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Noah and I were driving over to my brother Emmett's house. He had called earlier saying that a friend of his was having dinner at his place with him and his girlfriend Rosalie and he wanted me and Noah to come. At first I had been reluctant saying I wasn't in the mood to meet people. I wasn't about to tell him that all I wanted to do was dig a hole in my backyard and die. I know that Emmett can be a tad overprotective of me and I didn't want him hunting down Edward and killing him.

"Mom?" Hearing Noah pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Yes honey?"

"You know you just drove passed Uncle Emmett's house?"

"Shoot! Sorry, I'm a bit distracted."

"Yeah I could tell."

I turned the car around and parked on the street noticing a silver Volvo also in front of Emmett's house. I guess Emmett's friend is already here. Noah and I got out of the car and started to walk up the path. When we got to the door I rang the doorbell. After a moment or so Rosalie answered the door.

"Hello Rose."

"Hello Bella and Noah. Emmett is in the living room watching baseball with Edward. Dinner should be ready in a few if you want to go tell Emmett."

Wait did Rose just say Edward? No she couldn't have I must be dreaming or it must be another Edward.

"Thanks Rose. I'll let him know."

I started walking towards the living room and I could hear cheering. I guess whatever team Emmett is for rooting is winning.

"Hey Emmett. How is your team doing?"

"Bella-boo it is so good to see you!" With that Emmett picked me up and gave me a huge bear hug.

"Emmett…..can't…..breathe." I heard chuckling coming from the direction of the other couch.

"Oh sorry I forgot how weak you are."

"Hey! I'm not weak you are just too strong for your own good."

"Sure whatever you say Bells. Oh by the way this is my friend Edward Cullen. We work at the hospital together."

"Emmett, Edward and I met earlier today."

"Oh I know. Edward told me what happened and he asked me for help."

"Hold on a second. Edward? Did you know Emmett was my brother?"

"Not when we talked earlier, but when I got to the hospital Emmet could tell I was upset and against my better judgment I told him about you and afterwards he told me you were related and he came up with the plan to help me get you back."

Get me back? So did that mean he was sorry about what he had said?

"Yes, Bella, I am completely sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

Shit! Did I say that out loud?

"Ha Ha yes Bella-bop you did."

I had completely forgotten Emmett was in the room, but I did not want him to hear all I had to say to Edward.

"Edward would you like to take a quick walk before dinner with me?"

"I'd love to Bella."

Great! I really thought there were a lot of things we had to talk about.

"Emmett if we aren't back before dinner is ready eat without us."

"Sure Bellerina."


"Sure Bellerina."

Bella and I grabbed our coats and headed out.

"Bella, I just want you to know how sorry I am. I never meant to hurt you. I…..I don't know what I was thinking."

"I'm not going to say it didn't hurt me, but I think that maybe we can past it."

"Ok well where do we go from here?"

"Maybe we could try being friends for a bit and then go from there? I need to know I can fully trust you."

"I completely understand Bella, and I will do whatever it takes to gain your trust back." I wish we could be more then that but I understand why she wouldn't trust me right away.

I looked up and saw that we were at a playground. I had always loved swings ever since I was a little boy.

"Ms. Swan? Would you care to accompany me on the swings?" I asked her. I knew I was being formal, but I didn't care if I sounded silly as long as I was being silly with Bella.

"I would love to Mr. Cullen." She said with a smile as she tried to hold back a laugh.

She sat down on the swing and I stood behind her and pushed her. We were silent for a bit, but after a couple of minutes I decided to ask her about herself. I figured if we were going to try this whole "friends" thing I should know a bit about her.

"Bella would you like to play 20 questions?"

"Ha Ha why?"

"Well I think if we are going to try being friends we should get 2 know each other and what way is better than 20 questions."

"Okay, sure let's play."

"Great! What is your favorite color?"

"It changes from day to day."

"What is it today?"



"Green?" ! (What she said was Shitake mushrooms on whole wheat and rye. I started saying it awhile ago and I felt like adding it.) I can't believe I said that. Please don't question the fact I sounded like I was asking a question. Please please please!

"Why did you sound unsure?" Grrrrr he questioned. Ok just act casual about it.

"What? No I didn't you're crazy." Real smooth Bella.

"Bella?" Sorry Bella isn't in right now she is out jumping off a cliff because she sounded like a complete idiot in front of a really hot guy.

"Bella you don't sound like an idiot."

again! Did I say that out loud?

"Yes you did and what about mushrooms? Bella are you alright?"

"Yep I'm great!" He didn't look convinced at all.

"Ok then. So what were you talking about with mushrooms?"

"Oh that is my long way of coursing without actually doing it. I started saying when Noah was just starting to talk. I didn't want him cursing as a baby."

"Nice, but have you ever met Emmett. I don't think he was that much help."

"No he wasn't. I yelled a lot that first year, but then he met Rose and she yelled at him for me."

"Rose really seems great for him."

"Yes she is. She knows how to keep him in line."

"How long have they been dating?"

"About 3 years. By the way Mr. Cullen you only have 15 questions left."

"What how is that possible?"

"14 now and it is possible because you kept asking me about the mushroom thing and then about Rose and Em."

"Ok fine I guess I will have to be more careful about what I ask you. What is your favorite type of candy?"

"Anything that has chocolate and peanut butter."

"Interesting, what is your favorite food?"

"Sushi, my favorite kind is Philly rolls."

"What is your favorite type of ice cream?"

"Chocolate with peanut butter. The two together is like a drug for me I just love them mixed so much."

What is your favorite book?"

"Love's Labour's Lost."

"I've never heard of it. What is it about?"

"Well it is about, The King of Navarre and his three lords, Berowne, Longaville, and Dumaine, swear an oath to scholarship, which includes fasting and avoiding contact with women for three years. They receive a letter from Don Armado, a Spaniard visiting the King's court, telling them that he has caught Costard, a fool, and Jaquenetta, a country wench, consorting in the park. The King announces Costard's sentence, and he and the lords go off to begin their oath. Don Armado confesses to Moth, his page, that he has fallen in love with Jaquenetta. He writes her a letter that he asks Costard to deliver. Meanwhile, the Princess of France has arrived to visit the King. Because of his oath, however, the King cannot receive the Princess and her party at his court; he and his lords must visit them at their camp outside the castle. The three lords fall in love with the three ladies, as does the King with the Princess. Berowne gives Costard a letter to deliver to Rosaline, but Costard accidentally switches it with the letter from Don Armado to Jaquenetta. When he gives Berowne's letter to Jaquenetta, she brings it to the learned Holofernes and Sir Nathaniel to read for her. They tell her that the letter was meant for someone else and to deliver it to the King. Berowne watches the King from a hiding spot as he reads about his love for the Princess. Longaville enters, and the King hides as well; he and Berowne observe Longaville reading of his love for Maria. Dumaine enters, Longaville hides, and all three see Dumaine reading an ode he has written to Katherine. Longaville advances and tells Dumaine that he is not alone in love. The King then advances and scolds the two men for breaking their oath. Berowne advances and reveals that the King is in love as well. Jaquenetta arrives and gives Berowne the letter, which he rips up. However, Dumaine picks up a piece of the letter with Berowne's name on it, and Berowne confesses that he is in love as well. The four men decide to court their women. The King and his lords arrive at the Princess's pavilion dressed as Muscovites. The women heed Boyet's prior warnings and decide to switch favors, so that the men will mistake them for each other. After the men leave and reappear as themselves, the women reveal their prank. They all watch a show of the Nine Worthies, performed by Don Armado, Sir Nathaniel, and Holofernes. A messenger arrives to tell the Princess that her father has died, and she prepares to return to France. The women tell their suitors to seek them again in a year, and the play ends with their departure. (Ok so just so you know I took this from Spark Notes if you haven't seen or read the play I suggest you do it is honestly my favorite piece from Shakespeare.) It is an amazing story."

"Wow that is incredible. Who wrote it?"

"William Shakespeare. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Shakespeare and his work."

"Are you a theater dork?"

"Yes I am. From the age of 10-17 I had a dream to move to New York or California to become an actress."

"Why didn't you?"

"I met Jacob and I felt I was in love with him so I decided to marry him and stay here and then I got pregnant."

"I'm sorry you didn't get your dream."

"It's fine. I love my life like it is. I have an amazing son that I love more than anything plus I live close to Em and I get to see him all the time."

"Still don't you ever what would have happened if you had pursued your dream?"

"Some I do, but honestly I am happy with my life and what I have."

"Bella would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night? Just the two of us?"

Before I could answer I heard a voice from my past calling my name. I look out into the night and saw the last person I ever expected to see.

"Jacob what are you doing here?"

"I want to come back to you and Noah. I love you Bella."

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