The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt #: 25
Pen name: Alby Mangroves
Pairing: Bella and Renesmee
Rating: M

Photos for prompts can be found here:


A/N: I procrastinated over these so long that lightstardusting didn't get a chance to pre-read these. Apologies for any errors! x

I didn't make ms-ambrosia read the rest of these because she's got enough on her plate trying to complete her own responses to the TT25 x


"How will I know when it's time?" Renesmee's eyes are huge and full of equal doses of apprehension and eagerness.

"You just will." Bella answers evasively, putting on a brave face.

"Mom!" the exasperation at her lack of understanding is clearly conveyed in Nessie's voice.

It's very odd to be physically her own daughter's peer.

It feels like yesterday the hand she held was tiny in her own, and here stands a teenager on the cusp of womanhood, asking for advice about love.

Love with a wolf.

Love with Jake, the wolf.

Bella groans, resigned.

It's time for the talk.