District 13 had started to become somewhat of a city after the Capitol invaded. Before, it was all just flat land and nothing-ness until you went underground. At which point, there were rooms hollowed out into the walls, with winding halls and caves made for certain jobs – such as the training room, kitchen, cafeteria and what-not. The "hospital" had the biggest cave, for obvious reasons. Before, everyone was assigned a room. Well, it was more of a cave, just a one-roomed hollowed space on the opposite side of curtains.

But since we won the invasion, and a few others along with an invasion ON the Capitol – which we also won, winning us the war – the Districts had come into enough money to start re-modeling.

The Capitol was turned into a place where the heads of the Districts lived, as well as a shipping place for everything the Districts made, and everything that was sent to the other Districts, such as food and clothing, as well as electronics.

The Districts kept their names and numbers, but rankings were removed, and money and power were divided equally among them. Some of the Districts – such as One and Two – weren't approving at first, but the other Districts outnumbered them on the Senate, so they really had no choice. They learned to live with it. Peacekeepers were eliminated completely, and Officers took their places. They were much… Nicer, to say the least.

After the rebellion, 13 no longer needed to hide. We decided to stay underground, however, because we were all so accustomed to it; and quite frankly, we liked it. So instead, renovations began. Caves were turned into actual rooms, with concrete and electricity. The hallways were expanded and cemented, painted and made into roads. Cars were seldom seen, however. Only to move things from one place to another that were obviously too heavy for people themselves to carry. But the roads were made, and lanes were made as well. People walk one way on one side, one way on the other. It wasn't that complicated.

Annie, Isabelle and I moved into our new room. It was in the "upper side" of 13, and it was bigger than some of the rooms on the other end. Danni lives next door, and she comes to visit often.

Isabelle's fifteen now. She's growing to be a beautiful young woman, and that means boys…

I mean, I was once fifteen too.

Hell, me and Annie were what… Fourteen when everything went down? No. Not my baby…

Danni has different ideas, however. She had introduced Isabelle to some guy when she was fourteen. Tyler. He seemed like a nice guy, but I wasn't letting them out of my sight.

They've been dating for about a year now.

I'm not worried about her, though. I know she can handle herself. Danni's been training her, and I must say, Isabelle has taken down anyone and anything that she's ever faced, and she's almost as deadly as Danny with the precision of her knives and fist-fighting. But she always makes sure she looks nice. Always. And Danni doesn't hesitate to style her hair and makeup, and take her to Cinna to get new clothes whenever an occasion arises that she might even remotely need new clothes for.

Isabelle still has the same brown eyes she's had since birth; still so big and shining, full of hope for the world. Her hair was long- to her waist – and it shone with the same bronze color as mine. Danni was telling her continuously that she'd look fabulous with a pixie cut, but I refused to allow her to do it. Annie could care less either way, but I wasn't going to let her do that. Danni still had her mow hawk; she said it was easy to style and it made her feel like more of a bad-ass than she already was. Isabelle enjoyed trying new styles with it, but I told her she'd never get one.

I wake up in the morning looking forward to my life. I look forward to seeing the family that was brought to me. To seeing the people that I love – that mean everything to me.

Thank God I never listened to my mother when she told me not to touch the sea urchins…


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