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"BAH!" Kronos screamed. He slashed his sword through the smoke, tearing the image to shreds.

"They're on their way," I said. "You've lost."

"I haven't even started."

He advanced with blinding speed. Grover–brave, stupid satyr that he was–tried to protect me, but Kronos tossed him aside like a rag doll.

That was where I lost it. Kronos had tried to destroy camp. He'd forced Silena to be his spy, he poisoned Thalia's tree, he'd sent Chris into the Labyrinth, he'd basically killed Beckondorf, he'd betrayed Annabeth, and now I was done putting up with his crap. That was when the sensation I'd gotten while defending my dad's throne hit me again, only a lot more powerful. I didn't just feel the power of the ocean behind me; I felt the power of all of Olympus behind me.

I charged Kronos, my sword a blur of Celestial bronze. Kronos attempted to block, but my strike was so powerful, I knocked the blade clean out of his hands and across the throne room. I hacked away, each slice chopping a chunk out of Luke's armor.

Then, with one last, mighty swing, I actually cut Luke's skin, despite the fact that he was invulnerable. He stumbled back, shocked.

His eyes and expression flickered. Sometimes he was Kronos, other times he was Luke. But when he spoke, he spoke with both their voices.

"Jackson…" they cringed in fury.

I raised my sword, because I suddenly realized that Luke's mortal point was just under his left arm. I was going to end this. I was going to destroy the Titan king.

That's when my life was ruined.

Behind me, someone shouted out, "NO!"

I turned just in time to halfway-dodge Annabeth's lunge, which had been carefully aimed at the small of my back.

The scratch she'd left me with was smaller than a paper cut, and not even half as deep. Even so, I let out a cry of agony so powerful, that it defied all levels of pain. Nothing compared to this. Not even being cut by Kronos' scythe or holding up the sky. It was as if all the pain I'd ever felt combined in to one final, agonizing blast. I felt myself slip towards the edge of death.

My invulnerability faded away. I felt it leave me. The exhaustion had caught up with me, and my vision flickered, teetering between blind and mostly blind. My head spun. I'd lost all strength. All hope to carry on. And that's when the most crippling feeling yet came.

I realized it wasn't losing my invulnerability or even the blow to my mortal point that sapped my strength. It was Annabeth's betrayal. I realized she'd never really been with me to begin with. She'd been plotting my death one way or another since we'd first met. Just like Luke, only a lot worse because I'd never really gotten to know Luke.

This was Annabeth. She was the reason I lived to see sixteen. In contrast, she's also the reason I'm dying right now. I didn't much care about the dying. I only really cared that everything I thought I knew about Annabeth was a lie. She didn't care about camp. She hated the gods just like Luke had. She really wasn't my friend. If anything she was my worst enemy. Worse than Luke or Kronos. Because she was a living lie.

The time she saved me and Grover from Cerberus? A lie. The time she saved me on Circe's island? A lie. The kiss on the cheek after the chariot race? A lie. Saying at my funeral that I was the bravest friend she ever had? A lie. The kiss on Mount St. Helens, the time I comforted her before we went on a quest through the Labyrinth, pretty much every moment when I thought we were friends? IT WAS ALL A LIE!

Even as I realized this, Annabeth wasn't done yet. She brought her bronze knife up over her head, and stabbed it down into my chest. My vision blacked out, but I still heard what followed.

"Luke!" she screamed.

"Ann…Annabeth?" he murmured

"Are you alright? Did he–"

"I'm fine Annabeth. He…he didn't get my weak point. But he was about to. I," he stopped for a moment, and I heard the pain in his voice. "I saw it in his eyes. He knew. He would have killed me, and ended our plans to end the gods. But you…you stopped him Annabeth. You're a real hero."

My vision started working again. But I wished it wasn't. Annabeth was currently occupied making out with Luke. Disgusting. I saw Riptide lying a few feet away, and I desperately crawled to it. I was going to die. But there was no way in Hades I was going to let Olympus go down with me. I grabbed Riptide and, shakily, raised it to throw it. I took careful aim at Luke's mortal point.

But then, of course, my vision blacked out again. I heard Luke and Annabeth stop sucking face.

"Did you…" Luke struggled, "did you find a way?"

Annabeth started to cry. "I tried Luke, I really did. I searched every book and ancient text I could get my hands on. I even searched through Deadalus's laptop for a way. But I'm sorry. When Kronos assumes his true form, you'll be burned away."

"I'll sacrifice myself if it means the end of the gods," Luke assured her.

"It won't be in vain Luke," Annabeth said. My vision started working again, and I saw Annabeth look at me and notice I had my sword ready to throw.

"I'll make sure of it," Annabeth hissed.

But, ironically, Luke stopped her. "Annabeth. It's happening. You have to go."

"But…" she argued.

"GO!" Luke roared.

Annabeth turned and ran. Luke began to glow with a white hot intensity. Blinded, I threw anyway, praying that my aim had held.

I heard Luke cry in pain, and a wave of pure force sent me flying out of the throne room. I flew and flew and flew.

I thought I was dead. I knew I should be. Instead, I finally began to feel like I was falling. I saw the ocean racing up to meet me. But I knew with one look that the sea no longer belonged to Posiedon. It was in the hands of Oceanus, and that meant the Titans had one. And I had failed.

I hit–surprisingly–a hard, sandy shore with a loud thump! Just before I blacked out, I saw none other than Calypso run out to meet me. She pulled me into her arms, stroking the side of my face.

"Welcome home Percy," she murmured to me soothingly. "Welcome home."

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