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Chapter 1

My heart was racing. I could feel the adrenaline racing through my body. My grip around the stake tightened as I prepared to do the thing I had come to Russia for.

To kill the man I love.

"Rose please" I couldn't bear it. The pleading in his voice reminded me too much of the old dhampir Dimitri. The one that felt like as if he was my other half. My arm was starting to hurt as he tried to pull me over the bridge to prevent me from falling in to the dark freezing waters of the Ob.

"Please don't. We need to be together"

He pleaded again. I couldn't believe how similar he sounded like his old self.


I know I had asked this a million times, and I knew the answer wasn't going to change but I had to make sure before I made the ultimate choice. I drank in his beautiful features that were highlighted in the moons light making him look even more beautiful. I prepared myself ready to strike. All that was holding me back was his answer.

"Because I need you. Because... I love you"

I froze. My heart stopped beating. I couldn't believe it. He had actually said it.

He said he loved me. I looked up at him to make sure if he was trying to trick me. But he wasn't. He was being sincere.

"Please don't do this. I love you Rose."

He was trying to pull me up again and this time I didn't hesitate. I honestly think I couldn't. I was still frozen with shock and my muscles were still and locked in place. As he dragged me back up onto the bridge I noticed I was still holding the stake in a very tight grip. He finally managed to get me over safely on the bridge. I'm pretty sure it wasn't too hard for, considering his strigoi strength. But I knew we were both worn out from the fight. My headache was starting to get worse again and I could see dark figures dancing around in my vision. I looked down at my hand and noticed that Oksana's ring wasn't on my finger anymore. I gasped as I looked t Dimitri's hand and saw that the ring was now on his finger. I was trying to figure how that could have happened then I realised it must have switched hands when he grabbed my hand to stop me from falling in the Ob. I looked into his face and saw him staring at me with panic and worry. I didn't know how this was possible. I remembered back to the house when I was trapped and Dimitri placed the ring on his finger and he started acting as if he actually wanted to hear what I was saying. And was acting like his old self and didn't even seem strigoi. The only way you could tell was by the horrible features like the red rings around his beautiful brown pupils. At the time I thought it was because we were talking about his family. But now I realise it was because of the ring. The ring that was charmed with spirit by Oksana. My heart was filled with joy as I realised, there might be a way that I could change him back to dhampir and save him. Strigoi were dead creatures and spirit was all things living. I smiled and could see Dimitri's eyes studying me.


I realised he was still clutching my shoulders and I was still standing on the other side of the bridge.

"Yes Roza"

He answered me with a chuckle. On that sounded nearly exact to his old dhampir with no cold or dark undertones to it.

I was still shocked about how this was possible. But at least for the moment I could pretend he wasn't strigoi. I looked down at his lips. They were wet from the rain and looked full and soft. I leaned forward and as if he could read my mind our lips met. It was sweet and wonderful.

Like it used to be.

I put my hand in his hair. That felt so soft to my touch. The warmth from the kiss spread around my body like fire. It was gentle and careful, not like all those hungry forceful kissed back at the mansion. I tried to get my leg onto the safe side of the bridge. But as soon I had done it I knew it was a big mistake. The bridge was wet from the rain and my other foot slipped. Before I even knew what was happening I felt myself being ripped away from Dimitri and our kiss was broken. I could feel myself falling getting further and further away from him. There was a loud ringing noise in my ears. I felt myself hit the water and it felt like I had fallen into liquid ice. The dark dangerous cold waters consumed me. I tried to swim back to the surface. But my muscles were locked into place because it was so cold. I could feel myself getting sleepy. I stopped fighting it; I knew I was going to die now. I was a little disappointed because I had finally figured a way to get Dimitri back and I would never be able to do it. I could see the ghost again. My head was throbbing with pain. Behind them I could see the giant black hole and I knew I would soon be joining them. I was leaving everyone behind. Lissa, Adrian, my mother, Christian, Eddie and Dimitri, I realised I would never see them again. I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and soon the dark waters of sleep swept me under.