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The Afterstory: Tender Words for You

Part 1: I Can Love Again

"You're dating a seventeen-year-old high schooler?" All his friends exclaimed in unison.

"Yup," Sora said, nodding as he spooned another bit of chocolate sundae into his mouth. It was a sunny day in Atlantica as his usual gang of friends ate at the Seaside Ice Cream Shoppe. "We've been going steady for about two months now," he announced proudly.

"Wow," Tidus said, wide-eyed as he slumped back in his seat. "Lucky," he murmured as he drank his milkshake.

"What school is he from?" Kairi asked, pausing to sip some of her strawberry milkshake through a straw.

"He's from Twilight Town High," Sora said.

"So he has the uniform and everything?"

The brunette nodded again.

"…Isn't this a form of pedophilia?"

"No, Kairi, I already checked," Sora retorted. "I may be five years older than him, but he has to be prepubescent for it to be considered pedophilia! Besides, he's turning eighteen in, like, a week. And he's a senior."

"So who's the lucky guy?" Selphie asked, placing her chin on her palms.

"Riku Yorushi."

There was an evident element of fear that slipped into each one of his friend's faces. Tidus

"Riku Yorushi? You mean the son of Sephiroth Yorushi?" Kairi queried.

"The very same," Sora replied.

"Sephiroth Yorushi, that creepy, psycho guy who carries that monstrous sword with him at all times?"


"The Sephiroth Yorushi who almost sliced my head off because my blitzball barely grazed his yard?" Tidus asked.


"Sephiroth Yorushi who attacked that ice cream truck that one time because it kept playing Pop Goes the Weasel and he hated that song?" Selphie questioned.

"Was that him?" Sora said, vaguely remembering that incident.

"I remember that!" Tidus said. "And we never saw an ice cream truck on our block ever again!"

"Oh yeah…. That's right…" the eldest Hikari said distantly.

"And you're dating his son?!" The entire table exclaimed.

"Didn't we make that clear several minutes ago?" Sora asked, raising an annoyed eyebrow. He ate another spoonful of ice cream and savored it.

"Is he anything like his dad?" Tidus asked him.

"Um…" The brunette thought for a moment. "I haven't met his dad, personally. I was planning on going home this Christmas break. Maybe I'll see him."

"How are you and him doing so far?" Kairi questioned.

"All right," Sora shrugged. "We've been on several dates and they've all turned out good. He's a great kisser." A nearly invisible smirk tugged on the brunette's lips as he thought of a memory.

"So have you guys… done it?" Selphie asked, blushing.

"Nope. He's been trying, but I won't let him," Sora said with a bit of minor amusement as he circled his spoon in his sundae thoughtfully. "Seriously, teens are so horny. Roxas and Axel were all over each other when I visited. Was I like that when I was a teenager?"

"Yes." They all responded with affirmation.

The brunette slapped a hand over his face. "'When I was a teenager…'" he muttered, realizing how old the sentence made him feel.

Kairi giggled as she tugged him up by his blazer. "Come on, you goof. We're gonna be late for our usual Romantic-Comedy Tuesday!"

"Oh, right!" Sora glanced at his watch and stood up. "It's my turn to pick the movie and your turn to get the popcorn! We're totally watching Love Actually. See you guys later! Tidus, you're going elsewhere tonight!" he called, hooking his arm with his auburn-haired friend and taking off to his dorm.

"Right," Tidus said flatly, used to being thrown out of his own dorm. "I'll crash at Yuna's dorm, I guess."

"Hey, Sora, can I ask you something?" Kairi asked when they were out of earshot of their friends.

"Yup. What's up?"

"Well, are you really serious about your relationship with Riku or is all this just some sort of rebound because of you and Leon?"

Of course, Sora had eventually spilled about his breakup to Kairi. The auburn-haired girl had pestered him constantly the first few weeks after he and Leon had separated (she was far more headstrong and stubborn than her delicate appearance let on) and was able to wrench the truth out of him. She turned her blue eyes—which almost held the exact same shade as his—at him.

Sora frowned. "Are you insinuating that I'm using this poor, seventeen-year-old boy? Kairi, that's evil."


"Seriously, Kairi, how many years have you known me?"


The brunette took a deep breath. "Honestly, I often ask myself the same thing."

"And what is your answer?"

"I don't answer, actually," Sora said. His friend looked at him, confused. He continued. "I picture Riku. I see him laughing, see him looking at me, kissing me." The brunette turned to her. "What do you think?"

Kairi smiled. "You're on your way to becoming a full-blown pedophile."

"Dammit, Kairi, we've already gone through this!"

She ran ahead with a laugh. Then, utilizing all her wit as a Music Major, she threw her head back and sang, "Sora and Riku sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes sex, then comes life in a prison complex!" [1]

"You're absolutely terrible!"

[Next Wednesday]

Riku closed the door behind him. Sighing, he trudged up to his room (located on the second story.) Despite the fact that today was relatively homework-free, he was sad because he was finally eighteen and he couldn't even celebrate it the way he wanted to with Sora until the weekend—

Sora was in his room.

Riku, halfway through his doorway and hand still on the doorknob, was so surprised his backpack slipped off his shoulder and landed with a heavy thud on his floor. Because not only was Sora unexpectedly and pleasantly in his room, he was cladded in a beautiful, gorgeous, deliciously sexy, one-piece, white dress that he had once dreamt of.

And it looked so much better on Real-Life Sora than Dream Sora.

"S… S-Sora…" he managed to collect enough brainpower to speak. "What… what are you doing here?"

"I came to surprise you," Sora said, his voice a sultry and silky. "Happy Birthday, Riku," he smiled. He ran his hand down his side, sliding it over the clothing and stopping over his hips.

"You're in a dress," the silver-haired teen pointed out dumbly.

"Yes, but I thought you liked to see me in girls' clothes?"

Oh, yes, he did.

But wait, what if this was a dream? Riku pinched himself just to check, his heart racing as he felt the sting of pain.

This wasn't a dream.

Oh sweet gods, this wasn't a dream.

"Well, don't just stand there," the college student giggled. "Don't you want to celebrate your birthday?"

Riku didn't answer; instead he nearly leaped onto Sora, pinning him onto his bed.

"Do you have any idea how long I've waited to do this?" the younger growled, low and sexy. The brunette's spine shivered with anticipation.

Riku's hands were on him. Sweetly, hotly, tenderly exploring all that they could, leaving a wake of fire and electricity at their touch. Sora arched his body to those touches, and losing all self-control he flung his arms around the younger's neck and thrust his pelvis into his. A long moan left Riku's lips and his movements became more desperate. Immediately, his hands cupped the back of the brunette's thighs and drew him closer.

"Riku…" Sora let out a breathy, pleasurable gasp as he felt that the younger was just as hard as he was.

The silver-haired teen grinned.

Without warning, the elder hooked his leg around Riku's waist and rolled to the side, forcing the eighteen-year-old underneath him.

Sora grinned as he slid one leg on each side of him, plucking open the silver-haired teen's long-sleeve shirt. Though mildly surprised, Riku seemed extremely pleased. He brought his head up, silently asking for a kiss and the brunette happily obliged. One of Riku's hands snaked underneath his dress.

"You're not wearing any underwear…" he murmured.

"I thought it would make things easier…" Sora purred, trailing kisses down his cheeks. His hand slipped into the silver-haired teen's pants and pulled his erection free. Riku shivered pleasantly.

"Check under your pillow," the brunette said.

The eighteen-year-old did, and was surprised to find a tube of strawberry lubricant.

"You think of everything," Riku said, genuinely impressed.

Sora's mouth quirked into a grin. He bend over him and placed his mouth to his ear.

"Take me, Riku," he whispered hotly, running his hand gently up and down the other's shaft.

He didn't need anymore goading than that. Quickly opening the tube, Riku hurriedly coated his fingers and pressed them into the brunette. By then, Sora had straightened himself up to give the silver-haired teen more room. He placed the balls of his feet on the bed and folded his legs. The elder's eyelids fluttered when he felt the fingers enter him. He had taken the first finger well enough but the second digit made him hiss a little in pain. It had been a while since he had last done this. Without meaning to, the thought led him to a feeling of sadness.

"Are you all right?" Riku asked as he withdrew his fingers, concerned. "Should I—?"

"No," Sora interrupted. "I'm fine, Riku."

"If you want to stop, it's okay." There was viable disappointment in the silver-haired teen's eyes when he said this, but there was honesty too.

"I don't want to," the twenty-two year old said softly, placing a hand on Riku's pale abdomen to ease him and holding his gaze. "I love you, so…" he kissed him, "please, don't stop."

The younger kissed him back. "Of course," he answered.

Sora aligned himself with the other's throbbing member and, sucking in his breath, lowered himself. Riku moaned as he pushed inside the brunette, the pleasurable feeling was familiar—this wasn't his first time—but it had never felt as wonderful as it did now, never had the feeling been this intense. And Sora looked so beautiful as he began to move, rocking his hips as if he were dancing. The silver-haired teen watched him, entranced and utterly helpless with sheer bliss. He could barely gather enough mental power to thrust his hips—to even speak anything intelligible aside from the brunette's name.

"Aah! Sor-Mmn! Sora!"

Sora was grinning, pleased.

They quickened their pace as they felt their climax draw nearer. The moans and pants filled the room, and at some point Riku gripped Sora's waist hard and pounded into him until they both came.

Sora slid off the silver-haired teen, throwing his palm out to lessen the fall. Riku rose up on his elbows in alarm, his eyes catching the forming bruises on the elder's hips, but Sora was smiling, obviously shrugging off the minor injuries. The adrenaline was dying down, and a content haze was coming over them. The brunette snuggled next to Riku, latching onto the his arm. Meanwhile, the silver-haired teen managed to wrench the blanket out from underneath their bodies.

"Wait," Sora said. "We're not done yet, stud." He plucked the blanket from the silver-haired teen's grasp and tossed it aside.

"We're not?" Riku gave a surprised smile; on the inside, though, he was trying to fathom how the brunette still managed to have so much energy.

"Nope," a corner of Sora's mouth quirked up. "You're going to thoroughly enjoy your birthday, whether you like it or not."

"Aren't I supposed to get a say in this? Since it's my birthday?"

"Stop whining," the elder retorted. "Or are you suggesting that one meager round of sex is all that you have to offer?"

That had lit a competitive fire in silver-haired teen's eyes. "You're on," he said.

Hours of incredible sex later, Sora was lying on his stomach once more, his elbows propped on the bed and his chin on his palms. He looked to his right, where Riku was lying unconscious, having passed out several minutes ago in glory.

The twenty-two-year-old felt a smile tug on his lips, he had to remember to gloat about his endurance later. In the meantime, he raised his finger and leisurely traced the contours of the silver-haired teen's sleeping face, memorizing the details.

Sora made a mental note: This was Riku's I-Just-Had-Mind-blowing-Sex face. The brunette giggled at the name. Then he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to the younger's lips.

"Happy Birthday, Riku," he whispered.

Part 2: I Want to Be Close to You

On a sunny day in June, and a little over half a year after Sora and Riku officially began dating, the Hikari brothers approached the Twilight Town Banquet Hall, which had been rented out today for Twilight Town High School's graduation. Sora was invited to watch Riku graduate, and Roxas was here to watch Axel graduate.

As Sora entered the massive room, he began to remember his own graduation. He hated it. There had been too much pomp and circumstance in his opinion, but Riku had insisted that he come, hinting that the trip would be worth it. And even though he was slightly apprehensive, his college semester was already over and he had nothing better to do anyway.

The two brothers settled into a chair close to the front and waited for the ceremony to begin. About forty minutes later, music was heard and the TTHS seniors strolled out in neat rows like an army. Seeing as the procession was going by alphabet, Axel (his last name starting with L) was seen first. The redhead blew a kiss to Roxas and waved at Sora. Sora quickly spotted Riku in the very back of the parade, who grinned when he saw him, the brunette grinned in return.

The students all sat in a large section isolated for them and the graduation began. For the longest time, Sora hardly listened as the seniors proceed to the stage, take their piece of paper, take a picture with the principal and leave.

It was the dullest thing. Several times during the ceremony Roxas had to jab his elbow into his older brother's side to wake him up. But honestly, Sora could not even string together a circulation of thoughts to distract him enough to stay conscious. After about eight prods into his ribs, the younger hissed into his ear.

"Sora! Riku's up!"

Opening one eye, he immediately focused on the head of silver hair that walked across the stage and took the diploma. He had forgotten that Riku was the magna cum laude and (along with the summa cum laude) was allowed several words.

"Hey, I'm Riku Yorushi," he grinned. Several students hooted and clapped.


"Go, Riku!"

The eighteen-year-old let the noise die down before he spoke again. "And I'm going to Atlantica University to study Astrology."

Sora sat up straight in his seat. That couldn't be right. Riku had said that he wanted to go to Neverland University. But the silver-haired teen looked right at him and winked before continuing his speech; summarizing his experience in high school.

Right when the graduation ended and the students and their loved ones filed out, the eldest Hikari went up to Riku, grabbing his shoulder to get his attention.

"Surprised?" the eighteen-year-old asked, trying his best to suppress a smile.

"You're going to Atlantica?" Sora questioned

"Yup." The younger removed his cap and ran his fingers through his hair. "It doesn't have the best astronomy program, but it's still in the top ten and it has a nice telescope and observation center."

"Riku," the brunette began, he didn't want the silver-haired teen to compromise his dream just because he was anxious of a long distance relationship.

"Don't start," Riku said, cutting him off. "I'm the jealous type. I want to keep an eye on you."

"No, Riku," the elder protested. "Look, you don't have to do this. Go to where you want to go."

He slipped his hand into the other's and intertwined their fingers. "Then I want to be close to you," he murmured, meeting his eyes.

Knowing better than to argue with him once his mind was made up, and because deep in his heart he thought it was very, very sweet of him, Sora smiled helplessly. "I love you," he said.

Part 3: Star in the Night, Burning Bright, You are...

"Hey," Sora said as he entered the Atlantican Observatory, his eyes immediately catching the massive telescope in the room, half of which can only be seen as the other half was projecting out of the building and towards the clear night sky.

Riku looked up from the telescope lens, rubbing his eyes. "Hey," he replied, yawning. He quickly glanced at his watch, 2:00 AM. It was late.

"You said you'd come to see me tonight, but you never did." The brunette had two cups of coffees in his hand and sipped one. "What's so important about the stars that you'd deny a night with me?" The eldest Hikari winked.

The silver-haired teen gave an apologetic smile as he took one of the cups. "Something happened," he said.


"Yeah. Wanna see?"

"Sure," Sora said excitedly. He enjoyed looking at Riku's work. The brunette eagerly sat on the younger's lap and peeked through the glass. Sora immediately saw a faint ball of light—a star enveloped in a beautiful, blue glow. After watching it for a few moments in fascination, he glanced up at his boyfriend.

"It's beautiful," the eldest Hikari said. "What's this one's name?"

"Sora," Riku answered.


"Sora. That's this star's name." The younger was grinning broadly. "I just discovered it a few hours ago while I was looking over the daily infrared images. I've been trying to properly find it via telescope all night. I'm going to name it after you."

Sora felt a smile spread on his lips, an unconscious reaction. "You're kidding," he said.

"No, I'm not." In his defense, the silver-haired teen held up several papers. "I've already written up a letter of my discovery, complete with the star's coordinates and desire to name it after you. And in about a week I'll hopefully get a reply from the International Astronomical Union Center in Neverland and the star will be yours."

The brunette couldn't help himself, he burst out laughing. "You're serious," he said, almost disbelieving all of it. A star with his name!

"I am." Riku was still holding that grin.

Sora moved forward and pressed his lips against Riku's. "Naming a star after me, that's really sexy," he said in a low, hot murmur.

"It's a turn-on, isn't it?" Riku smirked, his hands around Sora's waist and bringing him closer. The papers were set aside on the desk and the coffee forgotten.

"You bet."

The silver-haired teen laughed and he felt their mouths connect again. He bucked his hips as Sora settled one leg on each side of him, the brunette's hands making quick work of his labcoat and uniform. In their passion, they completely forgot that there were security cameras surrounding them. Or maybe they did remember, but they just felt a thrill from being so reckless. Anyway, in Riku's humble opinion, it was going to be worth being temporarily banned from the observatory.


[1] "Sora and Riku… prison complex!"This is totally my brainchild. But I do hate this line because if you've ever read When The Circus Came To Town by Mad-TopHat-ter, this author(ess) also uses this rhyme. I hope it's not considered plagiarizing because I did sort of modify it and made it my own. O_o Oh, and you don't actually get life in prison for being a pedophile. You get 25 years, usually. Yeah, doesn't that make all you readers under 16 feel so safe?

Yup. This is the end, everyone. Thank you all for sticking with me for another fic. And thanks to copycat-capycot, my super-awesome, kickass beta!

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