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Heir To The Throne



Harry James potter. Also known as The Boy who lived, the golden boy and He who could do no wrong was tossing and turning in his four poster bed whimpering at the nightmare that gripped his mind. He had a silencing spell around his bed so that no one could hear him when he nightmared, which was every time he slept. He rarely slept for more than an hour or two a night unless with a potion.

He gasped, jerking upwards tears streaming down his face and he sobbed, once, twice and then got control of himself. He shook his head hard and hid his face in his hands trembling furiously as he forced himself to remember the dream.

Bellatrix had been there, Sirius as well. Sirius was trying hard, so hard to tell harry something, and harry tried, tried so hard to hear him when Bellatrix blasted Sirius and he fell into the inky blackness of death along with Cedric and Lupin.

Cedric hadn't died that night at the ministry but it was still his fault, as was Lupin's and Sirius's. He sighed and shook his head hard as he felt a familiar light pressure in his mind. 'it's not your fault harry. It's Dumbledore's' any other person would have been insane hearing voices in their head but no, not harry. Because that voice belonged to one, Tom, Marvalo, Riddle.

'Go away Tom.' harry ordered sourly through their mental connection as he slid out of bed and yanked his slippers on heading downstairs. 'I don't wanna talk to you right now' harry had been working on occlumency since Sirius and Lupin's deaths. And was now powerful enough that he could in fact shove the Dark lord completely out of his mind if he wanted to. But he didn't because in some sick and twisted way, he enjoyed talking to Tom.

He sighed a little as he slipped out of the portrait hole yawning a little and rubbing his eyes. He didn't bother with the cloak or the map, because when at Grimmwauld Dumbledore had easily realized how much a problem Harry's insomnia was getting. And had promised him that the teachers wouldn't bother him at night if he needed to take a walk.

Snape had been utterly furious, completely pissed but he hadn't been able to say a single thing since Blaise Zabini from slytherin, and two students from Ravenclaw where getting the same privilege for their insomnia. So he'd instead tried to make Harry's life miserable other ways. Harry hadn't cared in the least.

Harry sighed a little and reopened his connection with Tom, he could use the company to keep himself out of Dark thoughts. 'I'm sorry I snapped at you Tom. I'm just grumpy.' Harry murmured to the dark lord who nodded. Harry could..well, FEEL the dark lord nodding hundreds of miles away.

'Night terrors again harry?' Tom guessed and Harry nodded.

'yeah...Sirius again...' He had to grin a little as Tom pulled away wrapping his mind up in the strongest shields he could muster, leaving only their communication unguarded. 'Relax. I'm not going to hit you again.' during the summer two or..six times, in a rage harry had slammed his mind into the dark lords so hard the snake had ended up in one to three day coma's.

'there's never telling with you. Same dream again?' Tom asked sincerely curious and worried, though Harry rather doubted the sincerity in the dark lord. The man was up to something of that he was certain but harry for the life of him couldn't figure out what. It didn't matter because harry wasn't ever going to let his guard down.

'yeah. The one where Sirius is trying to tell me something. It's important I KNOW it is! I might not be a seer like The Lady Of The Lake was but I sure as hell know more than that old bat in the tower.' he grumbled Tom laughing lightly and nodding again.

'the potter line has always had seers blood running through them.' Tom stated simply with a shrug that harry felt rather than saw. 'your dreams are very important, you should write them down or something.' Tom suggested and Harry shook his head hard.

'And have someone find them? No thanks. Dumbledore's already hovering around me and so are Ron and Hermione. Their all like leaches.' Harry complained very near to wining.

'The Weasly and the mud...Bookworm are just concerned about you is all. Even I can tell that. Dumbledore on the other hand is a lying conniving old goat who likes to manipulate people into being his pawns.' Tom managed to correct himself just in time before Harry's temper flared. Tom really wouldn't want That.

'I don't care' Harry admitted scornfully. 'I just want them to leave me alone thanks.' As of late he didn't want anything to do with anyone happy. Tom didn't count since he was a dark lord, plus tom wasn't exactly happy he was just positive. Around harry anyway. Even when he was bashing Dumbledore the man was positive about it. Of course who couldn't feel happy about bashing Dumbledore?

Tom sighed softly and shook his head lightly scowling at harry through their connection. When Sirius and Lupin had died harry had taken a big change and for the worst on top of it. When he went back to the muggles all he did was lay on the bed and sleep or stare at the ceiling. Sometimes he'd cried. He only ate when his Aunt Petunia had fed him and shockingly enough she had actually started to care about him.

Harry had at first struggled against her but after the first few days he'd broken down and let her feed him and cradle him, it was something he'd needed. But he still wouldn't do anything, not even when Dudley had come in and started whacking him with his smeltings stick. It had taken Tom, bursting into Harry's mind and taunting him with the boys weaknesses that had made harry finally move.

After that Tom had been all kindness to him, talking to him, comforting him and after a while harry had started to learn occlumency at an increased rate to try and keep the other out. After three days of silence in his head harry finally let the other back in, in a fit of loneliness. Crazy.

'hey Tom. Why'r you so nice to me all the time?' harry finally demanded scowling at tom through their connection and the other shrugged.

'I have my reasons.' of course harry wouldn't get a straight answer. He never did so why should it start then?

'not feeling Guilty are you?' harry taunted and the Dork lord smirked.

'I think you know the answer to that little Lord Potter.' the Dark Lord was NEVER guilt ridden.

'sometimes I don't wonder if your not just lonely.' harry stated with a grumble and after a long silence harry had stopped to gape at thin air. 'lonely? Your lonely!' he demanded and Tom growled a little.

' well terrified victims and my terrified underlings don't exactly make good conversationalists. And if my underlings aren't afraid of me they're either trying to please me or get into my pants.' he admitted and Harry snickered lightly.

I can see why that would be a little bothersome.' he admitted pausing when he suddenly saw Snape right in front of him. 'bye tom.' harry mumbled before shoving the other out of his mind by force and then locking everything down once again. He always kept himself occluded to keep Dumbledore out of his head but Snape was far too attentive for Harry to risk letting tom stay.

"Hello Professor." Harry said respectfully and politely, what a shocker there! For his first week back to school Snape had been decidedly vicious, and while harry was at the order as well. Harry hadn't known it then but Snape had blamed him for Sirius's death. Well, it sort of was his fault but that was besides the point.

Snape tried his hardest to cause harry hell, detentions, taunts about his godfather parents and Lupin, who's death was just as equally Harry's fault as Sirius's. Harry had ignored the man completely, or when accused he'd just nod politely. It had tossed the poor potions master for a terrible loop. He spent the next week completely ignoring harry in a huff.

At the end of the second week though harry had pounded on the potions master's door and had begged, literally begged for a dreamless sleep potion with tears running down his cheeks and dark bags under his eyes. Snape had given harry the potion, too stunned to do anything else.

Over the next few days harry had just randomly popped into the professor, seemingly by complete accident and one of the times harry had given Snape a locket that had once belonged to Sirius. Snape had gaped after the Gryffendor and slipped the locket around his neck. The next time Harry had appeared he'd invited him into his room for tea.

A strange sort of friendship had been born. One that had shocked the entire school, Dumbledore included. Draco had been furious, Ron and Hermione horrified when both groups, Gryffendor and Slytherin had caught harry and Snape chatting before class had started. The Gryffendor's where more horrified than they usually where because harry, so far, had not spoken a single word to any of them.

He still hadn't.

"Your out rather late tonight Harry." Snape said his head tilted and harry shrugged.

"Dreamed about Sirius again." he mumbled running a hand through his hair. "What about you? Why out so late?"

"i saw on a little map that there where four little Hufflepuff out of bed." Snape admitted with a decidedly evil smirk and Harry chuckled a little shaking his head. He had borrowed Snape the Marauders Map until harry needed it again. Which harry suspected would be...never. Since he had decided to stop getting into trouble.

"Well I'll let you go and catch them then. I'm going out for a flight." he admitted with a nod and Snape nodded back.

"Be careful the forest Harry the Acrumentula and Thestril are out in droves lately. Snape stated and Harry nodded.

"I'll be fine. Neither of them will hurt me." harry had made friendly with the acrumentula, since he often gave them meat and food from the kitchens with help from the elves. Harry had nearly free rein over the forest, non of the creatures bothering him anymore save a friendly word now and again.

He headed for the broom shed and gathered his broomstick. He didn't play quidditch anymore he'd tried for a while but the large crowd had freaked him out, and the competition had even more. He'd lost the snitch to Draco the first game and then told them all that he just couldn't do it and gave the captains title to someone else. He forgot who. Draco, again, had been furious. Harry, again, didn't care.

Harry kicked off and rose high into the air with a sigh of relief closing his eyes and let the sense of peace run through him as he flipped and rolled through the air, playing in the darkness over the forest. After a while a few thestril joined him chirping and squawking as they played something like tag in the air just chasing each other and harry around.

Harry smiled softly to himself and flew in and out, weaving through the playful creatures before screeching to a halt. He'd seen something, a flicker of fire down into the thick of the forest below. Like someone carrying a torch. It wasn't Hagrid, harry knew, because Hagrid tried not to go so deep unless it was after a lost student. Which meant it was someone else.

Ignoring the little harry int eh back of his mind reminding him that he'd promised not to get into anymore trouble he glided down, his eyes searching for the flicker of flame again through narrowed green eyes. There! He moved towards it, following it until he froze with awe.

In front of him was no person that harry knew, in fact harry didn't think it was human at all. It looked human for the most part. Long hair the color of starlight and human arms legs and body. But this...creature was wearing something like a Japanese kimono, two bright wings spreading from the shoulders, made of pure flames. It had been wings, not a torch, that harry had been seeing.

He breathed sharply and it turned, a face that harry felt he should know turned to stare at him for a long moment, but harry was too focused on the almond shaped, glowing eyes. They where not normal eyes, they where a bright, dark purple the same color as a violet growing wild in the woods with long streaks and speckles and bright glimmering gold running through them like a star burst.

They stared intently into Harry's eyes and harry felt dizzy, breathless and like his entire being, soul, mind, heart, memories, everything where being carefully and scrutfully being examined with a fierce intensity and harry swallowed hard remembering suddenly to breath, and before he could stop he'd found himself talking talking.

"Beautiful." it cam out in a breath but the person's...creature's eyes widened and then the wings spread wide, sending out a bright, bright light that nearly blinded harry and vanished in a long, deep swirl of flames leaving harry feeling peaceful, calm ad shockingly, worry and guilt free.

"What on earth...was that?" harry breathed blinking a little before shaking his head. And turning to go back to the school.

End Ch 1

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