A/N: Hello all. This is the sequel to "Questions." I hope you enjoy it. I'm sorry this chapter is so short... it's more like a prologue, I guess.

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Chapter 1: Promises


Thank you for your letters. They're truly making this summer somewhat bearable. My father has been doing a great job at making me feel as small as a mouse, while my mother is looking at me sadly but isn't saying anything to stick up for herself or me. I haven't told them about you yet, but know that this in no way reflects the way I feel about you. I hope to speak with my mother soon and try to persuade her to let me come visit you this summer, but only if it's all right with your father. Let me know.

I miss you terribly. I can't wait to see you.

Yours truly,


Rose took a break from scavenging her normally tidy room to read the first letter she received from Scorpius that summer. Tears filled her eyes as she finished reading by the light of the moon. She reached for her satchel and carefully placed the letter inside before she continued to pilferage through her belongings, putting odd pieces of clothing and random books into her bag. After running her eyes along her desk to see if she needed anything on it, she spotted the second letter.

I told my mother about us. Before I could tell her that I was going to come visit you, however, my father walked into the room. I ascertained from his incredibly angry face that he had eavesdropped on our conversation. He said some rather disparaging things about you, which I would not stand for. However, my defense caused me to be banished to my room. I'm sure he'll think of some sort of cruel punishment for my "disrespect" and "ignorance." I wish I was of age, so I could just leave. Hopefully after my prison sentence I can sneak away. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. The thought never fails to make me smile.

Hopefully see you soon,


Rose recalled when she officially told her father about her boyfriend. He ranted and raved, of course. He swore that Scorpius must have slipped her a love potion or put some sort of spell on her, because there was "no way my daughter is going to date Ferret Junior!" After each and every rant, Rose would calmly tell him that Scorpius was nothing like his father. He was never mean to anyone that didn't deserve it, he was the funniest person she knew, and she wasn't going to break up with him no matter how much he cursed and yelled. And each time, Ron would cross his arms, huff, and tell Rose that he hated the boy. This repeated conversation grew very tiring, but Rose would continue to have it for as long as she needed to.

She shook her head to clear it of her musing and got back to business. She placed the second letter from Scorpius into her bag, while trying to forget the third, which was burning in her pocket. She knew after a few seconds, however, that it was impossible to disregard. She sat down on her bed and breathed a heavy sigh. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the crumpled letter, reading it for the hundredth time since receiving it that morning.

Father is taking me away. Said I'll never see you again. Can't say where we're going—he cast a spell on me. I'll always remember you.

Wiping the tears that leaked onto her cheeks while reading those few words, Rose stood up and shoved the last letter into her satchel. She quickly walked to her door, then took one last sweeping glance, making sure she was satisfied with the few belongings she was taking with her. She tiptoed out of her room and down the dark hallway before stopping. She glanced over her shoulder to where her sleeping family lay. She knew that when everyone woke up, they would panic. Hugo would sit silently and blame himself for her leaving. Her mother would try to think of a strategic way to find her, and her father…. she shuddered. She didn't want to think of what he would do—it hurt enough to be leaving like this without thinking of her father's outrage and worry that she knew would accompany her absence.

Rose took one last deep breath, steeling herself. She couldn't think of their reactions or the panic she may be causing. She could only think about the most important thing to her: keeping her promise.

With resolution, she turned towards the door and entered into the dark night.