A.N: so, because this is such a special chapter, I decided to release it a day early. I used a mix of a hand-fasting ceremony from popular wiccanism and a Christian marriage.

Please enjoy this very special chapter.

Heir to the Throne

Chapter 41

Wedding Bells

"Potter! Get your hand out of your face! How are you going to see curses coming if you can't see past your own hand!?" Harry cursed as Rudolphus Lestrange corrected his dueling posture, again, and then resumed tossing mild curses at him.

Petunia was watching from a corner, her hands clasped to her mouth in horror as she watched her nephew being brutally attacked by a man with no sense of humor. She was only staying in place thanks to Lucius. The elder blond was running a calm commentary for her which amused Harry to NO end. Lucius Malfoy, Slytherin Extraordinaire, talking to a woman who—although a Squib—had completely immersed herself in the Muggle culture. There was a joke in there somewhere, Harry just knew it.

"PAY ATTENTION!" Fenrir roared, clapping Harry upside the head. Tanhide and Thenton guffawed with wild laughter as Fen's not so gentle strike laid Harry out on the ground. Draco, on the other side of the training platform, wasn't fairing much better as Tom and Rabastan ran him to his limits and beyond. This was their own fault of course: The Students had asked for training. They hadn't known that such a simple request would lead to torture and torment! they was just glad that Lucius wasn't doing the training this time. Harry hadn't been able to move after that bout of training for HOURS! Lucius was vicious!

"Yield! I yield, dammit!" Draco cursed from the corner and Harry snickered from where he was laying on the floor panting as he closed his eyes, struggling to reclaim his breath.

"Get your ass up, Potter. An enemy isn't going to stop cursing you just because you can't keep on your feet." Rudolphus ordered. Harry groaned as he slowly got to his feet and shook his head, swaying a little on the spot as he settled back into his fighting stance, tense, ready to move. The adults not teaching the children straight-laced dueling, like Flitwick did they were being taught all out Street fighting, where the only unfair advantage, was the one they didn't have. Which meant moving, a lot: dodging, ducking, rolling and pain—lots of pain.

So they started again, Draco and Harry in one corner of the room, Neville and Luna facing off against Devlin—who wasn't even using magic to trounce them into the floor—in the other. Because Blaise and Ron had caught a nasty cold during the damn sleigh ride, they had been excused from the day's training leaving Draco and Harry to dodge four wands instead of two. Finally, finally it was over and Harry and Draco lay on the dueling stage, gasping for breath as they trembled and shook from the effects of too much physical activity— and just a touch from all the curses they'd been hit by. When Rabastan let loose with one of those damn Stinging Hexes, it set your entire body on fire.

"Harry? Draco are you alright!?" Petunia asked, rushing to them and checking them over for visible injuries. The two were covered in bruises, but aside from that the only real damage was to their ego's, as always.

"We're fine, Aunt." Harry groaned, slowly rolling onto his belly so he wasn't laying on the mass of bruises that was his back. "their just sadists, that's all. Go check on Nev and Luna, OK?" Harry asked. Petunia pursed her lips in that oh-so-familiar disgusted manner, before going to do as Harry had requested.

"You won't have training tomorrow." Rudolphus commented suddenly as he checked his wind up watch. Immediately every teen in the room was on edge, Terrance included.

"Why?" Harry demanded, suspicious of the way the Adults where smirking at him.

"Well, you are getting married tomorrow. We can't have you limping and wincing down the aisle Pott..." he was cut off by Harry's yelp of shock.

"TOMORROW!? I almost forgot my own wedding! I have to get ready!" Harry wailed, launching himself to his feet, his pains, aches, and self misery instantly forgotten as he raced out of the room, Draco snickered a little.

"Ah... my husband is going to be sleeping on the couch often. He's so forgetful." Draco complained affectionately as he carefully hauled himself to his feet. "Still, I'm glad we were able to keep him busy enough to keep him from fretting, the idiot. He's so worried I'm going to change my mind and then he worries about how ugly he is and then he worries he's going to trip... it's MADNESS!"

Tom was laughing now, amused by Draco's dramatics. "And that's why you wanted us all to train you? To distract Harry?"

"You BASTARD!" Ron yowled, sniffling pathetically as he sneezed yet again, Blaise echoing his sentiments. Draco had to laugh, he just had to.

"Oh, calm down Ronald, the Flitterwickets will lay eggs in your overheated brain otherwise." Luna stated in that, rather creepy, offhanded way of hers. "We need this training, we're certainly more likely to survive this way. You know Harry's going to fret himself sick tonight, can you imagine a full month of waiting?" Ron cringed, but grumbled his agreement to that. At least Snape was brewing up the cure for the damn cold so he wouldn't be sick for the wedding, at least. Now all they had to do was keep Harry from having an aneurism or something.

The next morning, it was clear that Tom was showing off again. The massive upper courtyard was as warm as a pretty spring day. The once stone 'floor' was covered in soft green grass, coated in a scattering of wildflowers. There were lawn chairs lined in rows and a long silk path took the place of an aisle. Harry and Draco had both been outraged at Fenrir's suggestion of holding the wedding in a church. Who wanted to get married in a church!? Especially when the two loved the outdoors so very much. The weather was awful, it was well below freezing, there was sleet falling and the wind turned every drop into a bullet, yet in the 'courtyard' it was bright and sunny, making the weather 'outside' seem like a fantasy. Tom had really outdone himself, who had known that the Dark Lord would be such a master of non-lethal charms and wards?

One by one the guests were arriving, the list was extensive of course. From Draco's friends and family, to Harry's. The guests began arriving one by one. The guest list was, by necessity, extensive. It was comprised of both groom's friends and family, important figures from the wizarding hierarchy and the Hogwarts staff. Naturally, Rita Skeeter had been given exclusive press rights to the nuptials. She would be covering the pictures and the 'story' of the wedding. As the only reporter present, she was taking notes on the decorations and the charm work, as well as what the guests where wearing for newspapers and magazines such as Charms Abound, the Quibbler and even Teen Witch Weekly. She'd never been so popular before! Nearly everyone was willing to talk to her, she didn't even have to use her beetle form anymore.

Tom, Devlin and Terrance were watching as well, but they couldn't risk being seen by the other guests, they were with Lord Fox after all-not to mention Tom's status as a dark lord. They were watching from a hidden passage, giving them the best view, as the guests mingled. The Lestrange brothers were talking to Hermione's parents, curious about muggle dentistry. Lucius was explaining to Petunia how the wedding was going to work, while Dumbledore looked over the 'checklist' for leading the ceremony. Hagrid couldn't seem to stop crying and Professor Flitwick was looking for a taller chair, so he'd be able to see. The only ones left to arrive were Minister Scrimgeor and the love birds themselves. Everyone knew where they were of course, Draco was preening, not a hair out of place and Harry was panicking and fretting about making a fool of himself.

Finally, the clock began to chime twelve and Draco and the Minister walked down the aisle as everyone began to settle into their seats. Dumbledore stood off to the side as the Ceremonial Guide, while the Minister took his place in the middle of the stage where he would marry the two biggest names in recent history. Draco took his place in front of the minister, leaving room for Harry so that everyone would be able to see them, and their beautiful ceremonial robes, each tailored perfectly for each boy. Man.

Draco was dressed in silver and black robes that covered him, yet somehow managed to show off the masculine air that was Draco Malfoy. His hair was long, brushed into straight sheets that swept around his shoulders and framed his eager, excited face. The Purebloods whispered in delight at the nice choice of Pure-Blood attire and Lucius looked so proud of his son that he was going to burst.

Blaise was standing beside Draco as his Best Man and he leaned forward, whispering something into Draco's ear that made both Ron, Harry's Best Man, and Draco stifle snickers. The closest guests managed to catch enough of the comment to guess what was so funny. Apparently, Harry was still struggling with that messy 'rats nest' he called Hair. It had gotten bad enough, that Snape had to force a calming potion down Harry's throat while the professional hair stylist tried to work on it.

After a long wait that felt like forever to the anxious Draco—who was half worried that Harry's famed Gryffindor Courage would fail him—the signal was sent. Harry was ready. A light tune sparked up, the sound of flutes and soft stringed instruments filled the air, startling the guests and causing a scattering of applause at the impressive charms work. They all turned to the large stone archway that had been built specifically for this moment to signify the beginning of a new time for both Harry and Draco. The Archway of New Beginnings. There was a gasp as Harry slowly stepped into view, pausing for dramatic affect so that everyone could admire the handsome muggle suit, the pressed tie and the cufflinks, everything a good husband needed to wear. And amazingly his hair was perfect, someone had simply grown it out, and it was pulled back tightly into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. Draco just knew Harry hated his hair like that, but it was the only way to get control of the unruly hair.

"May the place of this rite be consecrated for the Gods. For we gather here in a ritual of love with two who would be wedded. Please come forward and stand here before us and before the gods." Dumbledore suddenly intoned. As the guide, he spoke the words of passage and of rites, while the Minister performed the actual bonding.

Harry strode forward, his eyes fixed on Draco, his heart slamming against his chest as Draco smiled, looking so happy, so excited, so PROUD of his lover. Harry had to fight himself not to run to Draco and kiss him. It was too early for that. Harry had to be calm and patient, but it was so hard. If it wasn't for Snape's grip on his arm as they both walked down the aisle, Harry might have forgotten himself. He knew Severus himself was stunned still, shocked to be the one leading Harry down the aisle in place of James Potter.

"Be with us here, oh Beings of the Air. With your clever fingers tie closely the bonds between these two. Be with us here, oh Beings of Fire. Give their love and passion your own all-consuming ardor. Be with us here, oh Beings of Water. Give them the deepest of love and the richness of the body, of the soul and of the spirit. Be with us here, oh Beings of Earth. Let your strength and constancy be theirs for so long as they desire to remain together. Blessed Goddess and Laughing God, give to these before you, we do ask your love and protection. Blessed Be." Dumbledore spoke, invoking the Gods and the Spirits of Nature itself and, as the Ceremony demanded, everyone responded.

"Blessed Be." It was an old ceremony, one that would fail unless the couple in question were truly in love. It was rarely used, but Draco wanted no doubt in anyone's mind just how much he loved Harry James Potter.

Now the Minister spoke. "The love we all feel is here today thousand fold, held in two bodies that share one soul. Harry and Draco would like to take this time to trade vows of love and courage to one another."

Draco went first, settling onto his knees before his lover, taking Harry's hands as he spoke. "Harry, my love. From the day I first met you in Madam Malkin's, I knew I had to have your attention, I desired for those blazing emeralds of your eyes to always be on me, no matter what. When you denied my hand on the train, I swore that I would ensure that I always had your attention. I didn't know then, that it was love that drove me. I didn't understand why I so desperately wanted you to focus on me and only me. Now I understand and now I have you, always in my mind and in my heart. I will love you, forever and always, for all of eternity and beyond. I will always be yours."

Draco stood and Harry knelt, tears swimming in those emerald eyes. "For most of my life Draco... I have never had a real reason to live, other than pure stubbornness. My life has been one hectic mess after another, a chaotic whirlwind of fear and pain, death and shame. Through my days at school, you were there—always there—constantly biting at me, rising my rage and giving me reasons to let out all the pain that was building inside. Somehow, all that hate and rage I felt for you, turned into love and like you, I wanted you only to pay attention to me, only to know me. I still don't know how I ever could deserve you, but you are mine now Draco Malfoy just as I am yours and I will never, ever let you go, not even in death."

Harry stood, the both of them trembling with emotions as they stared at one another, turning as the Minister beckoned Luna forward, a soft silk ribbon in her hands. Luna presented the Ribbon to the Minister who lifted it for all to see, the shining silver ribbon nearly glowing in the warm light. Harry and Draco had chosen silver because it matched both Draco's robes and Harry's suit. The Minister placed Harry and Draco's left hands together and tied their wrists loosely together

"With this Ribbon, I do tie thee together. Hand to hand, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul I bind Thee," the Minister stated, tugging the last knot into place before setting his hand over theirs as Dumbledore spoke again.

"Above you are the stars, below you are the stones, as time does pass remember: like a star should your love be constant; like a stone should your love be firm; be close, but not too close; possess one another, but be understanding; have patience each with the other, for storms will come, but they will go quickly; be free in the giving of affection and warmth; make love often, and be sensuous with one another; have no fear and let not the ways or words of the unenlightened give you unease. For the Goddess and the God are with you, now and always." Dumbledore spoke. "Drink of the Wine, the Blood of the Gods."

A cup was produced, filled with wine and a few drops of blood from each of the soon to be wedded. Harry drank first, Draco holding the cup to his lovers lips and then Draco drank, Harry holding the cup. They both handed the cup of wine to the Minister who motioned Neville forward. The rings were laying on a pillow in the boys hands, the gleaming white gold shining on the black pillow, letting everyone see the amazing artistry as emerald stones and bright diamonds lay together to symbol the unity between Harry and Draco.

"Harry Potter." Dumbledore spoke, as Draco picked up the first ring. "Is it your wish to become one with this man?"

"It is." Harry nearly choked on his words, he wanted to kiss Draco, he wanted to be married, he wanted to spend the next several weeks doing nothing but cuddling, talking and having relentless sex.

"Accept your ring." Harry shivered as Draco's soft fingers slid along Harry's as the white gold settled onto his finger, ever so perfectly.

"Draco Malfoy. Is it your wish to become one with this man?"

"I..." Draco stuttered, swallowing thickly with his nerves, his eyes shining with the joy he felt as tears started to spill out, he was just that happy. "It is!"

"Accept your ring." Harry slipped the identical ring, onto the same finger. They were nearly vibrating with joy, their magic swirling around them. Everyone could feel their love, their joy, their anticipation at finally being married, at finally being one.

"Do any say nay?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes sweeping the gathering, no one said a word and the Minister smiled.

"With these rings, I do thee wed. Now, Harry James and Draco Lucius Malfoy-Potter-Black by name!" The Minister stated, Harry and Draco tensed as they waited for the final words of the passage rite.

"As the goddess and the gods and the Old Ones are witness to this rite I now proclaim you married."

"You may kiss your Soul Mate." The minister finished, everyone laughing as Harry and Draco slammed together, kissing deeply, desperately as the magic built and exploded everywhere. The magic was so strong you could see the Gold and Silver of the two boys, now men, wafting all over everything, lingering in the air and creating a spectacular light show that could be seen for miles in the Russian tundra, eliminating any last doubts about the amount of love the two shared. The more they loved, the stronger their magic reacted to the ceremony. With the amount of magic in the air, well, no one would ever be accusing of one of them cheating on the other, that was for sure.

They were married! They were married! Harry wanted to sing to the gods, the goddesses and the heavens themselves just because he was THAT happy. Draco was sobbing as he kissed Harry, Lucius and Petunia had tears rolling down their cheeks, Hagrid was howling with glee as he clapped for Harry and Draco and even Rita was wondering how in the world she was going to put that much love, that much pure emotion into an article. It was beautiful, the way the two clung to each other and cried in their joy. After so much loss, everyone deserved the happiness that had so wonderfully been shared.