The sound of static rang in my ears as the line went dead.

"Umi? Hello? Are you there?"

Stupid questions... I knew she wasn't. Maybe the call had been dropped by my provider, or maybe she'd accidentally hung up... I didn't know. I called again.

"Hi! This is Umi. Sorry I'm not at home right now, please leave a message~!"

I stared at the phone in disbelief, then tried again. Maybe something had happened, or whatever... I'd never gotten a voice message on the first ring before. Same thing. I tried her cell, but it just rang and rang and rang.

I sat down, looking at the phone, and felt like crying. Why now? Why did it have to be now, of all times, when I couldn't reach her? Now, when I'd scheduled a lengthy trip to Rayearth, and wouldn't be close to internet or home... and she had finals and fencing coming up? And what had happened? Finally, I dialed one last number... her best friend this side of the veil.

"Hello, Mina-chan speaking, how may I help you?"

"Mina? Mina, it's Hikaru! Have you heard from Umi? She's not answering her cell, and-"

Mina's voice was cold as she answered. "I know about the argument you guys had, and she just called and told me you'd pushed it too far. If I were you, I wouldn't talk to her the next few days. She's not answering anything from you, anyway."

I almost burst into tears, but I choked them back.

What had I done wrong? Was it because I was trying to fix things? What had I said, or done? And... how could I fix it now, when I couldn't even talk to her...?

"Mina-chan... thank you. Goodbye." I hung up before she could say anything. Then... then I really did cry. Hikari poked his wet nose up to my face, but not even he could comfort me. I sighed.

"Umi... where did I go wrong?"

Just then, my phone buzzed, and I picked it up - text message. I gave a reply to a message I didn't really read... and then it struck me. Pulling out my phone, I typed a few words in, then sent it. If I wished hard enough, I could recieve calls on RayEarth, where everything is guided by the imagination...

Somewhere, one Umi Ryuuzaki answered the text without realizing who it was from.

Umi, it's me. When you're ready to talk, please give me a call, okay?

She almost deleted it, but... she didnt' know why, but she kept it.

Soon, she'd call...


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