MajorSemma. ManyotherPairings2. At Academy, building 4 is the most careless, unresponsible & wildest dorm! But when the Dean threatens to seperate&move them into a more strict dorm, Emma, Sean & all their friends team up to save their, well...home.


At a normal private schools dorm, things would be strict and obident.

As you take a look at the St. Adams school, building 1, 2 & 3 all played classical music all day until bedtime. They had shiny furniture and a fire place where the blue uniformed students would gather around it. Everyone helped clean and took turns on the dishes.

Curfew would be 10pm sharp and the people in charge, The Head Masters, are the young adults who take care of all the kids who are at the age 14-18.

There's are definatly no parties, girls & boys must be devided and beds are made as soon as you wake. There are TWO kids per dorm room in the building. Most important, NO FIGHTING. Everyone it to be on best behavior.

By the way... this is what happens in a normal dorm... building dorm 4? Not the LEAST bit normal.

"MANNY! EMMA!" came a high pitch scream. A girl named Anya stormed down the stairs and whined, "Johnny cut off Mr. Bears head!" she shot up her headless toy.

Emma turned first. Emma was tall, beautiful and blonde ofcourse. But no, she wasn't a stupid blonde, she was actually pretty smart, and crafty. Sneaky, most would say. Her and Manny Santos, the brunette, were the head masters for the 7 girls in this know, when the other 7 boys and their head masters didn't invade.

Emma tossed her hair back and past Anya, going up the stairs saying, "Anya your 14, your too old for toys. Think of it as a favor from Johnny." she insists. Manny giggled patting Anya's back and followed Emma up the stairs.

Anya pouted but nodded.

The girls turned left on the top of the stairs, the other way was other rooms, Emma was headed for hers- until they stopped eruptly.

"Johnny! Put him down!" famous Johnny had little helpless Connor in a headlock. 16 year old picking on a 13 year old. Classic bullying. Johnny just stood there smirking.

Manny folded her arms and snapped, "Are you deaf? Or would you like me to take care of that smug face of yours?" she taunts raising an eyebrow at Johnny who scoffed. He then dropped Connor on his face and left.

Emma & Manny shared a look as they stepped over Connors groaning body and Emma yawned exhaustingly.

"Tired already? It's only midnight." Manny told her. So much for curfew...then again, this building never had curfew.

"The Dean- sorry, 'Tracker' has been harressing me day and night. I'm afraid to say something cause he's kind of like...the boss.." drifts Emma sharing a look with Manny who had to laugh.

"Ladies, ladies, PLEASE, call me Tracker." Manny mocked his words. He was like the principle of the school, and in his 30's! The girls just turned 20. As if!

Manny and Emma jumped when music suddenly blasted through out the whole 3 floored house.

Emma whiped open a door to a girls room and yelled, "What did we say?" she gestered to herself then to Manny at the young girls, Ali & Jenna, "If you're going to blast some music it better not be Madonna."

Manny nodded in agreement, "So 10 years ago.. and overplayed..." she rolled her eyes.

Ali and Jenna blinked to then nod together, "Yeah! Sure, we're sorry. Won't happen again." Ali insisted but hid something behind her back. Emma noticed Jenna twitching a little bit and eyed her to then scoff.

As Emma walked to the girls she sigh'd "What did I say aboutpiercings?" She grabbed Ali's hand and grabbed the needle as Jenna ashamely lifted her shirt to show a belly botton ring.

"I think I'm going to faint." Jenna admitted dramatically. From the door, Manny rolled her eyes. Though Emma was clever, sneaky, beautiful and usually always successful, Manny was the badass, promiscous, witty & sneaky girl. They both balanced another out since neither of them ever thought they'd be head masters for the dorm they grew up in. Guess you could say they changed their minds and didn't want anyone else to grow up like they did. Strict nuns in school, bedtime at 10 (Even on weekends!), no boys allowed, it was nonsense!

Emma frowned at her and then examined the piercing, "Least you can hide it," with that, her & Manny left.

As they walked together down the halls, Manny sniffed, "Do you smell that?" she asked.

Emma sniffed and closed her eyes. The chaos never stopped.

They followed the smell to room 208 where Holly J, Mia & Fiona hung out in. 3 pretty girls stood around a trash can that was lit on fire. The girls were beauty but not much brain. They always wore skirts or dresses, hair perfect and all of them were 16. To get their way, they liked to seduce I guess you could say.

"Science book." Holly J demanded and Mia happily handed it to her and she threw it in the trashcan so it could burn up.

Fiono gasped, "Don't forget Math!" They all gasped together and clapped after throwing it in.

Emma just gave Manny a look and the two backed up and left. It's as if no one in the house including the head masters saw how crazy it was. But... at least it felt like home, and they were like family.

"We need a beer." Manny declared.

Emma smiled nodding and led her to the stairs. Their favorite place to hangout was on the rooftop. As they walked toward the exit doors, they passed K.C and Clair, age 15 by the way.

"Evening Emma & Manny." Clare politely waved and KC just gave a crooked smile as he held hands with his girlfriend and pulled her away. It was always odd those two, yes oppisites attracted but KC was really down to earth, Clare was smart nuts.

Finally at the stairs that led them to the roof. The girls skipped up them and said, "I can't wait for a-" she was cut off as something exploded.



The girls squeled and stood close to another, covering their ears. They looked up toward the sound in the sky and saw fire works.

The girls relaxed and exclaimed, "GUYS!"

Blue, Riley, Declan and Peter were laughing hard and doing fireworks off the roof and into the night. Emma shook her head annoyed. She wanted a damn BEER!

"Awee. Come on." said a husky voice, "Their just having fun." both girls turned and Manny just nodded, Emma couldn't help but stare. Sean Cameron. One of the boys' head master. The hot one. The really, really hot one. He smirked sexily at Emma as he sat on a chair next to Lucas, the other head master and drinking beer.

Manny complained, "That's our beer."

Sean & Lucas just looked at another and smirked sipping it again.

"Whatever Manny, let's just go back down." Emma insisted, grabbing Manny's hand. Sean seemed to jump up out of his seat. Declan nudged the guys and nodded over to their head masters.

"You-" Sean coughed and told them, "You can stay up here." he informs and looks to Emma, "We don't bite." he teased.

Though they lived in the same building for almost a year now, Sean still wasn't use to Emma around. She always made him... nervous. Which made him MORE nervous because he wasn't use to girls making him feel this way. He was the heart breaker girls lined up for knowing he'd just come and go. But he wanted to be around, LIKED being around Emma.

Emma smiled a little to Sean, "It's fine." she blinked and looked to Lucas as well, "Enjoy OUR beer. That's what you guys get for stealing. No company."

"That's fine. I'm use to being a lonely drunk." Lucas said and cheered beers with himself. Sean snickered looking at him and turned to look back at Emma and Manny and saw they were already going down the stairs. Emma connected eyes with him once more and he swallowed hard, watching her go until out of sight.

Suddenly there was laughter.

Sean turned to look at Riley, Peter, Declan and Blue. Declan laughed, "Way to be, Boss." Sean wasn't really a boss, but Declan was just a smart ass. You know boys.

"Why don't you go get her some flowers and candy." Riley confirms with another laugh.

"Better yet maybe a puppy." added Blue putting a finger up and smirk.

Declan laughed, "Yeah right, she's got one. It's him. Look at those sad puppy eyes. Head Master wanna treat? Treat a.k.a Emma." he declared. They all joined laughing again and Sean joined in to then glare, suddenly the guys stopped.

Sean bittered, "Why don't you shut your mouths and remember just who is not only in charge here but can pummel your asses?" he raised an eyebrow and they all shut up. Sean nodded and went back to Lucas grabbing a beer.

"Oh, he said ass." Peter whispered to the guys. Sean sighed and opened his beer. Knew that wouldn't shut them up for too long.

"Telling the Dean you said ass!" exclaimed Riley. The boys couldn't help but start laughing again.

Lucas finally barked, "Fuck off. Go back to your kid fireworks. Leave the big stuff to the big boys."

Sean nodded in agreement and reached in his pockets grabbing his cigerettes, he pulled out one and lit it up as he entertainingly watched the boys in silence look curiouser and curiouser.

"Big stuff?" asked Blue "What do you mean big stuff?"

"Hey, can we have some?" Declan questioned, nodding toward the beer they held.

"This?" Sean asked raising the beer in his hand.


"Sure." Sean smiled wide, and it looked ever so charming, until he frowned quickly and snapped, "After you guys go make us a snack."

"Awe man." they all groaned and began walking down the stairs.

"Told you not to open your big mouth." Peter said to Declan who rolled his eyes,

He insisted, "I had to. He's weak when Emma comes around."

Sean narrowed his eyes at that until the guys were gone. Lucas chuckled sipping his beer again, "True say.". Sean glared at him too.