I remember the days

Before she came.

Tubes, clear glass,

And pain.

So much pain.

And before that,

For countless ages,

I lived in my home, my lake.

Keeping the world in balance.

The pokemon there:
My friends and subjects.

I was a lake goddess.

Then they arrived.

Captured me.

Trapped me.

She battled.



Saved me.

I was free.

I zoomed away,

Back to my lake,

I was free,

And I was rejoicing.

That's when she betrayed us.

I felt my sisters' outcry

As she trapped them.


Why do you turn on us?

She came to me, then,

A smirk on her lips

As she threw my fear of fears

The master ball.

I teleported.
It hit

Where I had been

A millisecond before.

Hurt, alone,

I fled.

You follow.

You follow,


And hunt me down.

Each time my hope weakens.

Each time your confidence grows.

Each time my teleport is slower.

And each time, or so it seems,

Your cursed ball is faster -

Closer to trapping me forever.

I can run, Betrayer,

But not forever.

A/N: This came from me thinking about the D/P/Pt games. You free the Lake Trio from Team Galactic, then proceed to hunt them down and trap them again. Exactly what does that say about the main character's morals? Well, this is easily my darkest fanfic. Please review! Depressing? Awesome? Stupid? Deep? Please tell me what you thought of it.