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Chapter 2

I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and soon the dark waters of sleep swept me under...

The back of my head was throbbing with pain and felt like it was being hit with a hammer. I opened my eyes and the light stung my eyes. I looked around and everything looked blurry. I realised that I felt very cold and wet. My body ached with pain and I felt stiff and rigged. As I continued to search and look at my surroundings to get an idea of where I was, I suddenly remembered the events of what happened before, hit me like a tidal wave and knocked the breath out of me. Dimitri had said "I love you" and he wasn't just saying it to trick he was telling the truth.

I couldn't believe it.

I had actually found a way that I could possibly turn Dimitri back into a dhampir.

Something that I thought up until now was impossible.

Spirit could turn Dimitri back into a dhampir.

I started to cough and the tears started to burn down my cheeks. I looked around me and realised I was in a tiny run down cottage and in the distance I could hear the icy cold waters of the Ob flowing in the river and I knew that I had survived the fatal fall that I thought would surely take my life. I heard the door opened and I gasped as I realised it was Dimitri and knew that he must have saved me.

"Roza I see you are finally awake" he said in a gentle and caring tone.

I looked down at his hand and saw that the ring was still on his finger. He noticed me looking at his hand and he stared as well.

"Oh is this your ring. It must have slipped on during our fight" he said with a smile

He started to take it off but I yelled.

"No don't!" my voice sounded very groggy and weird.

He looked at me startled. But I couldn't tell him the truth about the ring and that if he took it off he would become evil again. So instead I said.

"I want you to keep it as a gift from me."

I didn't know how long the spirit that was infused in the ring would last. But I probably didn't have much time and I had to tell him soon or I could lose him again to the dark side and that is something that I couldn't bear to see happen again.

Dimitri smiled his one sided smile. It was the smile that always seemed to tug at my heart. He started walking up to the bed where I lay and came and sat next to me. He put his hand on my cheek and let it rest there for a while. I froze thinking how long this could last before the magic wore off.

I needed Lissa to use her spirit to make Dimitri a dhampir again.


In the middle of all this drama I had forgotten the main reason of why I tried to run away from Dimitri in the first place. Lissa needed me or she was going to do something very reckless and dangerous that could cost her life.

I needed to save her from Avery. That two faced bitch.

Who was also a spirit user and was compelling Lissa and Adrian.

"Dimitri I need to go. Lissa needs me or she might get hurt and I can't bear to see anything happen to her." I said very quickly.

He looked at me. But I was already in motion. I got up and my head started to spin. I was about to fall but Dimitri caught in time. We looked each other in the eyes and I realised the sparks were still there. He let me go and I went to put on my clothes that he had carefully put out to dry and put my hair in a messy braid. Dimitri still sat on the bed.

"Roza you can't just leave" he said sounding a bit angry.

I could tell the magic was wearing of, meaning so was his patience.

"Please Dimitri I need to go. She is my best friend and we are bond mates. I am her guardian and it is my duty to protect her you have to let me go." I yelled

My patience was starting to wear thin as well. I walked up to him and bent down to sit down next to him on the bed. I gave him what I thought would be a quick kiss. But of course it always would turn into something more with us. The kiss started to get more intense as we both let our frustrations out about all the things that have gone wrong flow into the kiss. His soft lips move in sync with mine. And I could tell that we were made for each other. I entwined my fingers in his soft hair that I had always loved. As he started to push me down onto the bed. But again I remembered Lissa and pushed him off. We were both panting with lust and need but I couldn't just stay here while Lissa was in danger.

"Please Dimitri you have to let me go" I pleaded

I looked him intensely in the eyes and I could see the beautiful eyes being shaded by the red tinge that circled his brown eye colour. Finally he sighed and got up.

"If you're going then I'm coming with you"

I was shocked I was expecting to go at this alone and would never in a million years even imagine taking Dimitri with me. But here he was offering to come with me. But I couldn't possibly put him through that kind of danger.

"You can't. If anyone sees you they will kill you instantly"

"I don't care. I am not letting you go by yourself" he said in a strained voice.

"Now I'm going outside to call for a ride" he said

And with that he stepped out of the cottage and I could hear him talking Russian on the phone. Now that I knew I was going to go I needed help to get there and there is only one person that can help in a situation like this.


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