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"Stop it."

Scorpius looked up at his girlfriend, eyebrows raised and a small smirk on his face. This was the fourth time in the last few minutes that she had slapped the Daily Prophet out of his hands. He shook his head and calmly picked the newspaper up off of the kitchen table to continue his search.

"Stop it." Another slap, this time ripping one of the pages he was reading.

"Rose…" Scorpius scolded slightly, before continuing to examine the paper.

Things were silent for a few moments afterwards… but he should have known that it wouldn't have lasted. Without knowing how it happened, the newspaper he was so intently searching was torn out of his hands and found itself under Rose's bottom.

Scorpius laughed silently as he put his elbows on the table and his head in his hands. "Was there something that I could help you with?" he asked patiently.

Rose looked at the ceiling, feigning thought. "No," she finally answered.

"Then may I please have my newspaper back?"

"No," Rose smiled innocently, scooting her bottom on her chair, causing the newspaper to become more disheveled.

"And why not?" Scorpius asked curiously.

Rose mirrored Scorpius' image, placing her head in her hands as well. "Because you won't stop looking for a new place to live."

Scorpius closed his eyes and rubbed a hand over them, "We've all ready gone over this, Rose…"

"You are not inconveniencing any-"

"Ha! I beg to differ," he laughed sarcastically. "Your brother, while very accommodating, has a look that says the quicker I leave him to his own little sanctuary, the better-"

"He doesn't ca-"

"Your mother, who has been a complete saint, seems a bit strained to take care of another person. I think cooking for five people has been causing her some stress-"

"She was never a very good cook to begin wi-"

"And your father looks like he wants to severely maim me every time he sees me around you. I'm sure he wouldn't mind seeing me as far away from you as possible."

"He's just being immatu-"

"Rose," Scorpius stopped before she came up with another comeback and took hold of her hands. "Please try to understand. I love you. I love being here with you. But this isn't my home."

"The places in here," she indicated the newspaper by wiggling her butt once again, "are not your home either. If you're going to be homeless, it may as well be in a place you enjoy being."

Scorpius lowered his head to look at the table. "But I need a home." He glanced back up at Rose. She was giving him a look as if you say to him without using words how silly she thought he was being. "I know that with you, I can completely be myself. You are my one constant. You keep me going." He kissed one of her hands before continuing. "But there has never been a place that I felt was home; nowhere where I could completely at ease with myself. I need a place for me—a location in the world that I can call my own."

Rose let out a long breath. "But we're a few weeks from going back to Hogwarts. Why are you doing this now? Why can't you wait? Why don't you want to spend the rest of your summer with me?" The hurt look in Rose's eyes made Scorpius' heart break slightly. But he stuck to his resolve.

"Your presumptions of why I'm doing this are really quite…. well, stupid," he smirked. "I'm doing this now for a couple of different reasons. First," he began holding one finger up, "since my father is in prison in Bulgaria, he cannot freeze any of his assets, so I have complete access to our funds. I'm not going to spend as much as I can, all though that would make my father quite irate and make me very happy," he grinned to himself, "but I am going to at least find myself a nice place to live."

Rose rolled her eyes, still not happy with the situation. "And the second reason?"

"What do we plan on doing after we graduate from Hogwarts?" Scorpius asked.

"Travel the world," Rose answered, using a tone of voice that let Scorpius know that he should really keep the stupid questions to a minimum. However, he continued.

"And what do you plan on doing after that?"

Rose sighed. "You all ready know I have no idea what I want to do."

"Well, I do," he said with resolution.

Rose looked up at him quickly. "You do? Since when?"

Scorpius smiled at her. "It's a fairly recent development." Rose raised her eyebrows at him, indicating that she was impatient for his continuation. He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. "And if I somehow get my way in a world that seems to hate me, the plans will involve you, and hopefully, someday, it'll be your home as well," he finished.

Rose stared at him for a moment, her eyes wide and her mouth agape. She looked around the room for a moment, seemingly trying to figure out what in the world he had just implied.

"And it'll be a lot easier to do such things if I have my own home," Scorpius said slyly, smiling at his dazed girlfriend.

Rose focus returned to Scorpius. She looked as though she were trying to figure out if he was serious. He kept his eyes locked to hers, not wavering in the slightest.

"Thank Merlin, I've finally gotten you to stop talking!" Scorpius teased after a moment of an intense staring battle, shooting her a half smile. Rose narrowed her eyes, but smiled back at him brightly. "Now," Scorpius commanded with bogus seriousness, "may I please have my newspaper back?"

Rose looked at him quizzically before remembering the paper underneath her derriere. She quickly grabbed it and handed it back to him. He gave her one last smirk before once again perusing the realty section of the Daily Prophet. The future was finally looking bright.


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