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I Like a Boy in Uniform

Day 1

It was 4:14 in the afternoon and though Twilight Town High School released their students at 3:45 PM, some were still within the school; either because of afterschool activities or to postphone going through the mad traffic. Since today was breezy and sunny, many of the students who were trying to avoid the bad traffic were on spending time in the stone bleachers of the small auditorium outside, which was usually reserved for band sectionals or performances when the big indoor gym was occupied.

"Hey, Roxas!" Axel looped one lanky arm around his shorter boyfriend and pulled him close. "We heard your older brother's coming!"

"Eh?" The blonde twisted his head back to face the redhead. "Wh-who told you!"

"Your mom, of course," Riku chimed in, looking up from his Tetris cell phone game. He was sitting several rows higher than Roxas and Axel. "She called me and Axel last night asking if we wanted to come to a little get-together for your brother's visit."

Roxas groaned and slapped his forehead with his palm. "I told her I didn't—"

"Why? Is your brother cuter than you?" Axel leaned in and nuzzled the blonde's cheek with his nose. Roxas immediately tucked his head in.

"No, it's not—Axel!" The shorter of the two protested as the redhead kissed his cheek. "He's just..."

"Hideous?" Riku ventured.

"I doubt it," Axel said, turning to his silver-haired friend. "I mean, his mom and dad are pretty hot. Mr. Hikari has a really nice a—"

"Oh God, Axel, I really don't need to know how attractive you find my parents," Roxas interrupted him.

"You should thank your parents for being so hot, Roxas! Where do you think your looks come from?"

"Why is he coming?" Riku said, diverting the focus of the conversation. "I don't think there're any holidays coming up for colleges."

"Beats me," Roxas rolled his eyes, sighing. "Sora's always been like this."

"Do you hate him?" Riku asked.

"No, I don't hate him! It's just that… Sora's a little… surprising… to people at first impression. And he has a tendency to be a little… willful."

It occurred to Riku that Roxas never spoke much about his older brother. He did know that Sora was twenty-two (he and Roxas were eight years apart) and that he was currently attending Atlantica University to become a marine biologist. But he knew nothing of his personality; he had never even seen a picture of him.

"Cheer up, Shorty!" Axel said, throwing in the affectionate nickname in an attempt to calm his boyfriend. "However your brother is or looks like, Riku and I will handle it as professional adults! Promise!"

Roxas sighed. "All right…" he gave in. "Keep an open mind."

"Got it!" The redhead flashed him a thumbs up.

Riku nodded. "We'll see you at six o'clock then."

Axel and Riku stood side-by-side in front of the Hikari's front door. They had arrived together because Axel picked Riku up on the way there.

The silver-haired teenager knocked on the door, and Roxas' mother, Aeris, answered.

"Good evening, Riku, Axel," she greeted and stepped aside. "Come in."

They both entered, greeting her in return.

Roxas met them next and they followed him to the dinner table, which was already set. Cloud, Roxas' father, was seated at the head of the table and the two friends cordially said "good evening" to him.

"So where's your brother?" Axel asked Roxas, noticing that the Hikari family still comprised of three people.

"He's upstairs, setting up his things in his room," Cloud explained.

"I know how to get him down," Roxas said, turning to the stairs. "Sora! Dinner's ready!"

"Coming!" came an instant reply. There was a fast thudding of feet and a brunette descended down the stairs. Riku was surprised. Despite the fact that Sora was supposed to be twenty-two, he looked very, very young—he could probably pass for a seventeen-year-old. He was short, too, probably only about five centimeters taller than his younger brother and his chocolate hair stuck out in pixie-like spikes in all directions. His nose, face and mouth were just like Roxas'. His eyes, though the same shade, appeared brighter and energetic. His cheek bones were more delicately shaped and his skin was just a few degrees darker than his younger brother's, more than likely due to the increased sun exposure at Atlantica. Riku let his eyes travel down the brunette's body; to his slim, effeminate neck to his…

The silver-haired teenager felt his eyes bulge.

Sora was wearing the Atlantica University's uniform, but it was…

It was the girl's uniform. The clothing had clearly been modified (Riku and Axel had seen several female representatives from AU come to speak about their school.) The original style was a simple, dark blue, ankle-length, one-pieced dress with puffed-out long-sleeves, a white collar and a single, large, light-blue, plaid bow. Instead, the sleeves had been cut off and a thin piece of material (probably from the former sleeves) had been sewed at a lower position so that it draped around the midsection of the Sora arms. Riku moved his gaze downward, tracing the brunette's slender, girlish waist and following the rest of the uniform. Sora's dress had been cut short so that the new length of the dress was now about six inches up his knee. A two-inch wide, frilly, plaid pattern the same shade as the bow had been hemmed at the end of the dress. The uniform's short length exposed Sora's thin, marvelous, shaven legs.

The fact that Roxas' older brother crossdressed wasn't nearly as astounding as how gorgeous he was in girls' clothes.

"Sora, why are you still in your uniform?" Roxas asked, sighing.

"I didn't have time to change, what with all the packing 'n all. And besides, your friends aren't complaining, Roxas!" Sora retorted smartly with a little smile. His voice was just slightly higher than Roxas', but it was unmistakably a males'. It wasn't like those flaming homosexual kind of voices either, it sounded fairly normal. "And anyway, did I hear someone say it was dinnertime? I'm starving!"

The younger brother sighed.

Sora traveled to the living room. A faint aroma of vanilla and ocean breeze wafted from him with every move he made. He glanced at Riku as he passed by.

"You're drooling, boys," he said, voice husky and playful as he lightly patted one side of Riku's chin with his soft hand and continued on his way to the dinner table.

Riku shook his head and stared at Axel, who stared at him back. Slowly, they turned and watched Sora sashay to the dinner table, the girl's uniform swaying alluringly with his hips.

'Goddamn...' they appreciatively thought together in unison.

Roxas headed into the dining room, rightly punching Axel in the shoulder as he walked by for oogling his older brother.

"Ow! Sorry!" The redhead apologized, rubbing his arm and moving to the dinner table. They both made their way to the dinner table. Axel chose a seat next to Roxas and Riku had the luck to take the seat in front of Sora.

They all sat down and began to eat.

"So, who are your friends, Roxas?" Sora asked, slicing into some fish fillet with a silver knife and looking to Axel and Riku.

"I'm Axel, Axel Lea," the redhead introduced, taking the initiative.

"Oh, Axel! Roxas told me about you!" Sora said excitedly. "You're my brother's boyfriend, right? Have you had sex yet?"

Cloud coughed, Aeris giggled, Riku suppressed a laugh, Axel placed his hand over his mouth to hide a smile and Roxas choked on his steak and he began coughing to dislodge the foreign meat from his windpipe. The redhead leaned over and patted his back, hand still over his mouth.

"Sora!" Roxas hissed once his coughing fit subsided.

"Hm? I thought it would be important for us- your family, need I remind you- to know if you were sexually active or not, Roxas," Sora said, forking some fish into his mouth.

This brought his father and mother's attention to Roxas, who turned very, very red. Axel looked away, clearing his throat nervously.

"Well, Roxas?" Cloud urged, eyeing his youngest son.

A cute, little smile formed on the Sora's face as he chewed the meat slowly. The brunette propped his free hand up on the table with the palm facing up. The way his fingers curled gracefully bared an uncanny resemblance to how Riku and Axel's female teachers' fingers would also coil deviously when they asked for an explanation and they already knew the embarrassing answer.

Riku, upholding his duty as Roxas' friend, changed the subject. "Your uniform is very interesting, Sora. Did you make it yourself?"

"Why, yes, I did!" Sora answered, turning to Riku. "And you are?"

"Riku. Riku Yorushi," Riku said, seeing Roxas give him a grateful look in the corner of his eyes. "How long are you staying in Twilight Town, Sora?"

"Oh, maybe a week. I'm not entirely sure."

"Yes, you must forgive my oldest's son's impulsive ways," Cloud exhaled sadly.

"Aw, Dad!" The brunette turned to his father, lips jutted out into a pout. "As if you wouldn't love me if I were anything less than I am!"

Aeris giggled.

"I would love you more if you would show a bit of fore-thought in your plans, Sora," Cloud replied.

"I do!" Sora protested. "I told the school I had swine flu so they won't be checking up on me 'cause they'll think I'm highly contagious! Plus, they totally asked no questions when I asked to take a leave!"

Roxas, Axel and Riku did their best to stifle their snickers. Cloud groaned and pressed two fingers into his forehead in aggravation. "You should be setting a better example for your brother..." he grumbled. Aeris, who was sitting on his right, patted his shoulder.

Sora giggled.

Riku spoke up, "So Sora, you're studying to become a marine biologist, right?"

"Yes!" The brunette said excitedly. "And I'm minoring in Dance."

"Is Atlantica interesting? I heard that there's Triton's Castle there, have you visited it?"

"Mm-hm, loads of times! It's wonderful! The Atlantican Precursors had such a fascinating grasp on architecture and art."

"I agree. The conch-like spirals that flank the castle are quite an achievement with the basic tools the Precursors had. And the shapes are so reminiscent of the movements of the ocean. Very beautiful."

Sora nodded excitedly. "Are you interested in architecture, Riku?"

"No, astronomy, actually. But I've thumbed through a book of the Seven Wonders of the Worlds before."

Time passed by fast as Riku and Sora continued talking about Atlantica and the Seven Wonders with occasionally the other members of the family and Axel chiming in and deviating the subject. It wasn't until Aeris pointed out the time did Axel and Riku realized how late it was.

"Oh crap, we have a history paper due Monday…" Axel grumbled, running a hand through his hair. He stood up. "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Hikari, Roxas, Sora," he glanced at each person as he said their name, "me and Riku had a great time, but I'm afraid we have to go and kill ourselves now."

Sora giggled.

"He's kidding," Roxas explained to his brother. Cloud and Aeris had already heard Axel reference to suicide before and were no longer very bothered by it.

The redhead headed out of the living room, Roxas at his heels.

"I don't know why you're so embarrassed about him, Roxas," Axel said quietly as they headed out the front door together. "I mean, aside from the cross-dressing, he's pretty normal. And damn he looks good in that dress. But he's not nearly as hot as you, Shorty!" The redhead amended, seeing Roxas' death glare. He gave a nervous laugh as he opened the door. "Hey, Riku! Hurry up!"

Riku, having the courtesy to at least clean up after himself, was placing his dishes in the sink before leaving.

"I'm going, I'm going!" he said, irritated. He crossed the front door.

"Wait a sec, Riku," Sora said, grasping his wrist. Riku stopped.

"Yes?" The silver-haired teenager had his most innocent expression in place, waiting expectantly. He was sure that during their conversation he had sparked enough interest in Sora to at least earn his number.

A corner of Sora's mouth irked upwards. "You know what?" He said as he turned away sharply, his dress twirling after him. "Never mind." The brunette took several steps away, glanced at Riku over his shoulder and stuck his tongue out. "I dislike confident people like you!" he said cheerily before heading to the dining room, his movements like dancing.

Riku watched him as he left, interested and unsatisfied. After a while, the silver-haired teenager chuckled and shook his head.

'No matter,' he thought to himself. 'I can always try again.'

Axel grinned at the look on Riku's face when the silver-haired teenager came out. He was always so intuitive when it came to matters such as this, but he kept mouth shut around Roxas.

"See you tomorrow, Shorty," Axel planted a quick kiss on Roxas' lips before he and Riku headed to the car.

"Don't say a word," Riku said, holding up a finger to his best friend as soon as the blonde was out of earshot.

"I wasn't going to say anything," Axel shrugged his shoulders simply. "You're the one who's assuming stuff." The redhead pressed a button on his keychain and the car unlocked. They both got in.

"But just out of curiosity, did he give you his number?" Axel asked.

"Nope." Riku crossed his arms, sighing.

The taller of the two chuckled as he stuck the key into the ignition and the car roared to life.

Day 2: Declaration of War... For Your Heart!

It was 2:10 PM on Saturday when Riku lightly jogged up to the Hikari door, dressed in a sleeveless yellow shirt and dark blue jeans. It wasn't odd for him to drop by just to hang out with Roxas here and there.

And it was the perfect excuse to talk to Sora some more.

The silver-haired teenager tapped the cement with the tip of his shoe lightly before proceeding to ring the doorbell.

Sora answered. Today, he was in a girl's light-green spaghetti strap with the words AU and a dark-blue dolphin on the front. The shirt was a little short, so it showed a little bit of the brunette's smooth, luscious stomach. He was also wearing small, white shorts and was barefoot.

"Hey Sora, is Roxas home?" Riku asked, taking in the brunette's features carefully.

Sora smiled. "Yeah, come on in, Riku," the brunette said, moving to allow the silver-haired teenager in.

"Thanks," Riku said as he walked inside. "So are your parents at work?"

"Yup," Sora said, bouncing a little in his step. For a moment Riku couldn't figure it out and then he heard the TV faintly in the background. The brunette was swaying with the music.

Riku held his hand over his mouth to ensure that his jaw would not drop.

The way Sora rotated his hips flaunted that he certainly was a Dance minor and he was very good at gyrating.

(…at the very least.)

Really, he shouldn't be allowing the brunette to have such dominion over him… It was quite unnatural for Riku. In his passed experiences with one girlfriend—before he realized he was gay—and two boyfriends, the silver-haired teenager always led the conversations, pushed out the responses he wanted from his love interests; controlled them, in a way, with a simple glint of his eye, a flip of his hair, or a sexy drop in his voice.

Sora was not falling for either of those tricks and was somehow wounding him around his slender, tan, little finger with his own set of nonchalant techniques.

"So," the older of the two said suddenly, bringing Riku's attention to him. "Just here to hang out, too?"


"Hey, Riku!" Axel called from the couch.

"What are you doing here?" Riku crossed into the living room. At a different angle, the silver-haired teenager now saw that Roxas was also there, but he hadn't been visible because he was covered by Axel's size.

"Got hungry. Wanted food. Didn't want to pay for it [1]," Axel replied simply. Roxas snorted.

"Glad to see I'm such an asset to your existence," the blonde grumbled.

"Of course you are, Shorty," the taller said, kissing Roxas' temple and murmuring something that sounded suspiciously like, "you're dessert."

Feeling uncomfortable, Riku excused himself from the living room quietly and retreated into the kitchen.

Sora had placed on a cute, frilly, orange apron with yellow stars on it and was busy making something Riku wasn't familiar with. It smelled delicious. The brunette hadn't noticed that Riku had come in and the silver-haired teenager took this opportunity to gaze at Sora's lovely figure before he spoke.

"What are you cooking?" The silver-haired teenager asked. The older of the two lifted his head.

"Mermaid Sushi with Yellow Flounder and Crab [2]," Sora said, turning to him with a smile. "It's something I picked up in Atlantica."

Riku made a hum of approval.

"So tell me about Axel," Sora said, quietly, so that the couple in the next room couldn't hear him.

"Hm? Why?" Riku asked. He walked next to the brunette and placed his hands on the countertop. The younger of the two now saw that he was stirring rice with a flat wooden spatula in a metal bowl. The rice was slightly tinted red, obviously due to spices (which explained the lovely scent in the room.)

"Because he's dating my little brother." There was something about the way he said that sentence that made Riku think that Sora was a force to be reckon with when angered. Sora faced the counter.

"Shouldn't you ask Ax first?"

"I'm getting to that. But I'll start with his friends first. So, about Axel?"

"Well…" Riku sought for a place to begin. "For as long as I've known him, Axel's been pretty cool. No weird fetishes as far as I know. No exes—"

"Really?" Sora interrupted him, surprised.

"Is that a shocker?"

"Kind of. He looks like someone who'd had a few little boys."

"You're making my best friend sound like a pedophile." The silver-haired teenager furrowed his brows.

Sora laughed a little. "I'm just amazed that Roxas is his first."

"Ax isn't a serious kind of guy. He doesn't like to settle himself with real deep emotions. And then he met Roxas," Riku added with a little smile.

"How did they meet?"

"Cooking class. They were both taking it for an extracurricular activity because all the other spots for other classes were taken. Ax likes to call it fate."

The silver-haired teenager gazed upwards, thinking of what else to say. "Let's see… Aside from a couple drinks, Ax doesn't do drugs, he doesn't sacrifice goats or babies in Satan's name, no gangs-"

"And the tattoos?" Sora was referring to the diamond shaped tattoos under the redhead's eyes.

"A dare." Riku smiled at the memory. "Two years ago. He was drunk and we—"

"You and Roxas, you mean?"

"No, Tidus, Roxas, Namine, Kairi, Demyx, Zexion and I," the silver-haired teenager clarified in one breath. "He was drunk and we dared him to get a tattoo. The next morning he couldn't remember a thing. He called me at around twelve noon, completely flipped out and hung over, demanding what else I had made him do while he was out it." Riku laughed again. "It took Roxas weeks to convince him that he still had his anal virginity."

"You're dangerous," Sora said, mixing the rice together with several more ingredients Riku didn't recognize. "I wonder what you're going to do to me if I get drunk." His eyes flicked deviously to the silver-haired teenager, who tilted his head to the right and entertained the idea. Riku leaned on the counter.

"What do you think I'll do?" The younger of the two retorted. "Just out of curiosity."

"I have some ideas," the brunette whirled around and faced Riku. He let out a low, sultry chuckle, thinking to himself.

The silver-haired teenager hoped they were thinking the same thing.

Sora observed the rice in the bowl for a moment before he continued stirring. "Back to Axel," he said. "How is he when he's around and not around Roxas?"

"The same," Riku answered easily, for it was true. "Laid back, jokes, pokes fun at Roxas' height. Ax adores him. He's hardly interested in anyone else when Roxas isn't around. At least when he's with me. "

"And what do they do when you're not with them?"

"I try not to visualize it too vividly." Riku wrinkled his nose a bit. Imagining what Roxas and Axel did behind his back was not something he was committed into figuring out.

Sora laughed a little. "So can I guess that my little brother is—how can we say this? He has… consummated the fact that he's gay?"


The brunette nodded and looked down at the bowl before lifting the spatula to him, clumps of the rice mix stuck to it.

"Taste some," he said.

Riku met his gaze, grinning a little.

"I'm asking you to taste it to see if it's horrible or not. Stop looking at me like it's some sort of sexual innuendo, you pervert," Sora said.

His grin becoming wider, Riku grabbed the spatula's handle and tentatively took a bite.

"Mm," he hummed appreciatively a spicy-sweet taste tingled his tongue. "It's good."

Sora rocked his shoulders gladly before he bit off a cluster of rice and chewed carefully. He let out a pleased moan that made Riku's ears prickle pleasantly. "I agree," the brunette said, purposefully running his tongue over his soft, pink lips. "The best. I love sushi rice."

The silver-haired teenager leaned forward, closing the distance between their mouths—

Sora placed the spatula underneath Riku's chin and pushed his head up and back.


"What do you think you're doing?" the brunette asked, raising an amused chocolate brow.

"I believe I was trying to kiss you," Riku answered honestly.

"I thought I'd told you before that I dislike confident people like you." Sora smiled, pushed the taller's head a little bit farther before he moved the spatula away and tossed it in the sink.

"I won't give up, Sora," the silver-haired teenager said.

"That's fine," the brunette giggled. "I like the attention anyway." He gave Riku an adorable, determined look. The silver-haired teenager returned it with a cool gaze of his own.

"Hey, Sora," Roxas said coming into the kitchen. "Is that sushi thing you're making ready yet?"

"Not yet," the brunette answered.

The younger Hikari looked from his brother to his silver-haired friend, who were still staring each other down.

"What are you two doing?" he asked.

"Nothing," Riku and Sora said in unison. The older of the two went to the refrigerator to get more ingredients while the silver-haired teenager watched him.

[1] "Got hungry. Wanted food. Didn't want to pay for it," Axel replied simply. It's a line said by Samantha from iCarly. Yeah, I watch iCarly here and there (when I'm at my friend's house because I have no TV cuz I'm poor.) It's pretty entertaining.

[2] "Mermaid Sushi with Yellow Flounder and Crab," Sora said. Totally made this sushi up. There's no such thing as mermaid sushi. However: mermaid, yellow flounder and crab, which characters am I thinking of? :-P

I LOVE MAKING SORA FLIRTY! It's so fun! I didn't know this could be so fun! :) And Sora's actually older than Riku! By, like, five years. (Riku's seventeen, Sora's twenty-two.) Not too bad. Oh! And Sora's not after Riku, he's just a tease, he likes making people fawn over him. He also likes placing Roxas in awkward situations. I believe it's some sort of older sibling trait because my sister does that to me… T.T Sora also moves his hips a lot, I noticed. I find that sexy. :-P

I'll give my props: Sora's personality was semi-inspired by the Sora in Life's Cheat Code by Punkie-Spunk (which is a wonderful story and I wish the authoress would update soon!) and Kurt from Glee. Kurt started the ball by making me think of an openly gay Sora and Life's Cheat Code's Sora got me into thinking of making Sora crossdress. I swear I never read Annie Christ's Cirque before I made this fanfiction, I SWEAR! I only saw it today! I wasn't copying! Really! I wasn't! T.T

You people have no idea how hard it was for me to think up those conversations. (HINT AT MY NONEXISTANT SOCIAL LIFE.) Honestly, all me and my friends do when we get together is either study or play video games. I'm not much of a conversation person. The only chatting I like is on AIM. :)

At first I thought of making this chapter into two chapters, but my muse told me to make it long for you people so that you have something to love and review!

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