Author's note

Hey peeps.

First of all, I'd like to tell you all that I do not know when I'll update next. I'm honestly having those big moments during which I simply want to stay away from the Phandom. Why ? Well, is it just me or are there too many love-dovey, fluffy Geriks running around as lately ? It's a serious inspiration killer for me. Not that it's wrong; it's not. I'm simply talking about myself for I need to read something perhaps with a bit more angst to get inspired.

Secondly. I've heard that some are unhappy with my take on Erik in the last chapter. Well, let me just clarify something. Yes, he's a paranoid control freak with breathtaking anger management issues (*cough*CourtesyOfTonyStark*cough*) but for Christ's sake he loves her. Yeah he's gonna be mean and all that, but not 24/7. He's not an idiot either. He's not going come visit her in a hospital and threaten her while she's already down, and be mean, and nasty, and oh so dark and mysterious. Nooo, he's going to use the situation to his own advantage. Oh, so she's mad at her father ? Let's try and make her focus her need for attention on him. And masked men feel guilt too. I don't know what he would be feeling if not guilt, because he really is behind her arguments with her father and her stay within four white walls. I think there's this popular plot bunny going on which people absolutely love writing about. It entails Erik tying Christine down, and later apologizing with tears because he bruised her magnificent, skin of an angel (feel the sarcasm lol ? I've just been awaken by a stupid phone call, I'm not in a good mood XD). So what, he's sorry then but can't be now ? And as for the kisses...He likes touching her. Need I say more ? Consider it him taking advantage of the situation lol.

Anyway, I love every one of you and seriously thank you for your interest in this story which somehow is still alive lol. I knooow that I'm a horrible updater, and I know I tell you this every single time, but I'll try to be better.

Love !