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I've gone back and corrected or changed a few things. The purpose of the first few chapters is t o establish a stronger Lelouch/Kallen relationship.

Zero is looking up at a gun. Behind the gun is his best friend Suzaku Kururugi.

Of course Suzaku did not know who Zero was.

"If you don't do something them you'll die," Zero screamed at Suzaku.

"That's better than disobeying orders," Suzaku responded.

"Stubborn fool."

At that moment Suzaku heard two familiar voices screaming at him from below.

Then Zero opens the hole over his left eye.

"Live on"

Suddenly Suzaku was filled with a desire to survive not matter what his superiors said.

Suzaku found himself staring up at the sky. For some reason he couldn't remember how he got there. He stood up. He looked around and reasoned that he was on another island.

He looked for a water source and found a small waterfall. He walked towards it. There was no one there.

Suzaku thought, "Where was Zero? And why did he think he heard the voices of Kallen and Euphie screaming at him before he blanked out.

Zero looked around. He was atop a small hill.

"I must be on a different island. It can't be too far. I have to find a way to contact Ohgi."

Zero heard something below him. There was Euphemia. She looked up at him. Zero pulled out his gun and pointed it at her.

"Lelouch. You're Lelouch right," she said.

Zero gasped.

"I didn't tell anyone." she stated, "I swear. So before you fire your gun let me see you one last time."

Zero puts his gun down and removed his mask. Euphie sighed in a mixture of joy and horror. Joy at the sight of her long lost brother and the possibility of also seeing Nunnally. Horror at the thought that he was Zero.

"How is Nunnally?"

"She is fine. We live together at Ashford Academy."

"Ashford Academy. That's where Suzaku attends."

"Yes I know."

"How do you know Suzaku?"

"I have been here seven years. Suzaku was the son of the late prime minister under whose care we were under. So Suzaku is my friend."

"I see."

Suddenly a shape comes out of the forest and rushes at Euphemia. It was Kallen. "I have captured her, Zero"

Kallen had only been able to hear mumbling before. She looked up at Zero. Lelouch rushed to put his mask, but it was too late.

"No. There's no way," Kallen gasped, "You can't be Zero. Lelouch is Zero."

"I'm afraid so my big brother is the man behind the mask," Euphemia proclaimed.

"Your big brother? How is that possible?"

Lelouch looks at Euphie "How did you figure it out."

"During the hotel jacking, but I just confirmed it now."

Kallen falls to the floor. "How? Why?

Euphie looks at Lelouch. He begins to tell his story to both of them.

"Then it's settled I know what I must do," proclaims Euphemia as her stomach growls, "Um but first we should find some food."

Lelouch is trying to dig a trap for some animals but is having problems.

"Maybe we could help." said Euphie

"Like I'm going to have a princess do this."

"Humph," sighed Kallen

"Well. Let's go find us some fruits," Euphie says as she grabs Kallen and runs off.


"Don't go too far you two."

Meanwhile elsewhere on the island Suzaku is having no problems catching some fish to eat.

Euphie and Kallen find some berries in nearby trees. "Kallen that was your name right."

Kallen sighs, "Yes your highness." Of course Kallen sounds very sarcastic.

"You like you are part Japanese. Am I correct?"


"I see did you not know who Zero was until today."

Kallen looks away. Euphie looks at her.

Euphie continues. "Do you like him?"

Kallen looks at Euphie. "Lelouch annoys me with his indifference, but Zero."

Euphie looks up at the sky. "But they are the same person, Lelouch and Zero."

Kallen sighs, "Zero is charismatic and leads. Lelouch just sits around. They are complete opposites."

"Still the same person," Euphie sighs, "However I love Lelouch and despise Zero for what he has done. To Clovis. To." Euphie begins to tear up.

Kallen looks at Euphie with sympathy. "I had a brother. He died so," Kallen cannot contain herself and begins to cry.

Euphie looks at her. "Your brother was also a resistance fighter and died in his battle."

Kallen nods.

"Then let's work together and make his dream come true."

"Wait maybe I can catch some fish," Kallen exclaims.

Kallen goes down to a small creek.

The girls return to Lelouch with fish and fruits, who has yet to finish his animal trap.

"What's wrong? They're delicious right." Euphie asks.

Kallen adds, "I guess the trap will be finished tomorrow."

After dinner the three are looking up at the stars.

Euphemia is lying down. "The stars haven't changed. They still look like they did that time. In the past, everyone would look at the stars together. I only we could keep everything as it was. That would be great. Can't we go to the past now?"

Lelouch and Euphemia remember a time when together with Nunnally and Marianne they looked up at the stars. Kallen remembers her brother.

"You're right. It would be great to go back to those times. We should go to sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will bring."

Kallen and Euphemia sleep while Lelouch ponders his actions.

Suzaku sees a light as he tries to sleep. Lelouch also sees it. In the morning Suzaku heads towards the light. Lelouch and the girls also cautiously head towards the light.

Lelouch wonders out loud. "It must be the search team. Let's confirm it then decide the next course of action."

"Action," Euphemia states, "Lelouch if it is a search team, than our time together is done."

"We can't help it. The knight beside you now is one who is useless to the extent where food has become a problem.

Kallen grunts. Euphie laughs.

Lelouch continues. "Also Suzaku is you true knight. May I ask why you chose an honorary Britannian as your knight?"

"It's because"

They approach a clearing and see a figure coming from the other side. Lelouch puts on his Zero cape and mask. It's Suzaku coming towards them. Euphemia cannot contain herself.


"Princess Euphemia!"

Zero runs up to Euphemia and grabs her. "Don't move. She is my hostage." To Euphemia, "Play along with me."

Suzaku gets angry. "Zero you're still."

Suzaku begins to walk towards Lelouch and Euphemia. Kallen begins to sneak behind the trees to get behind Suzaku.

Zero yells at Suzaku, "Don't move. No matter how high the price is, you still want to eliminate all terrorists. Are you prepared to rely on that rule of yours to give up on your mistress? I think that in now ineffective"

Kallen jumps out and catches Suzaku from behind.

"Kallen is that you. Why are you here?"

"I'm a member of the Black Knights. I lead Zero's personal squad. I have fought you battle with my Knightmare."

"The red one?"

"Yes, me and my Guren will defeat you in battle no matter the cost."

Euphemia shake herself loose from Zero. "Stop it. Don't worry about me. Suzaku fight!"

Suzaku breaks free from Kallen. "Now is the time."

He runs towards Zero and Euphemia. Zero moves away. Suddenly the ground turns bright red and begins to shake. They fall through the ground to some sort of temple in what appears to be a cave. There are Britannian soldiers all around. When the soldiers see Zero the go to shoot him, but are stopped by General Bartley who points out Princess Euphemia. He orders them to capture Zero and Kallen.

Kallen looks around and sees Knightmares. "Zero, there are Knightmares over there."

"Alright let's use it. Let's go."


Kallen uses a light to stun the guards. Suzaku just stands there stunned. Kallen and Zero board the Knightmare. Just their luck it is empty and is on. Zero notices Schniezel. Bartley screams at the guards too capture the Knightmare and Zero. As the approach the entrance Kallen notices Knightmares coming at them.

"Zero, Knightmares."

Zero attempts to use the weapons but they are incomplete.

"Zero we will crash into those Knightmares."

"No there is another method of movement for this Knightmare."

Zero moves the lever and the Knightmare begins to fly. Kallen is shocked at the thought of a Knightmare flying.

Kallen and Lelouch are sitting alone in Lelouch's room.

"Are you returning to Ashford, Lelouch?"

Lelouch looks at Kallen "Of course. I have no reason to fear."

"But Euphemia knows."

"She won't tell anyone so it won't be a problem."

"If you return, I have to go back to protect you."

"I think Suzaku saw you back there. And wouldn't it look odd if you suddenly began to pay me more attention."

Kallen sat there pensive. Lelouch was right. she thought.

"I have an idea. You can become my girlfriend."

"WHAT? No, that's not a good idea."

"Why not it would help solve several problems. First it would allow us to be together even alone with more ease. If we happen to be gone at the same time, people will only think we are doing something together. Second it will take care of my Milly and Shirley problem. And thirdly you can protect me, since you are the leader of my Zero squad."

Kallen looks at Lelouch. Of course he sees this logically but just in case.

"We will only be dating for show so I can be near you. Nothing else will happen."

Lelouch looks up.


"I understand. However."

Lelouch leans towards Kallen and kisses her on the cheek.



Kallen is fuming.

"You send nothing would happen between Lelouch Lamperouge and Kallen Stadtfeld. But here we are Zero and Kallen Kouzuki."

"No, Lelouch is Zero. Zero is Lelouch. And I am always Kallen Kouzuki."

"When did you figure this out?"

"When me and Euphemia went to collect fruit. We decided that you are the same person."



"Lelouch Lamperouge and Zero are the same person, Lelouch vi Britannia and I will avenge my mother's death and my sister's pain."

Back at Ashford

"It's time to start the school festival. We start with this sound."


Lelouch is on the roof talking with Deithard about upcoming plans when Milly rushes to get him.

"Where have you been? Lelouch is in charge of everything."

"Everything was going well. After all this is the president's responsibility."

Milly won't put up with any dissension.

Suzaku is cutting onions. Kallen comes up behind him and draws out her knife.

Suzaku stops. "I thought you might never return to school again."

"Why haven't you told anyone my true identity?

"Because you are Kallen Stadtfeld now, right?"

"What are you trying to do lure me in with your pity?"

"In the battlefield I show no mercy, but I'll continue in my attempt to persuade to leave the Black Knights. Although I know I'm going against the rules, in school I will try and persuade you instead of fighting you."

Lelouch walks in and notices Kallen and Suzaku and smirks.

"Kallen, sweetheart we need you for something in one of the classrooms.

Lelouch approaches Kallen and puts his arm around her. Kallen doesn't move but fumes inside.

"What's going here?" Suzaku inquires.

Lelouch is about to say something. Kallen interrupts him.

"Lulu and I are dating now," Kallen says as she goes to kiss Lelouch.

Suzaku is stunned as Lelouch and Kallen walk out hand in hand.

Minutes later Kallen is playing a haunted mattress in a haunted house. She comes up to scare someone and discovers it is Ohgi with a woman. She takes them down to a basement to question why they are here.

Meanwhile elsewhere.

CC comes out to get some of the biggest pizza in the world when she runs into Lelouch. Lelouch is horrified at the thought of Suzaku or someone else discovering CC. She takes her down to the supply basement. He tells CC to wait there and he will get her a piece of the pizza. When suddenly Kallen, Ohgi, and Villetta appear.

"Kallen, nobody but staff can be down here."

Lelouch sees Ohgi and freaks out. Kallen knows who he is and if she saw CC there would be no problem, but Ohgi would present a problem. Then Suzaku and Shirley walk into the room. Shirley walks towards Kallen.

"Hey Kallen, is there any burner fuel there? Rivalz is looking for it."

"I don't see any here," Kallen responds.

Lelouch tells CC to stay hidden and he walks up to try and draw attention away from Ohgi and CC.

Shirley sees Lelouch "Lelouch are you here too there's something I need to talk to you about.

Suzaku says, "Shirley wait, I think they want to be alone."

"What do you mean?"

Lelouch shakes his head at Kallen.

"Shirley, we can talk later."

Kallen pushes some boxes down a same time Lelouch explodes some bags of flour.

(On a side note why does Lelouch have flour ready to explode?)

They find what they need and Lelouch has to prepare for the pizza.

Lelouch looks at Kallen "What was all that about? What was Ohgi doing here and who was he with?"

Kallen shakes her head, "I don't know, but we make a pretty good team you and me.

After securing that Euphemia is securely taken away. Suzaku goes to talk to Lelouch. He finds him at home having just tucked Nunnally in bed. It was a long trying day for her.

"Lelouch, I need to ask you something."

Lelouch looks towards Suzaku he know what Suzaku wants to ask him about but he plays along. He signals for Suzaku to come to the dining room. He sets some tea out.

"Yes Suzaku, what is it about?"

"Lelouch about your relationship with Kallen. Well it seems a little sudden,"

"Well I suppose it does. But over these last few weeks I have been thinking about Nunnally's safety."

"Nunnally's safety?"

"Yes , the Ashford family has helped us all this time, but for how long can their goodwill continue."

Suzaku ponders this. Something seems out of place. For Euphemia to suddenly come and meet with Lelouch and Nunnally. After the events on Kamine Island Euphie was quiet about her time with Zero.

Lelouch sees Suzaku thinking. He decides to continue. "Well as I was saying."

Suzaku looks at him. "Yes."

"The Stadtfeld family is of good standing. Kallen is a good and kind friend. It seems like a good match and one that will ensure Nunnally's safety beyond Ashford. I have spent the last few months getting to know Kallen. While it may still be some time away I think there is a future in it."

Suzaku wondered about his words. Even with his military commitments he spent enough time here to notice anything going on between the two of them. Nunnally said that Lelouch has been coming home late almost every night. There were even nights when he wasn't coming home at all.

Lelouch knew what Suzaku was thinking. The Kallen situation was a close call but a necessary one to make her even more loyal to him.

The ending of R1 is the same. The only exception is Kallen makes more of an attempt to rescue Lelouch only to be interrupted by Britannian forces. Lelouch commands her to escape.