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This is a setup for the contiuation which will take place about seven years after this chapter.

2028 ATB a cave somewhere in western Britannia

As he enters a cave the raven haired boy pulls off his mask.

He sighs and looks around, "I tire of wearing this mask."

"It could be worse. You could have people calling you a witch and trying to kill you."

The boy laughs, "I suppose so," He looks over at his former accomplice, "You look old."

The woman grunts, "I had forgotten what it meant to grow. Of course now I have to be more careful about doing things," she looks at his youthful face and sighs, "And it's only been a few years."

"I guess when you consider your entire life, it has only been a few years. At least you have managed to stay in shape and your changed your look."

The woman grunts once more, "Here are the documents. It seems as if there were others involved in researching geass and its effects. It also looks like they have been looking into something more dangerous. Something now considered taboo."

The boy twists his mouth, "I guess that it isn't over yet," He takes the documents, "Just be careful out there."

She smiles and walks back into the cave, "Aren't I always?"

Before exiting the cave the boy makes sure to put his mask back on. As he exits the cave he is attacked by two little girls.

"Daddy, where were you?"

"Ya daddy we was looking for you."

Lelouch corrects her, "We were looking for you."

"That's what I said."

"Ya what I said."

Lelouch hugs his two daughters.

"The two of you are scary sometimes."

The black haired one looks at her father.

"What do mean daddy? Scary like mommy after you eat all the pizza or after brother writes all over the wall."

"Maybe we's scary like momma in her knightmare."

He looks back into the cave and doesn't respond to his daughters' question.

The red headed girl asks, "Did you meet someone in there, daddy?"

He nods, "Yes, a very old friend."

"An old friend?"

"Yes so what do you girls want to do next?"

"Let's climb that mountain."

He looks at the quizzically, "What about your mother, brothers and sister?"

"They can come if they want to."

The black girl nods in agreement.

He sighs loudly, "Let's just go down. Your mom is setting up the picnic. Your aunt will be coming soon with your brothers and sisters."

The black haired girl squeezes her father tight.

"What about our cousins, are they coming as well?"


The two girls let out squeals of joy and run down to join the family. The father lags behind looking into the cave and down at the paperwork. It appears as if their work is not done. He quickly hurries to join his family. He will have to inform everyone of the situation.

Colonel Madd is a man on a mission. His first test subjects are completely unrecognizable now. Now almost thirty years later he has perfected the art. Even his most recent batch of "Irregulars", is no match for what he is producing now. However if those little traitors think that he has forgotten about their betrayal, they are sadly mistaken. He will make the damn demon emperor pay as well. Madd knows who is pulling the strings behind the little empress. No that damn demon would not just abdicate without retaining some sort of power.

Madd is taking Britannian science and medicine, already the best in the world, to new levels. It is quite a pity that VV and the previous emperor did not consider the applications of what the Geass Order was doing. They only worried about their Ragnarök, their world of dreams with no lies or gods. Madd is not so foolish. He carefully gathers his samples. He knows that one day they will come in handy. A few have to be eliminated early on. Madd just has to remind himself that they are not children and are only clones.

A few have to be completely destroyed so that he could not make the same mistake twice. He maintains several facilities, and a few times has to destroy certain of those facilities. Out of all the samples only two based on any of the royal children work. They are Cornelia and Odysseus. The former is no surprise to Madd. From what he knows about Cornelia, she normally follows orders in order to protect what she holds dear. That means that Madd has to create a Euphemia, but still it is worth it. The Odysseus is quite a surprise because Madd always took the prince for an incompetent, but the clone has more than proven himself as a proficient diplomat.

The same can not be said for the Lelouch, Schniezel, and Karine clones. The former two keep fermenting dissent in the facilities they are housed in. The first time Madd took it as bad luck, but then it happens again. He destroys all the Lelouch and Schniezel samples. The Karine one is just insane. She keeps babbling about working with stupid numbers. He destroys all those samples as well. It is also no use trying a mind control device on them because somehow those clones manage to fight it off.

Madd should have kept track of when the samples were taken. For the most part they were taken after the first Black Rebellion before Zero returned. A few samples were useless because of the person's ideals. The Suzaku Kururugi was a clear example of this. At least Madd was able to get information out of it. Like Kururugi's love for Euphemia. Yes that will come in handy.

However the time is not ripe for anything. No the clones have to be trained. Knightmares have to be built. The former Black Knight clones are the most anxious to get out there. Madd also has to dispose of a few of these. The Tamaki is the first to go. The Ohgi proves to be the most useless. Unfortunately he is not able to get samples of all the Four Holy Swords since Kosetsu Urabe is never captured or registered. Still Madd makes a few clones of those that he had. These are quite compatible with the mind control device.

Yes Madd only has to bide his time. Even if this first batch fails, he has plenty more. He will make the demon emperor pay for cutting his funding and taking his girls. Yes they will all pay for calling him a madman and declaring him an enemy to humanity. They will see how much of an enemy he was. He will destroy them all and create a new world in his image.

Over the past nine years Nunnally has had many failures and successes as empress. She manages to free most of the world from oppression with help of the Zero Squad. In her mind one of her most impressive feats is regaining the ability to walk on her own. She remembers the first time she is able to do it on her own. Lelouch had just come back from confronting their parents. Of course her legs are not ready to go back then. Now she is able to stand with no help, although a little help was always appreciated.

"Here you majesty let me help you."

Nunnally smiles at her knight. "Thank you, Alice. By the way where is Dalque?"

Alice looks around for her fellow knight.

"I believe that she is with your husband discussing plans for tonight's security."

Nunnally nods and smiles. Her husband. It is a concept that she spent many years ignoring. For seven years Lelouch is her life. Sayoko and the student council are part of it as well, but Lelouch is center of it. With her condition she never would have expected to amount to much. Although she and Suzaku love each other very dearly, in the early years of her reign work got in the way. Eventually with some prodding from Milly and Kallen, they came to terms with their love. Unfortunately Nunnally's previous condition makes her sterile so like CC she adopted many children from around the world.

Nunnally and Alice begin to walk out into the garden to look for Suzaku.

"By the way Alice, do you know when my brother is set to return from his camping trip?"

"I think that Sancia said they would return later today."

Nunnally sighs. As a child she would have loved to have her parents take her camping. She knows that Lelouch had another objective besides spending time with his family. Nunnally looks over at Alice. Much like herself the Irregulars have also become sterile do to the experiments they underwent. Using their unusual geass powers too taxes their body because the CC cells in them gain power. Lloyd, Rakshata, and Cecile have been working on a permanent cure, but the girls wish to maintain their abilities to protect their new found friends.

"Then we should prepare a celebration for their return."

Alice twists her mouth. The former emperor would not like that very much, but Milly probably would. Nunnally grabs Alice and yanks her.

"Let's go. We have so much planning to do and so little time."

Even though Nunnally is already in her middle twenties, sometimes she can act so much like a little girl.

As their jet nears Neo-Pendragon Lelouch can see that the celebration is already underway. He sighs as his newborn son squirms a little. For some reason Kallen decides to name him, Kaname. His next two youngest sons, Arthur and Suzaku, (you can probably guess which one is Milly's) are sound asleep beside him. While the rest of his and CC's kids are looking out the window at the scene below them. Kallen, Milly, Sancia, and Lucretia are sitting behind the kids.

As he looks down, he wondered if it was a bad idea for Kallen to take CC's code when she did. It made sense at the time. CC would go away. With Kallen in the Zero Squad, Lelouch needs her to be able to survive through anything. Things around the world are getting hectic once more. In China many were calling for a return of the empress. In Europe many complained that the UFN wasn't doing enough o solve their problems. In Japan there was also talk of leaving the UFN if its grievances were not heard. Not to mention many in Britannia wanted the nation to return to its days of glory.

Still it is better than any alternative. It is certainly better than ruing the world as an eternal dictator. It is certainly better than dying because of some need to absolve Euphemia's name.

"Looks like the world still needs Zero."

Author's note: I guess how the raven haired boy's accomplice is still alive will have to be explained. It's called acting. She probably won't show up for a few more chapters since things will begin slowly. Also since she is on a mission.

So I was stumped as to who should be the main bad guy then I decided to steal an idea from myself. Colonel Madd's role in Rise the Black Prince is not as big as it will be here, but he hates Lelouch for much the same reason. Lelouch and Nunnally stole the Irregulars from him. They declared Madd's work illegal and immoral. The girls obviously chose to side with those are nice to them and are looking for a way to cure them. I think this works better than creating another code bearer. The clones will have geass abilities in the same way as the Irregulars which is a form of genetic manipulation.

For those who don't know. Colonel Madd and the Irregulars are from the Nightmare of Nunnally which is an alternate universe version of Code Geass in which Nunnally gains a geass. The Irregulars especially Alice are kind of like Suzaku in the anime Code Geass. Only once they side with Nunnally and Euphemia, they don't betray them. At the end Alice becomes Nunnally's knight. Let's not talk about the ending because it is sort of more depressing than the anime ending which at least has hope. But that's my opinion.

I guess the idea of cloning leaves open the idea of others returning. How does the idea of Kallen and Suzaku battling their mother-in-law sound?

In case anyone has forgotten Lelouch has lots of kids. There will be a few more when the story restarts since it will be sixteen years since they got married and eleven years since Lelouch abdicated in favor of Nunnally. Lelouch abdicated in favor of Nunnally so he could lead the Zero Squad and so that people would not notice that he isn't aging.

It will take some time to get this going. I probably have to go back and fix a few things in this story since I think my writing has improved over the past eight months. This story was the first thing I had written in many years so it was a little iffy at the beginning. I won't change any of the major points just a few things here or there.

There are also other couples who have kids and of course let's not forget CC's kids who were chosen for a reason. The other couples won't have as much kids because they are working. I'm still kind of unsure about what to do with Lloyd, Cecile, and Rakshata. I was thinking of Cecile meeting someone or joining Lelouch's harem. Lloyd and Rakshata are married to their work. The other couples are Rivalz/Nina, Jeremiah/Sayoko, Rolo/Kaguya, Gino/Anya, Xingke/Tianzi, Salzaar/Sora.