"Later". What did he mean by "Later"? She fidgeted at her seat by the fire. By the Ancestors, it was cold topside. She pulled her cloak tighter around her shoulders. The other Wardens were preparing for bed. She would never sleep tonight. She stood up.

"Do you need something, Sereda?" Duncan asked.

"Just stretching my legs." She gave him a wry smile and walked off.

Of course, in her meanderings she got hopelessly lost. The vast expanse of inky-black sky made her feel light-headed and irritable. Now, even if she wanted to go to bed, she couldn't. She had no idea where bed was. She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. One thing that wouldn't be in bed was Gorim, ready for their pre-battle "ritual".

She looked up and realized she was standing in front of the King's tent. A smile quirked her lips. She was sure he had winked at her. Maybe he would be interested in some "ritual".

Cailan rose to greet her. "Warden, to what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked, sounding as pleased as he was confused.

To her surprise, Sereda was struck suddenly bashful. He really was so handsome, and tall. He stood a good two feet taller than her. Earlier, she had thought that maybe he seemed taller than he was because of the impressive suit of armor he had been wearing, but even now in a loose shirt and simple britches, his height was impressive. Also, now obvious, was his equally impressive musculature. He smiled winningly at her. She took a deep breath and tried to quell the wriggles of nervousness that had suddenly appeared in her gut. She smiled back. "Oh, well, I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss … trade relations." What? Why did she say that?

He paused, brow furrowed slightly. "Of... course. Come, make yourself comfortable." He gestured toward the luxurious furnishings in his tent. She sat on the edge of a cot, covered in a rich duvet, feeling slightly foolish. "Would you like something to drink? I was just enjoying some of that dwarven ale we were discussing earlier." He handed her a mug.

She took a sip and swallowed. "I... have a confession to make, Your Highness."

"Please, call me 'Cailan'. We are equals, are we not?" he laughed easily as he lounged next to her. She was acutely aware of the small distance between their bodies.

She shifted. "Yes, of course... Cailan. Anyway, my confession: I don't actually like dwarven ale. I find human ale to be much better tasting."

"Really," he drawled. "That is interesting. You see, I find it quite intoxicating." His hand lifted, and brushed her hair from her ear.

She shivered.

"Is there anything else you find you find preferable 'topside'?" he continued, leaning closer.

She leaned away. "Well, uh, I don't really know yet. I've never been topside before. It is... strange. Everything is so much bigger."

"Fascinating," he breathed on her neck. "Everything, you say?"

She leaned back further, until her back was pressed against the cot. One of his hands was still stroking her hair while the other began to wander up her calf. She bent her knees, her skirts falling away to expose more of her legs. "Yes, I," she could not believe she was actually blushing, "I mean to say, everything I have...encountered." She licked her lips. "Your Highness, I," his finger was now trailing up her inner thigh. "I thought we were going to discuss trade relations between our peoples!"

"Oh, but we are. I would very much like to sample the best of Orzammar's," his eyes dipped to look at her bosom as she struggled to catch her breath, "bounty." And before she could say anything else, he finally closed the distance between their mouths with a soft but assertive kiss.

Her heart thudded against her ribs as his fingers brushed the outside of her smallclothes. "My goodness, Princess Sereda." He murmured against her throat. "We must get you out of these damp clothes immediately before you catch your death of cold."

"Well," she said, regaining a bit of her customary boldness and slipping a finger in the waistband of his britches and tugging. "If we are equals, after all, Cailan."

He gave her a wicked grin and rapidly shed his clothes. She followed suit. Before, his gaze had been appreciative, but now it was downright hungry. His fingers again brushed against her now naked center. She gasped and clutched his arm. "Is something wrong?" he asked, concerned.

"Just you teasing me," she growled and pulled.

"Your desire is my command," he responded cheekily and dipped in deeper. She bucked against him as his touch sent shocks of pleasure through her. He gently swirled his fingers around outside before plunging in again.

"Oh you sodding duster!" she cried and sat up straight again. "If you do not stop nughopping around and rut me already we are going to have an international incident."

He paused, looking concerned. "I am most eager to oblige, however, I … wanted to be sure you were quite prepared..."

And she looked down, and was momentarily taken aback. "Oh, so it is all proportional," she said, feeling a sense of almost academic achievement. "Sod it. I'm ready."

He hesitated. "Perhaps it would be more comfortable if you were...topside."

"Yes, I'm beginning to like it up there," she said and pushed on his shoulders.

She slowly lowered herself onto him. It felt even larger than it looked and she had to slowly work herself down his shaft. She began to ride slowly but with determination. She was not going to leave unsatisfied. His fingers found her again, and nearly knocked her off her rhythm. Pain gave way to pleasure. He curled forward to fondle her nipples with tongue and unoccupied hand. She dug her fingers into his luscious hair and pulled him closer.

She increased her pace, breasts bouncing in time. He leaned back and gazed up at her, enraptured. "Maker's breath, you are glorious."

Her fingers curled in his hair. "Don't you dare stop now." Her body was rocked by a powerful orgasm, and she could not stop the screams of pleasure as she jerked forward. "Enough!"

He wrapped both hands around her hips and gripped tight as she rode harder, bringing him to his own release. He shuddered and cried out, driving deep into her. She clenched around him as she softly rocked, enjoying the aftershocks. He leaned back, smiling lazily. "Well, Warden or Princess or whatever station you claim now, is that enough to prevent any unfortunate incidents?"

"Hmm..." she slowly rolled her hips, and was rewarded with a feeling of renewed interest on his part. "I'm not sure. Perhaps more... negotiation is necessary."