Alternative Canon Crossover

By Andrew J. Talon

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor am I making profit off of this.

Author's Note: The problem with being creative is having so many damn ideas. This one in particular, the Alternative Canon, was an attempt by me to totally rewrite the Naruto universe in a unique and different way. I have many ideas for it and articles and thought experiments, but I couldn't pull it together into one story. The focus was always on the contrasts between the Alt-Canon and the normal Canon. So, I decided to use that as the impetus for writing a story, where the two universes meet.

This is set before Pein's invasion of Konoha.

A crash of thunder, a nearly blinding light, and Sasuke Uchiha found himself falling off a nearby cliff with an orange and black body going with him.

"SASUKE!" Screamed Karin above, as they plunged into the forest far below.

Crashing through various trees, Sasuke grimaced and activated the Sharingan, quickly and skillfully jumping through, using his chakra control (through his Sharingan) to kill his momentum. He landed on the ground with his sword out, ready to run his assailant through as he landed.

And land he did.

WHAM! Chakra waved out of the man through the ground, distributing the impact. Even so, he left a fairly sizable crater, and made the ground shake.

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked flatly. "Do you know who I am?" He asked.

The ninja stood up, rubbing the back of a familiar messy mop of blond hair. The red spiral on the back of his black jacket was familiar, as were the whisker marks and bright blue eyes as the ninja turned around. Sasuke's eyes narrowed.


"Owww... Fuck, that hurt!" Naruto groaned, rubbing the back of his head. He glanced up at Sasuke and blinked, confusion written into his features.

"Sasuke? ... What the hell are you wearing?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "My vestments have not changed since last we met."

"... Oh... Kay...?" Naruto said, blinking again. He looked around, entirely unconcerned that Sasuke had his sword out and pointed at him.

"Just where are we, anyway?"

"... Hi no Kuni. Off the main road to Konoha. Whatever this deception of yours, it will not work," Sasuke said in quiet arrogance. Naruto blinked at him again, and then chuckled.

"Are you kidding? Off the main road? Yeah right! If it was the main road, then where's Ho-oh Railway?" He pointed in the distance to a ridge. "No railway! You must have taken a hard hit on the head when we fell."

Sasuke frowned. Naruto's body language seemed... Completely wrong. The Naruto he knew was always tense around him, determined, angry. This Naruto seemed entirely at ease around him.

"Seriously, we need to cut Sakura's research budget. Somehow. Or get her a boyfriend, keep her sexed up so she doesn't pull this 'the physical laws of the universe are arbitrary' crap." Naruto looked back at Sasuke with a frown.

"What's with the silent treatment?"

"... You're even more idiotic than you were before," Sasuke said flatly. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Okay, you must have really hit your head. What, your emotions turn off or something?" Naruto shook his head. "Or Sakura's latest stunt did this, can't rule that out and-"

Sharingan Sasuke activated, and locked eyes with Naruto. Tsukiyomi!

In a moment he was the genjutsu with an even more confused looking Naruto.

"Fool, you are in Tsukiyomi," Sasuke stated. "For 72 hours, you will-"

"Eh? Since when could you do this?" Naruto asked in disbelief. He scowled at Sasuke. "Also, why the hell are you using it on me?"

"... I'm going to break your mind, you idiot," Sasuke said, feeling his emotional control begin to slip. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Oh... Kay... Sasuke, you do recall what happened the last time you tried this shit with me?"

"I beat back the Kyuubi, it is of no help to you," Sasuke replied. Naruto blinked, and the sky above turned deadly crimson.

"BREAK THE DAMN JUTSU YOU IDIOT! NOW!" Naruto roared, as the red chakra of the Kyuubi flooded Sasuke's mind. The Uchiha's eyes widened as the burning, evil chakra broke through his defenses, a malevolent force laughing, mocking him as it prepared to-


Sasuke found himself flying backwards in the real world from a powerful punch to the face, slamming into a tree. Wheezing for breath, he stared up at the furious Naruto in complete disbelief.


"FUCKING MORON!" Naruto shouted, punching Sasuke again. "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU TRYING TO DO?"


"Get your ass killed, that's what!" Naruto snarled. "Have you completely lost your mind?" He glared directly into Sasuke's wide eyes.

"What, you want to commit suicide or something? Because there are easier ways to do it than have your brains burnt out by the motherfucking Kyuubi no Youko!"

"But last time...!" Sasuke tried, before Naruto whacked him on the head. "GAH!"

Naruto sighed and rubbed his eyes irritably. "Great! Sakura's new invention seems to make people lose all their common sense! As if there wasn't enough of that..."

The blond shook his head. "You okay?"

Sasuke wheezed and shivered. Just that exposure to the Kyuubi's chakra... Had drained him so much?

"You... You won't win," he got out. "I'll defeat you... Destroy Konoha...!"

Naruto shook his head, looking on him with... Sympathy?

"Okay, I think this is worse than when you thought you were the Pirate King. Granted you were drunk off your ass, but still..."


Naruto grimaced as he looked over his shoulder. "Great... Those dipwads in Akatsuki cloaks are coming... Don't know who they are, but they can't be good." Naruto picked Sasuke up, pulling his arm over his shoulders. Sasuke twitched as Naruto patted him on the back.

"Relax Bastard, we'll have you home in no time! And then we'll kick Sakura's ass together. Cause seriously, this is just messed up."

Naruto vanished, accelerating with a burst of chakra rocketing from his feet. Sasuke's eyes grew even wider, though he wasn't sure how, as Naruto seemed to fly forward through the trees.


"Okay, you can't be seriously telling me you forgot Hakke Koushin," Naruto yelled over the wind. "I know it was a bitch to learn, but c'mon!"

Hakke Koushin (Eight Trigrams Acceleration)-Hyuuga acceleration technique using controlled ejections of chakra from the feet and legs to move incredibly quickly. Difficult to master, but the Alt-Canon Naruto's had a lot of practice.

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