HI! Ok so you as you know I don't own Twilight and also before people start attacking me saying wait you took this story from someone else. Well Kill Me Tomorrow has given me the chance to take over the story. So the first three chapters were written by Kill Me Tomorrow and ands11, with minor changes and the rest is written by me. So let us start with the story.

Bella POV

Miss Swan,

I would like to arrange a meeting with you tomorrow afternoon to discuss on how your son has been acting recently. He hasn't been getting along with his new seatmate, Derek Cullen. They're always fighting and it's starting to influence the other children in the class. Mr. Cullen would also be present during the meeting.

-Miss Karen.

"Do you want to explain why I found this pinned to your coat?" I gave my nine year old son the stink eye. He was sitting down on the chair with his fingers entwined together and his legs crossed. Instead of looking up to meet my eyes, he held his interest on the floor instead.

"Well?" I tapped my heel against the cold, tiled kitchen floor.

No response.

"Noah," I said sternly. "When I ask you a question, I expect an answer." I wasn't usually this strict but what would you do if you found a note from the teacher, saying that you're supposed to meet to discuss how your son's been acting? You are bound to climb up to certain levels.

"I'm sorry, mom but Derek is a real pain in the neck." He sighed, finally meeting my eyes with his blue ones.

"How is this, Derek Cullen a pain in the neck? He's only been going to your school for barely two weeks!" I said, pulling a stool closer to the counter I was glaring at him from.

"He just is. He sucks up to the teacher. He points out all of my grammar mistakes –even when I talk— and he actually enjoys homework!" He pointed them all out while his hands flew to his hair in frustration.

"That's no reason to start a fight with him, Noah." I glared at him like I was a predator and he was my prey. He was cornered. He couldn't escape.

Ever since Noah was brought up to this world, he was never a violent person. He was never a big fan of action movies. He has never hit someone his whole life. Whenever he sees a bug crawling across the floor, instead of squishing it with his shoe like a normal nine year old boy would do, he'd let it crawl onto his palm and actually let it loose outside. My son was too friendly. But what surprised me the most is how a small young boy who's barely lived here for two weeks could bring out the worst from Noah.

Judging from what Noah explained earlier, Derek Cullen seems to be a good kid. He must have a hard time making friends since he's new and all but Derek sounds like a perfectly good influence. The kind of boy you want your kids to hang out with. And he was the son of the new doctor in the Forks Hospital. Forks is a small town: news travels fast.

Plus, people said that the doctor was a Greek God. Even, my older brother Emmett who's been working there for years says so. You see, my brother isn't gay or anything. He was the kind of person who usually gets all the attention from the young nurses. His muscles were intimidating and the nurses found this extremely hot. But ever since Doctor Cullen moved here, Emmett's been getting less attention from them and it's starting to piss him off.

"But mom! You don't understand!" Noah exclaimed, snapping me out of my trance. "He might seem like a good kid. But inside, he's evil!" He whispered-yelled at me. I decided to play with him.

"Really?" He nodded his head furiously. "How evil? Does he have horns and a fork?" I teased him.

"I don't know. He might! I haven't had the time to check yet!" He thought out loud. There goes my fun out the window.

"Just go to bed, Noah." I sighed. "We'll talk more about this first thing tomorrow morning." I massaged my temples with my hand. I heard the chair he was sitting is scoot backwards, followed by his footsteps.

"Goodnight, mom." He stood on his toes to reach up and kiss my cheek. I opened my eyes and ruffled his hair in response.

"Goodnight, Noah." I said.

"I love you." He smiled sweetly at me.

"I love you too." I smiled back. He turned around and started to walk to his room. As he was about to enter, I called out, "You're still not off the hook for starting a fight with Derek."

"Aw, man." He snapped his fingers