Chapter 14

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Kagome softly smelt Sesshomaru's scent, it was soft and clean, like Sakura blossoms and a little musky, she liked it, she also noticed that he bathes often, because of the silkiness of his hair and his tail, and that he should talk more to Inuyasha so he bathed more often, maybe seeing as his brother bathed he would do it more.

Kagome was lost in her small inner thoughts and softly fell asleep in the Daiyoukai's arm.

Sesshomaru was hearing her breathing getting softer and more even and felt as her body relaxed against his.

'Why did you do that?...Because I wanted to be close to her, and also she seemed to be in distress or something…. This one does not care about that….Why are you like that? She has done nothing wrong to me or you….. This one does not care, nor wishes to socialize in such an intimate matter with no one….. she is part of our pack u know? Stop being such a prick…. Now u dare call this one a prick, idiotic beast…. I heard her say it once to Inuyasha, she called him an emotional prick, a jerk and other odd things I wonder where she gets them from?... you changed the theme…. Also I wished to talk about what would be done in the castle, and yes she does seem to have different vocabulary and verbal insults that differ from the rest of ours…. Yes, she will be waking up soon I smell distress coming from her I don't know why… and maybe we should ask, why she speaks so differently….hn.. this one will ask her when she wakes.'

While Sesshomaru was conversing with his inner beast, Kagome had started to have a bad dream, about Naraku, she had begun to sweat and wiggle in her sleep.

In her dream.

Kagome was in the middle of a flower field, she was seemingly all alone she started walking towards what seemed to be her Village, But the more she walked the more far it seemed, the she heard the most evil end roaring laughter there was, it as Naraku's Laughter, she shivered and tried to figure out where the laughter had come from, but before she could she was attacked by a tentacle and pushed to the ground, she was now captured by several tentacles holding her body members and much to her discomfort opening her legs in a very dirty way.

"Well hello there Shikon no miko" sneered Naraku from behind the tree line.

"You bastard" said Kagome pulling and kicking to no avail the tentacles where firmly strangulating her wrists and ankles.

"Now now little wench we don't want you to dismember yourself " He said now appearing from the woods wearing a sadistic smile.

Kagome gulped and felt as one of the tentacles came to her neck and down to her breast and squished them very painfully.

"Kyaaah " Yelled Kagome with tears in her eyes. Meanwhile another tentacle made her way upwards to her panty line.

Kagome started to move restlessly, and then she heard moaning sounds, distracting herself from the pain and tentacles, she saw Inuyasha and Kikyo having sex, this brought even more tears to her eyes, then Kagura, Kohaku and Kanna killing the Nekos and the Children and killing Miroku and Sango.

Kagome was feeling her heart break when she saw Sesshomaru appearing and just observing the case and walked away.

She then felt a tentacle hurtfully break her innards as some blood poured from her privates to her legs.

All the while Naraku laughed and came closer.

All she could do was scream and cry.

End of dream.

Sesshomaru was observing Kagome as she started to stir violently in his tail then she started to scream and squish his tail real hard and stab him with her nails drawing blood from his Mokomoko tail.

At this point Kagome was crying and screaming.

With his hand he touched Kagome's shoulder and then shook her until she woke.

Kagome opened her eyes abruptly and seeing the scenario, she was still under the tree, and was cuddled in Sesshomaru's tail.

Then she noticed there was blood on it and she noticed that it was her doing.

She immediately stood up and bowed low.

"I am so sorry Lord Sesshomaru; it was not my intention in any way to harm you"

Sesshomaru observed her bowed form and sniffed she was deeply scared and apologetic.

"This one forgives you, but this one desires to know what you were dreaming about Miko, to be so distressed".

Kagome stood up straight and battled the tears that wanted to be shed.

And sat away from Sesshomaru, she observed as he cleaned the blood from his tail and then looked at her straight in the eyes.

"Well, you see…" Kagome shivered while she tried to speak normally.

"Use your tail to cover yourself; it is use full that way"

Kagome did as she was told, and after that told the whole dream to Sesshomaru.

'That half breed is a bastard….That son of a bitch dared do such thing to Kagome' his beast was pissed and was roaring inside him.

Sesshomaru mentally sighed at the chaos his beast was doing in his mental cage.

"How long have you been having these dreams Miko"

"Well actually not very often, normally I don't dream much just some dumb stuff, but a few days now, and even when I'm awake I have some weird mental flashes of horrible deaths and many people in pain" Said Kagome with a sad face.

'hn…Naraku seems to be able to inflict psychological pain to the Miko….Poor Kagome, that's why she has been distressed some nights, she walks or just stares at the celling …..hnnnnn this one will think about something to cease her 'nightmares''.

Kagome had actually laid on the ground and made a little ball of herself she was tired but didn't want to sleep.

"Miko, come sit beside this one, and not on the ground"

Kagome looked a bit insecure but crawled to his side and just laid beside him, on the ground.

"Miko this one said not to lay on the ground" he in a tone that said -if-you-don't-get-up-I'll-kill-you-. Kagome a little annoyed said.

"I want to lay down my back hurts from sitting straight in the damned tree, also I wish to sleep but I don't want more nightmares" Kagome nearly screamed, at this Sesshomaru growled deep in his throat in a menacing way.

Kagome gulped and sat straight besides him on the hard bark of the tree.

'You are so mean! … she did not obey me…. You could have said sit with me…. This one does not talk politely to others…Whatever.'

Sesshomaru released some of his yuki around them, and it had the effect he wished Kagome sighed and felt relaxed. And she started to bob her head dozing off.

Mokomoko made its way to her waist and positioned her head In Sesshomaru's lap and made a sort of cushion under her.

Kagome drifted comfortably to sleep and dreamt of her playing with the kids and other beautiful things for her.

It was near morning when Kagome felt her 'pillow' move under her and she blinked softly and stifled a yawn, she then noticed the white and furry thing wrapped all around her and what her 'pillow' was.

Sesshomaru's leg had fallen asleep and was feeling really uncomfortable.

'This one feels his leg is about to die…. You know if you don't get circulation soon it probably will hahahahaha… This one does not find this situation funny…. I do hahaha, I mean lord Sesshomaru has a circulation problem hahahaha…. Shut up… Move softly wake her up and stretch…. Hn'

He noticed the Miko change a million shades of pink and red before she sat, stifled another yawn and bowed a little her head.

Sesshomaru, in a very discrete way stretched and avoided to widen his eyes at the pain his leg brought.

'Pfffffffffffffffffff hahahahahahhahahahahah so damned funny, and her expression is so cute she is worried you are mad awwww…. Shut up, this one does not wish to hear you mock me'

"Miko you should go back to the hut before your friends wake up" he said looking at Kagome.

Kagome stood up and nodded and trotted back to the hut without saying a word.

As he heard Kagome enter the hut, he tried to stand up with a stiff leg that did not wish to move.

'You should try to go for a walk xD…. This one will go once this one's leg decides to regain movement … Who knew being nice and a leg pillow would be so painful for you haha … This one will not do it again…. Oh you prick, just don't use your leg next time for so long haha…. Hn'

Once Sesshomaru regained blood on his leg he decided to go take a patrol stroll to his lands.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

'Omg, Omg, Omg, Omg I slept on Sesshomaru's leg and tail, none the less i made his leg fall asleep… hahahaha easy Kagome easy, you are about to hyperventilate if you don't calm down… but but but but…. Shhhh, I told you he might be nice, just haves some issues showing it I guess…. Breathe breathe…. Awww kami Kagome calm down you don't want to scare the pack and the pups…. Hai'

Kagome stood outside the hut a few minutes calming herself down, and then entered to see everybody asleep, all but Sango.

Kagome's eyes widened to see her best friend's eyes open and staring at the celling.

"Sango…" Kagome whispered tears gathering at her eyes.

Sango sat up and smiled at her best friend whom she considered a sister.

"Hi Kagome" she whispered opening her arms to Kagome.

Kagome softly walked over to her and hugged her. Both girls softly crying.

After that all the people in the hut started to softly stir and wake up, in a matter of minutes everybody was around Sango hugging her and speaking to her. All but Kikyo of course.

The young Taija sat straight up and told Kagome.

"I WANT TO BATHE" Kagome giggled and nodded.

"But first we most eat, especially you" Sango sighed but did not protest she knew Kagome was right.

Kagome sent Miroku, Shippo and Rin to go fish, meanwhile she and Sango Started to talk happily.

"Sango, you were out for a week you had me so worried, we had to go back to my time and restock on my stuff, we also had to buy you Blood packs because you lost so much, and you wound is still fresh, the scarring tissue is tender, we will have to take care of it" Said Kagome worried, pointing and fretting a little.

"Awww Kagome, sorry to make you worry, but don't mind the scar, in a couple of weeks it will be fine" Said Sango hugging her friend "But I won't be able to battle of move much, and we do need to keep looking for the shards and now Naraku, we need to do a plan or something" Said Sango looking if Miroku was back with the fish.

"About that, well you see, when I went to my time I brought a bunch of things, including money, condoms, feminine products, and to make it short I had nowhere to put them, so I asked Sesshomaru and he said we can go to his castle and stay there, I think you can recuperate there, the only catch is that we need to clean" Said Kagome calmly.

Sango's Eyes where wide in surprise and some curiousness was evident in her face too.

"First off, how did you manage to get Sesshomaru the ice prince to agree? And second, what are condoms?"

Kagome's face turned bright red but she answered both questions.

"Well first, I just asked and he agreed the catch is the cleaning and second well condoms are, they are little pieces of special rubber, that are lubricated with oil, they allow the couple to have sex and not get pregnant" Said Kagome a bit serious trying not to blush to hard.

Sango's Face changed a million shades of colors imagining everything.

"You know Kagome it's impressive you were able to make that description so perverted, the future is really weird, but I think those things are rather convenient" Said Sango with a mischievous smile and a wiggle to the eye brows.

Kagome blushed and exclaimed "Well same for you, you know!" at this both girls laughed and had light chit chatter about girl stuff, love and what would go on the future.

"Hey Kagome" Asked Sango

"Yes Sango"

"You know Miroku is taking an awful amount of time on those fish" Said Sango with an annoyed look.

"I'm so hungry!...Hey I have another question" Said Sango with a thoughtful look

"I Don't know maybe I should go look, And yes?" said Kagome deciding to give the monk a few more minutes

"How did you keep me alive for one week without food or water?" asked Sango really curious.

"Well you see Sango, in my time there are cases of very long periods of a 'Coma' witch is when your mind basically dies but your body keeps alive, during this time you can't eat, drink or anything else, but there are things called Iv Drip, 'intravenous Drip' witch has all the nutrient and things your body needs" Said Kagome in Lecture mode, Inuyasha that had been in the corner of the hut all the while had now gained a headache.

"You know Kagome, you should really think about teaching people or something, you talk like a mother, or angry professor" said Inuyasha a bit grumpy.

"Well I have been told that, but I wish to know much more things about here, and be able to help more people and professor, they exist in this time?" Asked Kagome curious.

"Well of course they exist, all of us in the pack can read and write, but in this era people and demon alike think it's more important that males are educated and not females" Said Inuyasha in a matter of fact way.

Kagome and Sango glared at him and 'humfhed'

"Hey I didn't say I did, I said other people and demons" said Inuyasha annoyed.

"Hey wait, you can write and read Inuyasha?" Asked both girls.

"Well I may not seem like it, but yes the most basics but yes, I just don't see the use of it" Said Inuyasha shrugging.

Sango looked at Kagome and Kagome at Sango.

"Hey Inuyasha go get Miroku, the kids and the fish I'm so hungry!" Said Sango whining.

"Ok, ok I'll go, Let's go Kikyo" Said Inuyasha talking to Kikyo.

Sango looked angrily at Kikyo and Kagome softly touched Sango's hand.

Inuyasha and Kikyo exited the hut and left the two girls alone.

"Kagome are you okay? They seem so together" Said Sango with a worried expression

"It's okay Sango, I don't mind it, I really do love him, but as my little brother, a very annoying little brother…. And…." Kagome paused looked around and made a silence barrier.

Sango looked at her surprised and asked

"Since when can you do that?"

"Well you see when I was with Oratai I learnt a bunch of new things, and now that I remember that" Said Kagome undressing Sango's wound and healing it.

"There you go, now you just need the scar tissue to fall off and new one will come but the mark will stay" Sango was amazed to say the least, she moved around got up, moved her arm and touched it.

"it doesn't hurt, it's like new Thank you so much Kagome, and like this I can fight and help out" she lounged at Kagome and Hugged her.

Kagome heard on the backgrounds Inuyasha complaining to Miroku about how long will they wait for breakfast and start fishing himself.

"Well it is my pleasure anything to help you, and before they come back, I want to tell you something, first off, I feel that Kikyo's time is coming to an end, she doesn't have much more time, she grows weaker and her body more frail, and With Inuyasha, well you see I kinda like Sesshomaru" Said Kagome Blushing.

Sango was surprised her mouth agape "WAIT, him? Like the ice prince? Kagome what did you see in him? Besides his gorgeous body, hair, eyes and everything else but he is like a jerk? And Inuyasha's brother, and with Kikyo I can feel it as well, we need to tell Inuyasha, I know he feels it as well" Said Sango concerned, Said Hanyou was cursing about hentai monks and stupid fish when Kagome lowered her barrier and let them in.

"What were you two ladies talking about" asked Miroku with a smile on his face

"Girls talk, and what took you so long you damed monk?" asked Sango annoyed.

After that, they made a fire and started to clean and roast the fish while having light and happy talk, Shippo and Rin happily playing with the nekos and the girls.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After Sesshomaru's leg regained blood flow he took the usual stroll around his lands, noticed that nothing was out of order and was having an inner conversation with his beast.

'You know, we should really think about Kagome's bad dreams and what we could do….hn indeed you are right, it seems like releasing this one's yuki around her helped…. Yes it seems our yuki soothes hers…. Hn… you are so boring to talk with, anyways, seems like her pack friend woke up…. This one is not boring, just has nothing relevant to say, and yes it seems the Miko's friend woke up…. Well then you never have, yes let's head back…. "…." You know, you should start training Kagome and Rin they seem to have very powerful Inu inside of them…. This one will start training as soon as the castle is restored and they feel at home… Oh boy you being considerate? Is it the end of the world all ready?... this one does not find that funny…. You don't find anything funny, you know I just remembered we also need to think about doing something about That Fucker half breed, a plan, an army something… Yes this one shall think of a strategy, but this one has noticed that that half breed is constantly watching this one's pack but is not able to listen to our inner conversations… Yes you are right there, we really need a strategy, oh and you know, Your brother is probably very strong, even being a half demon he was able to control full demon blood, you should teach him too…. This one does not wish to meddle with him, he is to annoying… But you know Kagome would be very happy, especially knowing how fond she is of him, and he would be a great help as your left hand man…. This one shall think about it'

Sesshomaru thought about how long ago he had such a long chat with his Inu, and about Inuyasha and noticed he was almost in the village, he heard Inuyasha Bickering at Miroku, and noticed that Kagome and Sango were talking about medicines and weird stuff and suddenly all sound was out of the hut.

'The miko must've put up a sound barrier… oooooh you are so curious…. Curiousness is beneath this one as an emotion…. Oh please you still feel it hhahaha lol…. Shut up and go to sleep'

He silently walked towards the hut and sat outside of it, he saw Inuyasha look at him and then walk towards the hut hesitantly.

Then he felt the sound barrier fall and Inuyasha went inside, everyone started to chat and eat, but he preferred to stay outside.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Inuyasha saw Sesshomaru but decided to leave him alone, but something inside of him was nagging to take him some fish.

'I hope I get beat up for this, I'm never talking to him again….Just try it…. You again, who the hell are you any ways, I'm telling you if I get beat up I'm killing you… Genius if you kill me you'll get killed to, and I'm an Inu, the demon blood that flows inside of you… Wait wasn't I too weak to be able to do that… seems like something awoke me, you have half blood, but that demon blood is of the strongest Inu there has been… well you got a point there, anyways why should I take him food?... Just do so, he is your alpha now, and you brother none the less… Keh'

Inuyasha got up grabbed a fish, and stood by the door side a little hesitating, he walked outside and looked at his brother.

"Here I don't know if you are hungry but I brought you some" he said pointing the fish at Sesshomaru.

'What is he doing? you food…. This one is not sure to take it… do so, it's called bonding…. This one does need something petty like it…. Just grab it, and melt a little would ya'

'You see, he didn't take it, he thinks I'm a fool now…. Wait, don't be rash yet… damn you I don't wish to be made a fool of… look he is taking it…huh?' Inuyasha stared amazed at what he was looking at.

Sesshomaru had extended his hand and grabbed the fish, taken a bite and said "Thank you".

Inuyasha wasn't too sure what to do, but he nodded and just said a soft "you are welcome" and rushed back inside.

Inside the hut there were looks of amazement and proudness, but he was too confused to even care he just grabbed his chest and sighed.

"OMG Inuyasha did that just happen?" Said Kagome squealing

"Yes Yes just don't nag mi on it" Said Inuyasha blushing and proudly pointing his nose at the roof.

Kagome and Sango giggled and continued their talk.

After breakfast the girls and the kids went for a bath.

And the males went on their business.

At evening that everybody was outside the hut, taking in the fresh air Sesshomaru appeared and said to all.

"Tomorrow morning we shall depart at an early hour to this one's castle, it will take at least 3 days, including nights, supper times and human speed" with that he walked off to a tree close to the river and sat at its base.

"Kagome do you know it's the first like ever I've hear him talk so much?" said Sango.

"Yeah same here"

"And here"

"And here" said the kids in unison

They all agreed on that but Inuyasha added.

"You know, as a child, he was serious, but he used to talk a lot, and play with me and ACTUALLY smile, he really liked ro…." A small log hitting his head stopped him from what was coming next.

They all looked at the source of the log to find Sesshomaru staring at Inuyasha like 'say anything else and you won't be able to talk for a while'.

Inuyasha just Keh'd and stayed quiet.

All the others in the group where dumb folded to say the least but just stayed quiet and minded their own business.

At night fall everyone was retiring for the night when Sesshomaru asked Kagome to accompany him for a while.

"Miko come with this one, thins one desires to have a short talk with you" Kagome nodded and went to the river side.

"Yes, what do you wish for" she said sitting beside him.

"First, make a sound barrier around us" He ordered more than asked.

Kagome sighed and did as asked.

"Now, this one has noticed that The bastard half breed is spying on this one's pack, with the void child's mirror, also that he enters your mind at nights, and that the rest of the pack will probably suffer of bad dreams sooner or later" Kagome was impressed at so many words coming out of his mouth.

'He speaks a lot, and he has such a darn sexy voice it makes me wanna melt… yes but pay attention it is important'

Kagome nodded and he continued.

"Also this one noted that when this one speaks with inner Inu, The half breed can't listen to this one's inner conversation, but it is troublesome to have, constant spying on this one's and the packs traveling, and that we need to figure something out, or this one will not be able to make a strategy or plan to defeat the half breed" At this Kagome nodded Understanding everything.

"Well, there are a couple of ways, there are some species of demon that can probably canalize the effect, o some spells that could help, maybe I'll ask Sango and Kaede and get in touch with Oratai, we may get some ideas that way" Sesshomaru was observing Kagome Touch her lips and do curls with her hair while she was thinking of an idea.

' That is so cute, she is so sexy…hnn… :O you think so too?... this one does not wish to answer that…. Ok whatever….hn… by the way tell her about our yuki and her dreams, and protecting her from those 'nightmares' as she calls them…. This one will'

"Miko this one remembered to tell you, that this one's yuki prevents you from having 'nightmares' as you call them, shall this one stay close to your hut and release his yuki?" Kagome was shocked at what he just said.

' OMG you asked nicely well done, you are learning…. Do not mock this one stupid Inu…..OMG she is shocked hahah cute….hn'

'Did he just ask me?... Yes he did now answer ….hai!'

"Well if you wish to Sesshomaru you are welcome to do it and thank you very much for your concern" said Kagome softly bowing to hide her blush.

"Then let this one accompany you to your hut" Kagome nodded and got up at the same time Sesshomaru did, and they stared to walk back to the hut.

Kagome noticed that he sat right beside a pot of flowers that had roses in them 'I mean the other pot had different flowers and is closer to the door' she mentally thought 'Could it be that the 'ro…' from Inuyasha meant 'Roses'?... you should ask Younger Inu about it…. I will, and just call him Inuyasha… alright, night Kagome chan…. Night Inu chan'

"Good night Sesshomaru, thank you for everything" Said Kagome Bowing respectfully.

"You are welcome Miko, Good night" said Sesshomaru giving a soft bow to his head.

Kagome entered the hut and went right to her sleeping bag noticing that everybody was asleep.

She was lost in her thoughts and softly fell asleep feeling Sesshomaru's yuki.

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