Author Fighters: The Assassin's Guild

Chapter 1: A Tale of Doom

In the Fiction-Realm exist the Author Fighters, beings from across the multiverse who unite to fight the forces of evil, wherever it may be. Trained in combat, led by DarkMagicianmon, they are drawn together to fight the Darksides and Anti-Authors.

The Author Fighters have fought many powerful beings, and have prevailed over them. However, now, they face one of their deadliest foes…from nearly five hundred years ago.

Susanoo, a warrior of Japan, found a family mourning over their daughter, who was killed by Orochi. Susanoo promised that the beast would be stopped by his hand. Soon after, he found that the beast craves rice wine and lured him into a trap. He took eight pots of rice wine and covered it with a fence.

The eight headed snake found it and tried to have at the wine, but couldn't. One head suggested smashing the fence, but that would spill the wine. One suggested burning it with its fire breath, but that would evaporate the wine. So, they decide to find an opening. They find eight, but the eighth head (which was the wisest), says that he'll go in first and see if it's safe. He takes a sip and, upon seeing that it's safe, all seven begin drinking.

Little did they suspect that Susanoo was waiting until they finished drinking. When they were finished, Susanoo burst out and cut off the monster's tail, which turned into a katana named Kusanagi (which was later named "Grass Mower"), which can cut through anything. He used this enchanted blade to cut off all eight of Orochi's heads. Being drunk, they could not resist him.

However, the eight heads that he cut off still lived and would be able to merge and create Orochi all over again should they meet.

But the sun goddess, Amaterasu, changed the eight severed heads into eight different objects: a katana, a wakizashi, a book, a staff, dark flames, a tonfa, a kanabo, and a man. However, the man (who was the wise eighth head) vowed to become whole again. He was incomplete, so he could not die…from age or the sword…

A teen was standing in the middle of a field, holding a set of katana. He let out a snarl as he began to spin them around. He brought one slashing down, cutting a single blade of grass in half. He sheathed one before shouting…


An arrow made of silver light appeared as he fired it at a target about fifty feet away, getting a perfect bullseye. He then pulled out his other katana and began slashing, wildly. He then sheathed his blades as a group of four appeared behind him.

"I think you killed them." Said one with an English accent.

"I don't need you rubbing it in my face, Glory-Feather." Said the teen with a sarcastic tone.

"To, we've got a situation." Said the tallest with a somewhat bored voice.

"What, dare I ask?" the teen asked.

"The Assassin's Guild is on the move again." Answered a girl around the teen's age.

The teen's eyes widened as he snarled, "We're going in."

"Whenever someone brings up those guys, ya can count on Tohokari goin' in there without thinkin'…" sighed one of the members. The smell of alcohol hung around him.

"I wish I could kill you, Poz." Said the teen, darkly.

"Well, life's full of disappointment." The one with an English accent chuckled.

"Shut up." The eldest stated.

"Zchazz-kun?" asked the girl as the eldest put what appeared to be a shotgun with a considerably shorter barrel into his coat, "Are you sure that'll work? Those only get two shots."

"Yeah, two's all I'll be needin'." Replied the eldest.

"Let's get going." The teen snarled as he clapped his hands together. The four vanished in a burst of silver flames.



DarkMagicianmon closed his FAF cell-phone.

"That was Airnaruto." The halfa said, "He's in Ireland right now with X, D-Dude, and Loony. Just won't be the same without the Fictor Brothers…"

"X Prodigy's gone?" Nukid asked, "Dang, I'll miss that guy. Still, Lunatic's gone for a while. Guess that's a positive."

"Definitely." Ranger sighed. He was gonna enjoy not having that hyperactive nutball around.

"Still, it won't be the same." Phoenix said.

"Hasn't been the same without that hedgehog, either." DW said, looking over the range his gun had.

"Yeah, it hasn't." Hikari agreed.

DM then caught something on the phone. He clicked it open and snapped it shut.

"What was that?" Phoenix asked.

"A new call." DM said, "Pack your bags, guys. We're heading for Japan!"

"Someone say Japan?" asked Ross as he zipped inside, "Why're we all in this room?"

"Even I don't know that." Replied Nukid.

"Apparently, there have been a few attacks from a group of thugs." DM stated as he stood up, "The Japanese government's baffled. They don't know if it's the Yakuza or some other group."

"How much to you wanna bet it's some other group?" Phoenix asked. She then smirked, "Still, I'd like a trip to Japan."


In a dark room, a grim figure sat behind a desk. He was staring at the door with a look of pure venom, as if the hunk of wood had done him a deep, personal wrong. The door then opened and in walked four people.

The first one was a tall and heavily muscled man.

The second was a somewhat short, and lightly built man.

The third was a slender girl in her late teens or early twenties.

The final one was a man who walked as if he had arthritis in just about every part of his body.

"SIR." Said the girl as the four straightened up.

"When will it be arriving?" The man asked as if the subject simply bored him.

"Within the month." The muscular man replied.

"Good." The man said. He stood up and began walking, "Soon, the ceremony will be completed and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams."

"That's not what I want." The fourth man stated, "I just want the death of those accursed birds."

"It's with them." The short man stated as if he'd rather get this conversation over with quickly.

"And we know where they are." The tall one stated, "They're entering Tokyo as we speak…along with those Author Fighters who've become so popular in America."

"Seems like the prodigal children are returning…" the man said with a small smirk, "Send in the grunts…"

The four bowed before walking out. The man looked around and looked at the sun.

"I've hidden from you for so long…" he murmured, "NOW, after all these years, I can return…"

Send a heartbeat to…

The void that cries through you.

Relive the pictures that have come to pass.

For now we stand alone.

The world is lost and blown.

And we are flesh and blood disintegrate.

With no more to hate…

Is it bright where you are?

And have the people changed?

Does it make you happy, you're so strange.

And in your darkest hour

My old secrets laid.

We can watch the world devoured in its pain.

Delivered from the blast

The last of a line of lasts

The pale princess of a palace cracked

And now the kingdom comes

Crashing down undone

And I am a master of a nothing place

Of recoil and grace

Is it bright where you are?

And have the people changed?

Does it make you happy, you're so strange.

And in your darkest hour

My old secrets laid.

We can watch the world devoured in its pain.

Time has stopped before us

The sky cannot ignore us

No one can separate us

For we are all that is left

The echo bounces off me

The shadow lost beside me

There's no more need to pretend.

'Cause now I can begin again…

Is it bright where you are?

And have the people changed?

Does it make you happy, you're so strange.

And in your darkest hour

My old secrets laid.

We can watch the world devoured in its hate.






A TLSoulDude original fanfiction…

Starring Brian Beacock, Ron Perlman, Hynden Walch, Kevin Schon, James Arnold Taylor, and Kevin Michael Richardson…

Author Fighters: The Assassin's GuildThere it is. The first chapter of Assassin's Guild. The song is owned by Smashing Pumpkins. Can't wait for the action sequences through this…and this is probably one of my only FAF fics that won't star the Fictor Brothers.