"Last chance." Peter warned Sean, back at the auto shop.

He sighed, crossing his strong arms over his chest.

"Yeah!" Declan said beside Peter, "You come back or we totally band you from ever talking to us again."

Sean gave a taunting look, as if it'd bug him..he then sighed, maybe a little. God they were like annoying brothers.

"It's not that easy." He told them sadly.

"How come?" shot Riley.

"Yeah you poofter," Blue said, Riley shot him a look, Blue added, "Take the tampon out your ass and go fight for your girl."

Peter nodded and then smirked, "She is going with Jesse you know.. since you left." He lied.

Sean looked at him and clenched his jaw, tightening his grip around the wrench he held. His blood boiled.

"So you not coming back then?" Declan asked, getting the hint at Sean not speaking.

"Fine, lets leave guys." Snapped Riley, walking and leading them off.

Peter turned and admitted to Sean, "I looked up to you." he then snickered and shook his head, walking off.

Sean looked away and around his new job uneasily.

"Em?" Holly J whispered, coming into Emma's room who just slept in her bed, even though it was 6pm.

"What are you doing?" freaked Fiona, turning on the light.

Emma groaned, heartbreak made her sad..and sleepy..lifeless.

"Your suppose to be getting ready for your dance." Mia said, the rest of the girls following behind her.

Emma grumbled, "What's the point?"

Mia sat down and reminded, "You bought a pretty dress you look beautiful in, that's the point."

Emma shrugged, "I just have to get up early tomorrow to pack anyways..we all do." She looked at them so sadly.

They all shared looks without Emma, like she wasn't in on something.

"Just do us this last favor and go." Holly J begged, they all pouted, nodding and pleading.

Emma shook her head...not without Sean.

"Sorry guys." She said, falling back in bed. She was hopeless..

Lucas then came in and leaned on the door smirking, "I said I'd drag you remember?"

"You all are evil." Emma declared, seeing he was serious as Manny came in smiling, holding a curling iron.

"I'm doing your hair." Manny declared.

"Hot." Was all the girly girls had to say when Emma was finished up, in her beautiful lace dress, her long blonde hair curled into one big curl tossed to the side. She put on her silver chained necklace, big diamond on the end.

"Owww" joked Clare even, clapping.

"Awww." Said Fiona, putting her hand to her heart as Manny stepped out too.

"Shut up." Manny laughed, seeing they were mocking Emma and her from their dance night.

Manny looked great too, wearing a pink hip hugging strapless dress.

"Ladies." Sighed Lucas, pretending the work of a pimp was so hard, he stretched his arms out and they laughed, both hooking arms with him as they walked out.

The Dance was nice, romantic looking with candles and dim light, the tables clothes with crème color blankets. Everyone danced to the music and emma and Manny laughed at Lucas' moves, when they went out to dance.

They took a breather and went to the punch table.

"Hey Em." Smiled Jesse, coming over.

Both Manny and Lucas shared a look, narrowing eyes at Jesse, then Emma.

Emma coughed and greeted awkwardly, "Hey Jesse."

"So..you think you could spare a dance for me?" he asked, slyly grinning.

Emma shook her head, "Um.. I don't think so." She declared but apologised, "I'm sorry."

"Seeing someone?" he asked, rejected.

"Not anymore." Emma admitted, playing with her hands and looked down sadly. A sad memory crossing her mind..

Emma finally tried to catch her breath after Sean kissed her, and they leaned forehead against forehead.

"You know how long I've been wanting to do that?" Sean asked Emma.

"Ouch, that must of insulted him more." Lucas said about Jesse's rejection when Emma told him she wasn't seeing anyone, but still didn't want a dance.

"You think?" laughed Manny until they stopped when seeing their dorm kids come in and over to them.

"What the.." drifted Lucas.

"You guys!" exclaimed Manny, they weren't suppose to be here!

"What are you doing here?" Emma asked.

Ali smiled beside Jenna and Johnny, saying, "We wanted to be here to the announcement."

"What announcement?"Manny asked confused.

"Ahem." The microphone on the stage squeeked and Tracker stood at it, he paused for a second as he saw all building 4 there, he looked nervous, he finally spoke again, "I just wanted to say something. I gave notice to the other dorms that they would need to make room for building 4's kids.." he swallowed hard,"I want to take that back, and please ignore my asking of you to do so, they are staying in building four."

The dorm kids cheered, jumping up and down, the couples hugging.

"What?" Emma asked in shock.

"OH MY GOD!" Manny shrieked happily and hugged Lucas tightly.

"you guys did this..didn't you?" Emma eyed them.

The guys smiled guiltingly, "Well.." drifted Riley.

"Yes." KC spoke up, which he didn't a lot, but took pride in this. Emma laughed.

"It went like this..." Johnny reminded her, "those cookies we made? My special recipe, filled with weed."

Emma's mouth dropped, "You drugged everyone?"

"Everyone and the Dean." Peter said happily, Declan high fived him and they laughed.

"Tracker?" Manny asked in terror but had to laugh, couldn't of been that bad since Tracker just gave them back their dorm!

"We took pictures of it all." Mia said, shaking her cellphone.

"You sneaky devils." Lucas had to admit. He was so proud!

Blue told the story... "It happened like this.."

"School board won't be so happy seeing these pictures." Holly J said, after leading everyone into Tracker's office that Thursday night.

She smacked pictures down, him downing cookies, then looking uberly stoned, the next, drinking with all the girls. One of Fiona kissing his cheek as he highly smiled, clearly doped up.

"We have you, kissing a teenage girls cheek too, who is DRINKING." Fiona said, showing him the picture of him kissing her cheek back. What? She did it for her friends!

"oh my god!" Tracker said in horror.

"Yeah, we went there." Admitted Declan, holly J smiled proudly.

"You little.." Tracker could just ring their little evil necks.

Mia spoke up, "Also, we'd love to point out to the school board of our big party in building 2, so..if you're going to kick us out of our building, you have to do the same to building 2." She showed him pictures of building 2 partying hard, that was the night of their dance, when they locked the masters up and ruined everything

"Who the hell raised you?" Tracker said in disgust, but they happily smiled.

"Our head masters." They proudly confirmed at once.

"They made us strong, and happy." Clare declared, shaking her head at him as if to ask how dare he try to split them up.

Anya nodded and said, "And above all, they made us family." They all smiled at another, nodding.

Tracker swallowed nervously when Riley and blue took threatening steps toward him, "If you try to ruin them, or us.. we will ruin you."

"Fine!" Tracker squeeked.


"Get your asses out of here! I don't want to ever speak of this again!" Tracker yelled. They started to pile out but Declan and Holly J turned.

"Just stay away from us and we'll stay away from you." Holly J said, blowing him a kiss and left.

"Oh my god, you guys!" Manny exclaimed, but was impressed by the story.

So that's why they've been so sneaky.

"Well..am I the only one thats going to say it?" Emma said, looking displease.

They all frowned.

Emma smiled, "We're finally back to being a family!" they all cheered and shared hugs, music blasting and going with their perfect moment.

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
Time after time

They pulled apart and Emma shared a hug with Manny, until Manny pulled away and raised an eyebrow.

"Think your dates here." She gave Emma a look until backing off and smiled, watching Emma turned.

Emma was confused until she saw Sean come in, looking around awkwardly but glancing at her sadly.

She sadly looked down but was overly happy he came, even if in just jeans and a white wife beater with..grease? On it? Who cares, he looked hot as always, muscels popping out.

Emma went over and he dug his hands into his pockets, "Heard the announcement." He said.

Emma nodded, smiling slightly, happy about it but still sad about them.

You said go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

He took a closer step to Emma and sighed unhappily, "I'm also really sorry for being a rude, jealous jerk." He confirms.

Emma gave him hopeful eyes and he shook his head at himself, looking down.

"I fell for you the moment I saw you, which wasn't expected since I never cared to ever chase a girl, but I always find myself just thinking constinatly about you-"

Emma shut him up as she kissed him, he smiled against the kiss and pulled her close, kissing her back.

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time

They pulled away breathless and smiled lovingly at another, Sean holding his hands around her tiny waist.

"you look beautiful." He told her and her heart skipped, smiling widely.

She then shut her eyes, slightly embarrassed as they heard their dorm kids cheering from the side and oh'ing so immaturely to their kiss.

Sean just laughed and kissed her again.

Time after time
Time after time
Time after time

And the dorm would always live happily, insanely forever.. because that's what Building 4 at St Adams Acedemy was.