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It's been four days.

Four long, agonizing, grueling, mind-scattering days.

Kyle's still in the hospital. He still hasn't woken up.

The doctors told us that if he would wake up, there's a chance he'd still be all right. The bullets went through his shoulder, right above his heart. They said he was severely lucky.

I say they're severely retarded.

He never should have been hurt like that to begin with. He never should have been involved with anything like this at all. He should have been home, studying, preparing for college in the fall, just being a normal kid.

I shouldn't have dragged him into my world.

A gust of wind blows over my face and I look up into the breeze, taking a long breath. This thought has been circulating my head for days. I can't justify the way that I pulled him down with me. Given I didn't know that it'd go to such extremes as it did. I really never thought that he'd be in such danger just from being involved with me.

But I guess it's really too late to go back on the damage at this point.

The past few days have been such a blur. Watching Kyle being dragged away from me the first time, watching him presented by Cartman on the news, finding him, losing him again...It's surreal. I'd just been on my feet looking for him, running around almost aimlessly trying to get him back.

I can't even begin to imagine the pure Hell that he was going through.

I'd never seen him so broken before. I'd never seen Kyle Broflovski of all people so scared and tired and a complete mess like that. This whole situation is going to change him. He's going to take a long time to recover, it's going to be a hell of a lot more work than the kid needs to go through. He doesn't deserve it. He didn't deserve what Cartman did to him.

Out of habit, I growl at the thought of his name. That fucker. That fucking asshole.

After he shot Kyle, we managed to get him under control. Stan knocked him the fuck out and the police took care of him after that. He's sitting in a jail cell right now. In a way, I'm completely furious at this. I wanted him dead. I wanted him to fucking stare Kyle in the eyes as he died; see what damage he did to him, to fucking feel a pang of guilt before I finished him off.

But now, Kyle has to relive his nightmares. He'll have to go to court, retell everything that he went through, fucking tell a room of people every detail of what happened to him.

And I can just see that smug, fat asshole. He'll be sitting there, smirking to himself, knowing that he's going to jail, but just relishing in that one last moment of total power over Kyle.

And I can't be there with him.

I lean back against the wall of the hospital, looking in through Kyle's window. I can see Ike and Stan sitting beside him, flipping through a magazine. Kyle's parents went back to their house for a bit, arranging for their door and Kyle's bedroom window to be fixed after those assholes broke in and kidnapped the three of us. When we called them and they drove from the county to get to us, his mother was in hysterics, his dad was in shock, Ike was just quiet.

I look over at Stan. He's completely exhausted. He's been running back and forth between here, his house, and the jail. He's been keeping tags on the others with me. Token, Craig and them are in for questioning. The police were willing enough to tell me that the worst they'll get is community service for the little crimes that they did. They've done more than enough explaining of the situation with Cartman to help get them off the hook at least by a bit. James, Todd, and Martin are sitting along with the fatass, ready for the full extent of the law.

It makes me somewhat glad that I have some domain within the force. They'll listen to me like I'm a goddamn saint. It's helped a lot, at least I know for sure that Cartman's going to be put in jail for a long, long time. It's somewhat reassuring, but not nearly as much as one would want it to be. Both Stan and I were pining for the death penalty. And by death penalty, we mean that we wanted to be the ones to put the fatass out of our misery.

I smirk a bit as I look through the window still, seeing Ike getting up to leave and watching as Stan leans his elbow on the bed, placing his chin into his palm as he watches Kyle. The guy's been more than helpful with this whole thing. After I told him a few weeks back what was going on, he told me that he was more than willing to help me if I needed it.

I guess that was more than lucky for me. I gave him my extra uniform, telling him that he may need to put it on at some point in time, that I may be unable to help someone and he'd have to take over for just a little while. After Cartman's little fucking douchebag lackey shot me through the head, he took over for a bit. He knew just what to do and he followed through just as he'd promised.

A part of me feels bad that Kyle didn't know any of this before Stan. A part of me has wanted to tell him, tell all of them for years about my 'talent'. But in the end, I suppose that things worked out for the best.

Cartman had no idea what was happening and I suppose that that gave us the advantage in the long run. I just wish that Kyle had known. I can only imagine what the hell was running through his mind when he saw two of me. Not to mention what he thought when he caught that I was alive before he was shot.

The Kenny side of me is more than shocked by the fact that he remembered at all. He never has before. Hell, no one has. At first I thought that it was merely because he's Kyle. He's closer to me than anyone has ever been before. I thought his remembrance was merely a fluke.

But then I saw the news. And I heard all the people talking.

Kenny McCormick is officially dead.

No one had ever paid a second glance to it before, me dying and then just coming back. It was...our lives. It was so mundane and ordinary, no one cared. Hell, I got to the point of not caring a few years ago. It just became so routine.

But Cartman put it on the news that night when he shot me.

He told the world that I was Kenny McCormick. So the media followed suit. His name is all over the headlines now. His name is now the only one that is linked with Mysterion. To the world, it's no longer a mystery as to who Mysterion was. No one cared that McCormick was dead, they just wanted to follow Mysterion.

Now they think that he's dead as well. So that gave me a choice.

I could either come back as Kenny McCormick, let the world wonder about how I returned from the dead. Wonder about how the boy who'd had countless obituaries and memorials in his honor already came back to the world of the living.

Or, I could finally become one person.

Now Mysterion is officially back on the streets. But since McCormick is dead, now I can truly be a mystery again. No one I know is in danger, no one I care about is going to be in imminent trouble. In a way...I feel better than I did when I picked back up the cape. People still remembered Kenny as Mysterion from when we were kids, I was paranoid that someone who wanted to do something bad remembered and was determined that I was him again.

But now everyone believes the latter option that lingered in their minds: That someone else assumed the Mysterion identity. This is a completely fresh start. In a way, this little escapade was a blessing in disguise for me.

For Kyle, however...the reassurance of secrecy just wasn't worth it. I look back into the window, staring at him as he lies in his bed. I lean against the bricks of the building, putting my boot up on the ledge I'm perched on.

A part of me is terrified of what he's going to do when he wakes up. I think time away from all the turmoil isn't going to do him much good. Kyle's too analytical. He'll think about it for days on end, his mind is never going to stop racing. I know him far too well to believe otherwise.

I really wish I could do for him what I've been able to do: get a fresh start. Just knock away his identity as Kyle Broflovski and let him be someone else.

But I suppose it doesn't matter who he is. Fact is that all of this happened to him. And I know that a lot of it is my fault. He knows it, too.

I picked back up the cape in order to help keep Cartman away from Kyle. I'd picked up a few years back that the freak was fucking obsessed with him. Watching him at night, stalking him in the halls of school, just keeping his eye on him for so fucking long. I resumed the role of Mysterion about two years ago in order to make sure he didn't get too close to Kyle and hurt him.

Of course, he didn't. Not until I started getting to close to him at least. I have a feeling that Cartman always knew that I was keeping my eye on him. He attacked Kyle on his birthday so randomly, yet so precisely. I still think that he knew I was there, he was just trying to draw me out of hiding.

As much as myself, Kyle, and Stan called him an idiot, the guy's put us through Hell and back the last few days. I think he was just hiding his craft for the right time. Luckily for us we had our own tricks.

I look back out away from the hospital, out towards the city. I clench my gloved fist and take a deep breath. Whether or not Kenny McCormick is dead, I have to stay focused and remember what happened. If Kyle still wants to be with me, I'm not going to be able to tell him no. I don't want to tell him that it's too dangerous, I never wanted to when I did beforehand. I just have to find a way to keep him safe, under the radar of anything that could possibly go wrong.

With Cartman, I had the disadvantage of my enemy being someone who already knew him, who already had him pinned as a potential target. Now I have the upper hand again. I can easily divert anyone away from him, I can keep him protected and safe.

I just have to pray that he lets me.

I close my eyes, leaning my hooded head against the building tiredly. These last few days have been nothing but exhausting. Everyone's been at their rope's end. Kyle was in danger, getting hurt. I was constantly on my feet, looking for him to save him. Stan was worried out of his mind for both of us, trying to help me find him. Luckily we had Craig and his gang on our side. If it hadn't been for them telling us where they'd hidden Kyle both times, who knows what could have happened. Cartman could be sitting in the mayor's office, Kyle kept tied up at his side at all times.

I feel a tear leaking down my cheek. He's so bruised, so battered. His skin is torn and raw, the pride in his eyes was completely dead the last time I talked with him. All I want for him is recovery. All I want for us is to still be together, but not as a hero and his damsel in distress. Kyle still held his own when he was in his situation, I am not the only one that rescued him. He was able to keep himself together long enough to make it through all the way to the end.

The kid has more willpower and strength than I could ever dream of having.

All I really want for both of us though? All I want is for this chapter to be closed and new ones to begin.

I want him back on the streets without fearing for his safety. I want Cartman locked away for the rest of eternity. I want to be able to see him and unmask myself, be able to be with him on the level that anyone else would be able to obtain. As of now, all I can do is hope for the best, all that I can really do is cross my fingers.

I hear a muffled shout from his room, shooting my head around and staring as Stan jumps to his feet. I look over at my redheaded lover, who's slowly creaking his eyes open, he turns his head slightly and looks at Stan and says something.

My heart leaps in my chest, my mind practically dancing with joy as tears bead my eyes. I twist myself around on the ledge, nearly losing my footing before I grab onto his window and slide it open.

Stan looks over at me and smiles. "He's awake," he croaks out. This has been emotionally taxing for everyone, but Stan's going through the Super Best Friend phases, so he's been more emotional than any of the rest of us. At least publicly. What I did in grief outside of this room will be my secret and mine alone.

I hop in though the window into the room and Kyle looks over at me, his brows furrowing slightly, as though he's concentrating. My heart drops just a bit as I see his eyes. They're so dull. So lifeless compared to what I've grown up to be used to.

"I...I'll get the doctor," Stan mutters, looking between the two of us. He can just feel the tension. It's his two best friends after all, I'd be worried if he couldn't. He reaches down and hugs Kyle softly, carefully avoiding his injured shoulder. "Glad to have you back, Dude," he murmurs, letting go and walking up to me. He pats me on the shoulder before slowly walking by and out the door. He closes it behind him and for a moment, I wish he'd come back.

Kyle and I stare at each other. There's nothing but a heavy silence drifted between the two of us. His mind is racing, I can see it in his dulled eyes. I want to run over and kiss him, I want to tell him I love him, I want to do whatever I can to make him better.

But a part of me is just scared. I don't know what he's thinking, what he wants.

He slowly raises his hand up slightly, staring at me with such intensity I almost don't know what to do. He turns over his palm, just holding it out towards me. His eyes are wide and glassy, filled with confusion and anxiety.

I gulp, walking over towards him carefully, like I'm afraid of startling him away should I move too quickly. I make my way over to him and gently place my hand in his. He looks at our hands before staring back up at me. I eye his sling that his left arm is secured in, feeling my body tense in anger and regret for not being able to save him fast enough.

He whispers something inaudibly and I have to look at him and blink in confusion.

"What?" I question softly.

"Hood," he forces out with some struggling. I back up just slightly before nodding and grabbing my hood with my free hand. I pull it down back over my shoulders, shaking my blonde hair out of my eyes and staring back at him.

He gazes back at me, our eyes locked before a tear runs down his face and he smiles softly. "Kenny," he manages to breathe out. He sounds relieved, happy even.

It's more than enough for me.

I link our fingers together, leaning down and meeting his lips softly with my own. He breathes a little unevenly, still tired and probably dying with questions as to what's happening. But he pushes back up into me with as much force as I imagine he can manage, his hand squeezing mine tightly.

My chest feels as though every ounce of fear and regret for the last few days has melted into a puddle of relief. He's alive, he's awake, he's still mine.

I feel his breathing becoming more forced and break off of his lips, letting him catch his air. I lean our foreheads together, staring at his green eyes as they slowly rise back up to meet mine in silence.

I can hear police sirens starting up from beyond the hospital. But as of now, I couldn't care less. I can't be there for everything for the city, but I can be here for Kyle. I can still be his hero, regardless of what the rest of the town ever thinks of me. I'll put him back together, I'll make him himself again. I want him happy, I want him safe. And I will make it so he stays that way.

I see his lips curling into another smile, as though he can hear my promises and my own mouth follows suit. I squeeze his fingers and we listen to the sound of the wailing alarms leaving our ears. Right now, there's only myself and him. For now, Mysterion is no longer here.

But for Kyle and Kyle alone, Kenny McCormick is still right here. For him alone, I can take off my mask and still be everything he needs.

For him, I can be an entirely different kind of hero.

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