?" A soldier approached him. "We're ready to fly you over to Lithuanian airports so you can infiltrate the US secretly."

"Da… Good…" He muttered, standing menacingly over the young man. "Now you can get…" He reached into his jacket and grabbed his new water pipe. In a flash he swung it at the young soldier, who narrowly jumped back in time to escape unscathed. The man ran away as fast as his legs could carry him.

Ivan grunted in aggravation, putting his pipe away. They were getting quicker at retreating from him.

The silvery-haired Russian stormed onto the private jet, chanting kolkols the whole way.

"Man…" One soldier whispered to another. "I worry for whoever Mister Russia is angry with… He looks really serious… I've never seen him so upset…"

Matthew yawned when he awoke, still on the floor of Alfred's sitting room in front of the fireplace, which by this time was smoldering out. He sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes and groaning quietly. He looked around to see New Jersey asleep in one of the chairs and New York conked out two feet in front of the television. Cartoons on the screen were really the only thing illuminating the room.

Matthew didn't want to wake Jersey, since she looked so peaceful as she slept, and God forbid he wake up the walking megaphone known as New York. Matthew really didn't think that he could stand a migraine on top of everything at the moment.

So instead of waking his guards up, Matthew left the room alone. What would the danger be? He was inside Alfred's fortress, a house so big that Matthew was sure anyone could get lost in if they hadn't studied the lay out. Fortunately, Matthew had seen it on one visit in Alfred's office. He remembered enough about the first story to navigate around.

It was relaxing, to wander around the halls aimlessly. Matthew had nothing to do with his brother pulling all of the strings currently, so what did he really have to lose? He couldn't remember a time when he'd felt more peaceful.

That was when he heard it. The heavy steps of military boots behind him. At first he thought it was Alfred but then he realized something… They were hushed, as if someone was deliberately trying to walk quiet. Alfred didn't walk quietly. Why would he need to in his own home? It hit the Canadian, and it hit him hard just as a large hand clamped over his mouth and the opposite arm wrapped around him. Matthew tried to scream but he fell faint as an odd scent filled his nose. Chloroform?

Matthew groaned as his vision blurred and his legs gave out, making him lean back into the perpetrator. "Ivan…" He whimpered before falling silent.

The dark-haired assailant lifted the shorter male off of his feet, holding him in a cradling position. "Matvey…" Ivan said, the hair of the black wig he wore falling in his face. Of course he couldn't come looking like himself. The Russian male had swallowed his pride and put on the clothes of an American military officer, hiding his silver hair under a black wig, and putting blue contacts in his eyes to hide his violet ones. With a falsified ID he had easily gotten inside. He was determined. Matthew was his, whether he had to force him to be or not. Ivan had never tasted loved before… And he couldn't bear to part with it. Not even if that love began to hate him.

Ivan began to carry Matthew back towards where he came from, walking lightly, as if on eggshells. He didn't want anyone to notice him slipping out with Matthew. Getting in was easy… But getting out would be a harder task.

Nevertheless, Ivan was prepared. He would take Matthew back come hell or high waters.