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Chapter 24: What the future holds

3 weeks later...

Dion's POV

To say we were sucessful would be an understatement. I never thought we'd be able to do it. It was a miracle, that's the word to use. A miracle I got to him before Ulquiorra finished them both off, a miracle that I managed to bind them again, a miracle that Shiro didn't die.

It's been three weeks since then. I decided to take a walk around, try to get better adjusted to Karakura Town. I'm living here now, after all. I don't think I earned my right, but those two...they say I more then earned it. I'm not so sure. But they're both stubborn, so it doesn't matter. I'm stuck here. As I walked down the road, I could see Ichigo walking with Shiro up a steep hill. Yes, they're connected again, but somehow, the 'damage' done by that black band that had forced Shior out of Ichigo's soul had taken its toll. Not to say they mind it, hell no. They really don;t care at allabut that. I wanted to follow them, but decided to wait a few minutes. They hadn't had much 'alone' time, so I decided to let them have it before I...interviened.


Shiro's POV

I'm surprised i'm still here. I was dead...I know I was...for at least a whole minute. Guess it was Ichigo's stubbron will affecting me when we were binded again; stupid bastard wouldn't let me go even if it meant he could live a normal life. So what exactly happened...only Dion knows. And he ain't telling. 'Keeping the suspense', as he put it. Right now, Ichigo and I are standing in the graveyard, looking at his mother's grave. Well...not just his mothers. His as well.

Needless to say, he couldn't return to his body anymore. Too much damage to his soul had broken the already fragile link to his body. So, on all accounts, he's an official Soul Reaper. "Do you miss them?" I asked him. He rolled his warm eyes.

"Of course, you dumbass. Who wouldn't miss their family?" he asked me. I felt bad. He was still suffering, but it wasn't from physical wounds now. I pulled him close to me, burying my face in his soft, vibrant hair. To see it this bright again...that alone made me feel better. And once again, it smelled like him, not of blood or fear.

"Sorry...I just..."

"I know. You've never had a family." Ichigo sighed. I let him go and he knelt down, touching his name. He was grieving, but not for himself. For the family he left. I knelt down next to him.

"You're still here, although they can;t see you. You're still protecting them." I whsipered to him. "They just...won't find your limp body half hanging off your bed, drooling." He laughed at that, and it felt good to hear it. He was himself again.

"Shut up Shiro." He chuckled and I just smiled. I tapped him on the shoulder. As he turned around, I locked his lips with mine, pleased to get an instant reaction. He let me in, and I began exploring him. After a few heated moments, I let him go and he sighed. "Was that necessary?"

"Not at all. It's just my way of saying I love you." I grinned. We heard footsteps and turned to see Dion standing there, a blush on his face.

"Uhh...sorry to interrupt..." He muttered. We all started to laugh. "So...are you both doing ok?" he asked.

"Yeah...we're fine." Ichigo nodded. Dion sat down next to us, letting out a tired sigh.

"This town's too damned big." he sighed. I chuckled and he shot me a half hearted glare.

"Aww, get used to it. You're the badass Espada here." I teased. Ichigo just looked at us and sighed.

"You guys are impposible to deal with." he said. I wrapped my hand around his waist and pulld him into my lap, kissing his neck.

"Aww, ya love me and you know it." I whsipered to him. He squirmed in my grip, a dark blush creeping across his face. God, I missed this too.

"N-Not in front of Dion!" He snapped, pushing his way out of my grip.

"It's not the first time, so by all means, go ahead." Dion said, laughing.

"You filthy minded arrancar..." Ichigo grumbled, but it you could hear the humor in his tone.


Ichigo's POV

I'm glad things are at least semi-normal. I'm dead as far as most people are concerned, but I have Shiro and the others. I'll cope. But there was something still bothering me. " could've died, using all the power that you did to bind us together again." I said. He stopped laughing and sighed.

"It's true...I probably would have if Orihime wasn't there to heal me up, same goes for you Ichigo." He said.

"But...why'd you do it?" I asked.

"We're friends, duh." he replied. Whatever. There was definatly more to it then that!

"There's more to it than that. If we had died...I know you could have stayed here and protect everyone." Shiro gave me a funy look.

"What, feeling lazy?" he asked. I shoved him in the chest.

"I'm being serious." I snapped. Dion sighed.

"I owe you guys my life." He replied. I wasn't exactly prepared for that.

"What do you mean? You've almost been killed because-" Dion just held his hand up.

"No, listen. Before I met you two, I was picked on a lot, and had no one to really...well, look at me as an equal." He smiled at us. "You guys gave me a life, friends, and...well, a reason to be here, I guess. Wow, that makes me sound emo..." We all laughed at that one. "But you get it, right? I owe you both my life."

"Well, we're even. You saved us both." Shiro smiled. Wow, since when did we get all...I dunno, mushy? Oh well, I guess three weeks of doing nothing can do that to you.

"Yeah. We need to head back before Renji...assumes me and Shiro are doing something again..."

"With me around? Highly doubt it. Unless...his mind's that dirty." Dion grinned. "Not to emntion...he'll have to deal with me for now on. I'll take great pleasure in kicking his ass in the training room."

"Oh, I know you don't mean it the way you sound. You'll be beating him in a whole other way." I joked. We kept laughing as we walked back to the shop. Things would get better.

So...we'll start it with teasing Renji.



I know, it's a rather crappy end. Sorry, but this is honestly all my mind could come up with. *sigh* Maybe it's because I made this story so fucking awesome! XD I want to thank everyone once again for reading this story and helping me along with it. I have a new fic up now, Demon Hunters, for those that are interested! It is another HichigoXIchigo, but its a vampire fic as well! So...I shall see you all in the next fic!

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