Flower of Ages


Kagome was in her room packing extras in her huge yellow bag.

While Kagome was in her closet she began thinking on how long she'd been here.

'Hmm, it's the first time I've been so long without Inuyasha coming and getting me, he's even late' she thought while going to her bathroom and getting shampoo, soap, conditioner and other girl necessities.

'I'll take extras this time never know when I'm coming back' she thought while looking at her, now full, back pack.

Then she looked at her old school uniform, 'Nah, I wont be needing these anymore' and tossed it to a wash bin, then marched towards her closet and decided to wear a tight washed black jeans and a light pink t-shirt that said in bold silvery letters ' ARMY' that hugged her curves.

Then she went to her bathroom, and started brushing raven black hair and then went and stuffed the brush in her bag.

Throwing her very big and heavy bag on her shoulder she went down stairs to go eat her breakfast with her family.

When she was going to the dining table she smelt her mother's cooking.

'Oh how I miss my mom's cooking when I'm in Edo'. Kagome thought while sitting between Souta and jii-chan.

Kagome sat there hearing their conversation.

"I said I don't get that kind of thing" said Souta gruffly 'Boy has the squirt grown a lot in these 4 years' not that she'd admit it out loud.

"Well I don't care you got to be able to understand, shrine duties I'm not going to be here forever and you got to help your mother somehow" said jii-chan indignantly.

"Father, that is enough we both know you have a good while left to live your barely 65, and Souta your grandfather is right, you most show more interest on the shrine" said Kagome's mom and she put the bowl of rice, fried eggs, bacon and some orange juice in front of souta.

Meanwhile Kagome's grandfather muttered something among the lines of ' youngsters these days don't have any sense of responsibility or interests'.

After that Kagome's mother gave them each their breakfast and sat in her respective place with a cup of tea.

After they all ate Kagome and her mom cleaned the dishes.

"Hey honey how come you stayed so long and Inuyasha not even once showed up" asked Kagome's mother.

"Well I told inuyasha I had to come take some tests, and that I wanted to spend some quality time with my family and then he said that it was ok, and that he'd come to pick me up at day break, but he's late".

And with that they both were left for their own thoughts.

'Well, it was too easy to convince Inuyasha, usually I'd have to sit him till he agrees, but this time I just said please and he said yes he'd come pick me up at day break today, hmmm and I can't shake this feeling that something is wrong'.

The sound of Souta screaming " I WIN" pulled her out of her thoughts.

She glanced at the clock and decided she had given enough time to Inuyasha, and Kagome wanted to make sure everything was fine she did not like this feeling.

"Hey mom, jii-chan, Souta I got to get going it's very late".

She said her goodbyes to her jii-chan and brother, but her mother took her to the kitchen and told her:

"Honey when the time comes and you have to pick in which side you got to stay in, you can stay in Edo we all agreed; and never let love leave you and let your heart break, forgive who broke it and move on it's the best way to move on and we will see each other again".

Kagome was left wordless and wondering what her mother just told her.

Then said her goodbye to her mother and went outside.

When Kagome passed the God tree she felt the bad feeling again and hurried to the well house. When she was there she climbed over and was engulfed in the beautiful and warm light of the time traveling well.

When she got there she grabbed onto the vines of the well and was in a beautiful clearing, then she saw it, a soul collector one of Kikyo's and then it signaled her to follow it.

She adjusted her back pack and ran after it while she was thinking ' Inuyasha'. While running whit all her might the leaves beside her barely made a noise while she passed them.

Then she was suddenly behind some trees away from the God tree and saw and heard something really painful.

There he was whit Kikyo in his arms passionately kissing, and when they regain their breath Kikyo saw her directly on the eyes and asked Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha do you love me?" Kagome was dumb folded but when she heard the response she was heartbroken.

"Yes Kikyo more than anything in the world" Kagome was in the verge of tears but she held them she wanted to face this.

"And what is that girl to you, do you love her?" said Kikyo "Kagome, she means nothing to me, she's not more than a shard detector not more than your copy" said Inuyasha .

Kikyo looked at Kagome right in the eyes, and wore a sadistic smile on her face.

Then Inuyasha and Kikyo began to kiss again and Kikyo began to remove his haori and Inuyasha started to do the same.

Kagome could no longer take it, she ran as fast as she could and reached Kaede's village and looked for Sango.

When she spotted them more tears began to fall from her already red and puffy eyes, and Sango got up in surprise and ran to comfort her friend.

Then she told the whole story to them and that is when Sango took Shippo, Kagome and herself to a nearby hot spring.

Grabbing Kagome's bag and throwing it on her shoulder she took the sobbing girl and the Kitsune to the hot springs.

Once there Kagome undressed herself and went into the water.

She had her back pressed on a smooth rock and was absent minded stroking Shippo's tail then Sango said.

"Kagome… if you want I can knock some sense into Inuyasha" Sango was furious to say the least and wanted to kill the hanyou for hurting her friend like this.

'I swear, when I see him, I'll hit him so hard he won't ever be able to have sex again'.

Kagome sniffles and sobs broke Sango's killing thoughts, she went over to Kagome's side and said words of comfort to her, after Kagome calmed herself a bit she was shampooing her hair when Sango said.

"Kagome you can't stay whit us, you'll have to see him every day and we both know you can't take it, you should leave for a while".

Sango said with a lot of concern in her voice.

Kagome had listened to what Sango said and she had thought of that herself.

Then she saw her friends face of concern and unshed tears and said with a goofy smile and a mocking tone.

"Well Sango looks as If you are shooing me".

Sango's eyes widen in shook before her tears started to run freely.

"Oh Kagome you are so brave and… you should go you can't stay with him…"

Then Kagome started to cry in her best friend's chest.

All the time Shippo was there frozen, his second mama was going to go away.

'No that can't be my momma can't be going'.

Shippo jumped on Kagome's shoulder and started to sob and cry.

"NO, I can't be losing my momma don't go".

Shippo's eyes widen in horror he had just called Kagome momma.

'Now what will Kagome say will she reject me because I'm a demon'.

But to his surprise and relief she just said.

"I would never leave you behind my son, if I'm going anywhere you'll be coming with me Shippo".

Shippo's eyes started to water in happiness.

"I have a momma again, and can I call you aunt Sango" asked a very happy Shippo " sure you can, Shippo-chan".

After that they finished washing themselves and got out of the hot springs.

After that Sango and Kagome where talking about girl stuff meanwhile Shippo was fast at sleep in Kagome's free hand.

When they got to the village Kagome noticed that he was not there.

'Thank God I don't want to see him, he's going to have to beg for my forgiveness this time'.

When they entered Kaede's hut they noticed Miroku looking at the fire, and then at them and with a serious look he said.

"Lady Kagome, you must go you can't stay here, not to be suffering".

Miroku said and Kirara mewed and nodded to show her concern , then Kagome said.

"It's ok Miroku we had already decided that I should go but I'll be taking Shippo my son with me" Miroku only nodded "May I ask Lady Kagome when shall you be leaving".

Kagome looked at Sango and then at Kaede, that this whole time had been sitting in the far corner of the hut.

"ye, child should be going before day break ye, take care of yourself child", said Kaede before standing up and giving Kagome a hug and was on her way out of the hut leaving only the group of friends.

''Make good decisions ye child'' was what Kaede had told her before going out.

Now Kagome was preparing some Ramen and was grabbing some sweets for Shippo,* since he'd woke up at the smell of food* then Kagome grabbed her sleeping bag and spread it on the hut's floor and found a comfortable position with Shippo besides her curled up and they fell asleep that way.

The next day Kagome was woken up very early in the morning for her tastes and mumbled.

"Momma… five more minutes ".

And then Sango shook her harshly and Kagome woke up immediately. "Hey what's going on why is everyone up so early…ugghhh, it's too early" exclaimed Kagome.

Sango snapped at this.

"Hey girl you want to go before he comes back then hurry up and go wash yourself, eat and get ready to go, you too Shippo". Said Sango in a motherly like tone.

Then Kagome looked at her and rubbed her eyes out of sleep.

"Yes mom, I'll go wash my self ". Said Kagome mockingly at Sango's look of I'm-in-charge-here.

Kagome went outside mumbling something 'round the lines of.

'Demon slayers and their ungodly hour of waking up'.

Then she went outside and washed her face and hands.

Then she headed to the hut and she found breakfast ready.

After they all ate they prepared Kagome's stuff and sent her off.

Sango took Kirara and helped Kagome and Shippo some miles away before having to leave her before Inuyasha got there so they said their goodbyes.

Miroku was at the hut waiting for Sango when Inuyasha showed up and asked/ yelled.

"Where the hell is that wench. I've been looking for her for three hours and I haven't the minor idea where the fuck is she".

Yelled Inuyasha at no one in particular effectively waking Kaede up who was still sleeping.

"My friend, I'd like if you don't barge into someone else's hut and waking up every one with your shouting and insults to Lady Kagome".

Said Miroku not looking at the fuming Hanyou besides him. "She's no Lady she's a wench and she's not in her time nor is she here, where is she I can smell her" he said with an indignant huff and sniff to make his point clear.

Miroku calmly said to his friend: " Look Inuyasha you should stop your insults to Kagome, she has done nothing but be loyal to you, when you have been everything but that, you know she loves you but you insist on breaking her heart it's not fair to her my friend".

Was Miroku's calm speech and Inuyasha's response was.

"Keh, what the hell do you know monk, now tell me where she is". Said very much too calmly Inuyasha.

"Believe my friend Lady Kagome has gone away because she can't be around you anymore, not after she saw you and Lady Kikyo, yesterday at mid-day when she came back, and found you and Lady Kikyo talking and you're lucky she did not stay there the rest of the time".

By now Inuyasha had gone a pale that can compete with Kikyo's then just when, he was about to say something, when Sango came inside the hut with a very angry looking face and then she yelled at Inuyasha.

"You stupid jerk, you dare insult her and then you want to look for her are you out of your mind".

Inuyasha was about to make a run for it to look for Kagome when a transformed Kirara was standing in front of him blocking his way.

Then a staff hit him in the head and then he blacked out.

"I'm sorry my friend you have to let her go".

"And you need to learn your lessons" said the demon slayer and the Monk

Kagome was walking in the forest when Shippo told her.

"Hey momma I'm hungry lets eat".

Kagome smiled down at her little son.

'Well kit or pup in the demon terms' she thought while randomly grabbing some sticks and fire wood to make a fire for them to eat.

Later on Kagome had all the fire wood staked up and ready to lit the fire, when she suddenly surprised Shippo.

"Hey Shippo, why don't you light up the fire with your fox fire".

Shippo was looking at his momma and then nodding he yelled " FOX FIRE" and then the fire was ready and soon after they were happily eating there ramen.

"Hey momma" asked Shippo.

"Yes honey" answered Kagome.

"Where are we going" asked Shippo.

"We are going to a nearby village close to the west honey".

Said Kagome giving him a kiss on the cheek and staying for the day there for a well-deserved day of rest


Inuyasha was barely waking up when he sat up only to be rendered unconscious again by the Hiraikotsu this time.

"We're sorry my friend but we have to give lady Kagome a fair lead or you'll suddenly catch up to her"

Author's corner:

Hello every one this is my ever first time writing something and if you'll forgive my poor grammar I'd be really great full * bow's in thankfulness* so this is a little corner that seems nice enough

Inu: why the hell did u make me so mean and a bastard?

Fran: because u are you Meany 'I'll make Kagome say the 's' word a lot of times at u'

Kags: yeah girl that is correct I'll say the word 's' so maybe times you'll make a crater

Sang: well I agree with my 2 friends here' looks at inu angrily'

Inu: flattens his ear to his skull and looks defeated.

Kikyo: you mean wenches don't treat my baby like that

Fran/ kags / sang: turns green and runs to the bathroom

Kags: hay when is Sesshy coming into this story

Fran: wait a little our famous lord will be here soon but heheheh grins evilly

Sesshy: schoo!' hn' ' turns around and glances over Jaken ' someone will pay for this'

* BOWS thx u all* special thanks to my best friend babygirl12 she's my editor and grammar helper.