Authors Note: Attention All Readers! unfortunately, due to long running issues with being unable to access any part of FF. Net, i will be unable to post any new chapters. i have been completely unable to load any of ff. net's website. it simply loads, and loads and loads and then says that the 'connection has timed out' and that 'Fanfiction. Net is taking too long to respond'. i don't know what's wrong, but considering other people (Namely Lady Lionheart who was kind enough to post this for me) have no problem accessing FF. Net it's turning into a very vexing issue. i do still receive emails from FF. net however, so if you know how to fix this problem, please feel free to send me a PM. i won't be able to respond until the issue is fixed, but it might give me something new that i can try. thank you for your unending patience but for now, i am afraid to say, there will be no new chapters. Kaya Winn.